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Twisted Experience and TCW - View topic - TCW Havoc in Los Angeles, California (September 18, 2007)
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 TCW Havoc in Los Angeles, California (September 18, 2007) 
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Post TCW Havoc in Los Angeles, California (September 18, 2007)

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.... Bullshit!

Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!

New, what do you own the world?

How do you own disorder, disorder,

Now, somewhere between the sacred silence,

Sacred silence and sleep,

Somewhere, between the sacred silence and sleep,

Disorder, disorder, disorder!"

BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP!


<center>Image Image Image</center>

Tex: Hello everyone and welcome to Havoc! We have an exciting show lined up tonight, and I believe we'll be starting off with an announcement by our commissioner, Miss Valerie Stern!

Banter: Stern gives me an announcement, if you know what I mean.

Cain: That doesn't even make sense, Banter. Wait -- It looks like the camera's signaling from backstage. Let's take a look on the TwistedTron... Ah, it's Miss Stern!



The camera is looking through Valerie Stern's open office door. She's standing in the doorway, her back to the camera, and the mic picks up her voice and that of her unseen visitor.

Stern: I really do appreciate everything you've done for this company... And I know this isn't the first time you've done it either.

Visitor: Yes, although I think this time, it was more about connections than money, really. It's not as if your pocketbook is hurting.

Stern: Well, either way, I appreciate it, and Twisted Experience Inc. appreciates it. Rest assured that you will be more than compensated for your help.

Visitor: I'd expect nothing less from such a great company, and such a great commissioner...

Stern: Your flattery doesn't go unnoticed either. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm a bit late to the stage!

With that, Valerie Stern heads out of her office, quickly walking down the hall, towards the stage entrance. A chair squeaks and her visitor exists after her.


Tex: Well... What do you boys make of that??

Cain: I'm really not sure what to think, Tex, and it looks like Miss Stern isn't going to give us a break to ponder it!

Dark night nothing to see
Invisible hand in front of me
Scared to death there's someone near
Scared to move but you can't stay here
You know me, evil eye
You know me, prepare to die
You know me, the snakebite kiss
Devil's grip, the Iron Fist
Flying horse don't make a sound
Flying hooves don't touch the ground
Walk in circle lose you track
Can't go on but you can't go back
You know me!


Valerie Stern, flanked by Adam Wilson and TCW's Enforcer, Bruce, hits the ramp. There is much chatter from the crowd as they attempt to make sense of the meeting moments ago between Stern and Shamrock.

As they hit the ring, Wilson hands Stern a mic.

"Good evening, everyone! I must apologize for the slight delay, but I promise you that tonight we'll more than make up for it!"

The crowd cheers as they've been promised excitement and that's exactly what they came here for.

"Tonight we'll be starting out the second annual
TCW Majestic Cup Tournament! As you may remember from last year, the rules are rather simple... But I guarantee that this tournament will be anything but simple! I have quite a few surprises tonight, and they'll be surprising to not only you fans but to the TCW megastars as well!"

Stern pauses a moment to let the crowd quiet down.

"The winner of this tournament will receive, along with the Majestic Cup itself the ability to be given any match they choose against any opponent they choose, at any time! An excellent prize by any stretch... But this year, the winner will also receive the TCW Transcontinental Championship!"

The crowd erupts now, looking forward to seeing a new champ, filling in the spot left behind by the injured Matt Strikmore.

"Enjoy the show, and to everyone backstage: Good luck. You're gonna need it."

Iron Fist kicks in again, and Stern, along with Wilson and Bruce, heads back up the ramp, leaving the crowd pumped.

Tex: It's sure to be a barn-burner tonight!!

Tue Sep 18, 2007 6:10 pm
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Sammy Eubanks: the following Majestic Cup first round match is scheduled for one fall...introducing first, from Tucson, Arizona...weighing in at 210 lbs...AAAARON KEEEEENING!!!

Light circle the arena as Rock this Town kicks on the speakers. Aaron enters during the opening music , almost dancing, waving to the fans. He starts walking down the ramp as the vocals begin.

<i>Well my baby and me went out late Saturday night
I had my hair piled high and my baby just looks so right
Well, pick you up at ten got to have you home by two,
Mama don't know what I've got in store for you
Well that's alright 'cause we're looking as cool as can be
Aaron slides into the ring.

Tex: Aaron Keening is a relatively new face on the roster, and he has a big opportunity ahead of him here.

Cain: The Majestic Cup is the chance for everyone in TCW to earn the chance at a match of their choice whenever they want - and that could be anything for a bout against a hated rival, or a shot at the World Championship.

Banter: Keening or Darkness...Keening or Darkness...nope, I don't know which one I hate more as the champ.

<i>Well we found a little place that really didn't look half bad
I'll have a whiskey on the rocks and change of a dollar for the jukebox
Well, I put a quarter right into that can, but all it played was disco man
C'mon pretty baby, let's get outta here right away. </i>

He stands up on the ring posts, arms held high smile on his face and pointing to various fans in the arena.

<i>We're gonna rock this town, rock it inside out
We're gonna rock this town, make 'm scream and shout
Let's rock, rock, rock man rock, rock
We're gonna rock till we pop, We're gonna roll till we drop
We're gonna rock this town, rock it inside out </i>

He mounts the opposite turnbuckle and repeats the previous action before jumping down and getting set for the match.

Sammy: And in the ring, his opponent, weighing in at 180 lbs....SUUUBWAAAAAY JAAAACK!!!

Jack is indeed in the ring, swaying slightly as he faces Keening down.

Tex: We saw Subway Jack take on Inferno in a virtually unsanctioned match last week. He got the better of the giant, who will take on Darkness later tonight.

Cain: Subway Jack is certainly someone who's willing to put their body on the line and do whatever it takes to win.

Banter: Yeah, alcohol is good for overcoming fear, I'm told.

Cain: You're "told"? I guess it's just water in that hipflask you carry, huh?

Banter: It's blackcurrant cordial.

The bell rings and the two men lock up, with Keening gaining the advantage. He powers Jack into the corner, but releases as the referee breaks it up. Jack, lacking Keening's sense of fair play, takes the opportunity to slap the taste out of his mouth. The crowd boo slightly as Keening staggers back and then moves straight in, brining Jack down with a smooth fireman carry and then locking in a sleeper.

Cain: Keening is showing off some excellent technical wrestling skills. He's quite the mat wrestler, I'm told.

Banter: Who cares how good a mat wrestler you are if you're <i>boring</i>?

Jack tries to claw his way free and eventually fights his way to his feet. He forces Keening off and shoots him into the ropes. Keening comes back with a high knee that sends Jack sprawling and then flips him over, looking for an ankle lock. Subway Jack manages to fight his way free however and struggles to the ropes, causing the hold to be broken.

Tex: A lucky escape for Subway Jack. Keening is deadly with that ankle lock manoeuvre that he calls "The Fermata".

Banter: Is he Italian or something?

Cain: It's a musical term meaning a pause, actually.

Banter: Oh, I thought he was Italian. He certainly reminds me of that one Italian guy we had wrestling a while ago. Gonzo or whatever his name was.

Keening leans down, stalking Jack. As he stands, the Arizona native moves in, hooking him up for a back suplex, but Jack rolls through and lands on his feet behind Keening. He drives an elbow into the back of his more technically-proficient opponent's head that sends him staggering before digging his fingernails face. As Keening cries out in pain, the referee breaks it up and Jack eventually relents.

Keening massages his face and pulls himself up, but Jack is ready and dives at him, flailing wildly. He brings Keening down and knees him in the jaw before dropping a leg across his throat. He goes for a pin...



Jack lurches up to his feet and bounces off the far ropes, coming back with a low dropkick. Keening rolls away, and Jack stomps him, sending him rolling under the bottom rope and out of the ring. As he staggers back, Jack grabs the top rope and hurls himself over, barrelling into his opponent and causing them both to collapse to the ground.

Cain: Subway Jack seems to have little regard for his own safety. We saw that dive he did on Inferno at Friction.

Tex: Yes, this match is a real contrast in styles.

Subway Jack is the first to stand and he drags Keening up with him by the hair. He goes to smash his head into the steel steps, but Keening gets his hands out and stops the attack. He elbows Jack in the gut, sending him back before leaping up onto the steps and flying off with a diving clothesline.

Tex: What agility from Keening!

Banter: What a show off...

Cain: I thought you said he was boring?

Banter: He is. That's why his showing off is so stupid.

The move connects and Jack is sent sprawling away. Keening collects himself before rolling Jack into the ring and then climbing in after. He goes for a cover...



No! Not enough this time!

Keening gets up to one knee, lifting Jack with him. He ducks in front of his opponent and hits a snapmare before grabbing a side headlock which he then turns into a headlock takedown. Jack tries to scissor his head, but Keening kips up and then drops an elbow. He pins...


Keening picks Jack up and goes for a short-arm-clothesline but Jack ducks and manages to execute a fairly sloppy falling neckbreaker. As Keening hits the mat, Jack bounces to his feet with surprising agility. He heads to the corner and climbs up high.

Cain: Another high risk move from Subway Jack perhaps...

As Keening stands, Jack flies off the top rope and collides with a fairly unimpressive crossbody. He holds on for a pin, but Keening rolls through...



Subway Jack just manages to kick out, but Keening is feeding off his opponent's mistakes as Jack charges and is brough down with a hiptoss. As Jack rolls to his feet, Keening tries the same trick again, but Jack seems to have gotten wise to it and manages to land on his feet. Suddenly, a kick to the gut doubles him over though and Keening drives his head into the mat with a Spike DDT!

Tex: Keening suckered him in! What ring presence!

Cain: And he calls that move "The Staccato"...

Banter: Huh?

Cain: It means abrupt, distinct notes.

Banter: Huh?

Cain: Forget it.

Keening covers...




Tex: Aaron Keening wins! And that's a big victory for this young man as he advances in the Majestic Cup tournament.

<center>The same masked man we've seen before sits in the same dark room lit with the same single candle.

They know my arrival comes soon. Their fingers twitch in nervous fear, their eyes dart about in dread, and sweat beads on their collective brows. Evil knows what I bring, and it fills them with horror. Too long they have been content on their thrones of power. So long, that they have grown complacent in their rule. Now with my coming they so close at hand, they scramble to stage a pre-emptive strike. They spread their fear, their lies, and their falsehoods, all in the vain hope that my words will fall on ears deafened by their corruption.

But they shall not succeed, and evil knows this. The moon trembles, the pitch falters, the scar weeps. All shall hear my words soon enough. The just will take heed and aid in the culling. The wicked shall fall, unable to stand the brilliant illumination of the Light.

The Prophet speaks, and the righteous listen.

Tue Sep 18, 2007 6:11 pm
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As Down with the Sickness starts up, all the lights go out. After 45 seconds of waiting, Drako is shown by fire-red and blood red spotlights, one on each side, on top of the machine that does the entrance movies.

As the first verse starts he jumps down, and halfway down he grabs ahold of a platform and falls down again, this time to the stage, he faces downward and his eyes still look forward. 1:30 into the song he tightens his gloves and boots while standing in the middle of a flame. 1:37 into the song, he walks down the ramp with his arms spread out, each step he takes 2 fireworks come out of the row he stepped on, during of which the announcer says:

Sammy Eubanks: Making his way to the ring from Parts Unknown, weighing 325 pounds, D(Spanish R)raaaaaakoooooo!

2:00 minutes into the song he's going into the ring, looking on as the fireworks reach very close to the ceiling. He goes into the ring with a backflip.

2:08 into the song, he's in the ring still looking at the fireworks. Camera shifts to the fireworks as they start to reach the peak of their height extemely slowly.

2:25 seconds into the song, they drop very quickly, almost instantly, and they hit the launchers they came from, resulting in a great explosion with the lights back on, blood-red colored. As the song heats up, he combusts and does a Shawn Micheals pose, and red Shawn Micheals pyros come out of the ring.

2:48, he spins around really fast, spreading the fire around the ring.

4:07 into the song, he backflips off the turnbuckle and spins around again after combusting again.

Sammy Eubanks: And, hailing from Portland, Oregon, ACIIIIIIIID MISFIIIIIITT!!

Mommy's Little Monster kicks in and Misfit wastes no time, running straight for the ring! The crowd barely has time to react as he dives through the ropes, and the ring bell signals the start of the match!

Misfit and Drako lock up, but the stronger rookie quickly takes advantage, powering Misfit into the corner and driving a fist up into his abdomen. Misfit fights back with a rake to the eyes, but the referee moves in and breaks it up, dragging Drako back into the centre of the ring. Misfit composes himself before charging Drako and connecting with a flying forearm. The huge man staggers back against the ropes and Misfit drops him with a DDT as he stumbles towards him.

Tex: Misfit is looking to end this one quickly...

Cain: And who can blame him?

He goes for a cover...


And Drako powers his way out of the pin.

Banter: This guy is pretty strong, huh?

Tex: Indeed, he kicked out of that cover with authority.

Misfit goes to stomp Drako, but the newcomer catches his foot and twists sharply, sending Misfit down to the mat. Drako is up on his feet with deceptive agility and quickly hauls Misfit up with a full nelson hold before driving him back-first into the canvas. He goes for a cover...



No, not enough!

Drako stands up and cracks his neck. He reaches down for Misfit's throat, but the veteran lashes out with a kick to the groin which staggers his opponent. The referee is forced to let it slide as Misfit yanks himself up using the ropes and runs at Drako, driving a knee into his gut. He grabs a handful of red hair and leaps into the air, slamming him face-first into the mat with the Cretin Hop.

Cain: A big move from the Acid Misfit! This one could be over!

He goes for a cover...


Tw...no! Drako kicks out!

Misfit looks incredulous and, apparently deciding on a new strategy, rolls out of the ring. He searches under the apron for a weapon, eventually emerging with a steel chair in hand. As Drako slides under the bottom rope to meet him, Misfit swings with his improvised weapon. The rookie staggers back from the blow, but doesn't fall. Gaping, Misfit swings again, but this time a fist slams into the chair, driving it back into Misfit's face and sending him down to the floor.

Tex: This hardcore-rules match has already become violent! And not in Misfit's favour!

Banter: I think I like this new guy.

Ignoring the negative reaction he receives from the fans, Drako lifts Misfit to his feet and spins him up onto his shoulders before bringing him back down to the floor with a vicious powerbomb. Misfit looks out of it as Drako rolls him into the ring and then climbs in after, easily stepping over the top rope. Misfit tries to crawl to his feet, but Drako has him in his clutches again and lifts him into another powerbomb.

Cain: Brutal!

Banter: Definitely my kind of guy.

This time, as Misfit crashes into the mat, Drako flips over him, pinning Misfit in a tight jack-knife hold...



Thre...no! Misfit barely kicks out in time!

Tex: How did he kick out of that?!

Calmly, Drako gets back to his feet. He stands Misfit up and then backs up before running at him with a modified superkick, only for Misfit to duck at the last possible moment, leaving Drako hung up by his leg on the top rope. As the monster tries to free himself, Misfit rolls out of the ring and retrieves the chair he used before.

Cain: Uh oh...I have a feeling this won't be pretty.

He dives back in and, as Drako turns, smashes him over the head with the chair. Drako goes down to one knee and Misfit hits him again, and again, finally getting him down. He rolls him over and covers...




Tex: Good God almighty! What tenacity from this massive newcomer!

Cain: This is truly an impressive debut from Drako.

Misfit can't believe it, and he picks up the chair again. As Drako climbs to one knee, he hits him once more with the chair, causing him to sway slightly, and then smashes him over the head with all the force he can muster. As Drako collapses to the mat, Misfit lays in three more chairshots for good measure before pinning once more...




Cain: Well it took, by my count, six chairshots, but Misfit finally got this monster down.

Banter: Damn!

Tex: Drako is beaten by the veteran this time, but it took all Misfit could muster. He may have lost tonight, but I predict a bright - if disturbing - future for this awesome newcomer.

Cain: I'm being told now that we're heading backstage where cameras are already rolling!


As the TwistedTron lights up, a heated brawl is already taking place. KID and his brother, JE, are exchanging punches with newcomer Jimmy Richards!

The three men are fighting around the catering area, and food has fallen all over the ground and splattered on the walls. One of the tables is snapped in half. In the middle of the fray, Mr. Acceptable is trying to shout the two men down, attempting to calm the situation somehow.

Tex: I don't think ol' Chuck is going to do any good with those three being such hotheads tonight!

Cain: I think you're right, Tex, and -- OH NO! KID has just accidentally laid out Mr. Acceptable with that punchbowl! Chuck is down and bleeding!

Tex: And there goes Richards, taking this chance to run, with JE in close pursuit!

EMTs rush into the room and check on Chuck as KID stands nearby, a worried look on his face.

Banter: I love a good brawl!

Tue Sep 18, 2007 6:12 pm
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Sammy Eubanks The following Majestic Cup Tournament first round match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...from Boston, Massachusetts...weighing in at 290 lbs....ATOOOOOOOOMIIIIC WEEEEEELLFAAAAAAARE!!!!

Free Bird by Lynard Skynard plays and Atomic Welfare enters to pyro around the ring, carrying either the American or UK flag with him on his back. He motions to the crowd with Cactus Jack's Revolver Taunt.

Cain: Well, Atomic Welfare is looking to make his mark against a high profile opponent in this match. If he can beat Freya, I'd say he has a pretty good chance of being a major contender in this tournament.

Tex: He sure does. Atomic Welfare is a hell of a specimen, and I've seen what this guy can do, but he's still looking for his opportunity to really connect with the fans and become a major player in TCW.

<i>Faint white figures paint my sleep
Please don't tell my secrets keep them hidden (you got it, you got it, you got it)
If the words that matter reach your face from floor
Will you be wondering if, or (do I need what is given or honest)
Does it cost me scarring if the words stay true
Even number your nephew (I don't want it, don't want it, don't want it anymore)</i>

Sammy And his opponent...

An explosion sounds above the entrance ramp, sending golden pyro raining down.

<i>And when the answer that you want
Is in the question that you state
Come what may!
Come what may!

And when the answer that you want
Is in the question that you state
Come what may!
Come what may! </i>

Sammy From Oxford, United Kingdom...weighing in at 143 lbs...she is the TCW BLEEDER CHAMPION...FREEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Freya walks down the ramp, signalling to her fans with points and grins.

Cain: Here she is, the reigning Bleeder Champion!

Banter: Yeah, whatever. She could lose it tonight.

Tex: She could indeed. If Atomic Welfare can make her bleed and then pin her, he'll be the new Bleeder Champion.

<i>In a pain that buckles out your knees
Could you stop this if I plead (you got it, you got it, you got it)
So destined I am to walk among the dark
A child in keeping secrets from (will they know what I've done in the after)
In the sought for matter when the words blame you
In a blood red summer I'll give you (I don't want it, don't want it, don't want it) </i>

Freya hops up into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and raises an arm, smiling at her many fans.

<i>And when the answer that you want
Is in the question that you state
Come what may!
Come what may!

And when the answer that you want
Is in the question that you state
Come what may!
Come what may!</i>

The bell rings and Freya watches her much larger adversary carefully as she circles the ring. Welfare seems equally wary of her, and the two edge towards one another before locking up. The more powerful man soon gains advantage, spinning Freya around and locking in a full nelson. She struggles in the hold for a few seconds before pushing herself up from the mat and flipping over Welfare's head, causing him to lose his balance and crash into the canvas. Freya quickly flips over, hitting a somersault legdrop on his exposed throat.

Tex: Boy, I tell ya, Freya's speed never ceases to impress me. I say it every week, but she's like a whirling dervish in there.

Banter: What is a whirling dervish anyway?

Tex: Well...it's a...it's a thing...that whirls...

Banter: You don't know what it is, do you? It's just hyperbole. No one knows what it means, they just say it.

Cain: Actually, ‘whirling dervishes' is the nickname given to a Turkish Islamic order, so called because of their distinctive ‘whirling' style of dance when they perform a ceremonial dance.

Banter: Oh. Every day's a school day I guess.

In the ring, Freya goes for a quick cover...


No, it's not enough, as Atomic Welfare powers out.

Freya circles her opponent again, looking for an opening. She darts in as he stands, trying to bring him down with a spinning armdrag, but Welfare plants his feet firmly and she manages to flip herself harmlessly away. She lands on her feet, but Welfare immediately floors her with a huge clothesline.

Tex: Well, there are times when strength trumps speed, I guess.

Banter: Strength always trumps speed. Everyone knows that.

Cain: I think some of Freya's past opponents might disagree.

Freya is reeling, and Welfare hauls her up to her feet, spinning her up and then driving her down into a huge powerbomb. He pins...


Tw...no, kickout!

Grimacing, Welfare grabs her roughly around the waist again, attempting another powerbomb, but this time Freya sees it coming and reverses into a hurracnarana. Welfare is down and Freya runs the ropes, hitting a low dropkick on the way back that bounces Welfare onto the edge of the ring. He struggles to pull himself up on the apron using the ropes, but Freya charges again and hits a leg lariat that sends him tumbling to the floor below.

Cain: Oh! This match has spilled outside already!

Tex: Freya is certainly known for her ability to take the fight to her opponent in any environment. I don't think I've ever seen a woman as tough as she is. She can straight up brawl with the best of ‘em.

Welfare picks himself up, but Freya hits a baseball slide and he staggers back into the announce table.

Banter: Argh, let's get out of here!

Tex: Oh will ya grow some damn balls already, Banter?

Banter: Shut up, you! You've got kids to continue your legacy - I have to protect myself until I'm able to reproduce and give the world baby Banters to keep order in pro. wrestling announce teams of the future!

Freya grabs the ropes and vaults over, but Welfare dodges, and Freya hits the edge of the table, jarring her jaw and sending her sprawling. Welfare catches his breath before grabbing Freya and throwing her back into the ring. He dives in after her and lays in a quick stomp. He drags her up to her feet and then grabs a belly to belly suplex, sending Freya across the ring. She lands badly, and Welfare covers quickly...



And Freya kicks out!

Cain: That was a close one there. I thought it was nearly over for Freya.

Tex: And what an upset that would be for this young man.

Banter: Only around here does a 300 lb man beating a woman half his size equal an upset...

Cain: That's what makes TCW interesting, Banter.

Welfare rolls Freya over and lays in a few right hands. The referee warns him about the use of the closed fist, and he backs off. Freya struggles upright, and Welfare drives his knee into her temple, sending her back down to the mat. He grabs a handful of her hair and hurls her into the corner. Backing up, he charges in with a knee lift. Freya slumps in the corner, and Welfare lifts her up, placing her on the top turnbuckle.

Tex: What does Welfare have planned her?

Cain: It looks like a high risk move, Tex!

Welfare hooks her up, going for a belly to belly superplex, but Freya recovers herself, punching him in the gut. Welfare starts to lose his balance on the top rope and Freya rakes his eyes, sending him crashing down to the mat. He recovers quickly though, rolling back up to his feet. As he runs towards her, Freya flies at him, catching his head between her legs and flipping him over with a diving hurracanrana.

Cain: What a move! Incredible agility!

The momentum spins Atomic Welfare up to his feet but, dizzy, he stumbles and finds himself hung up on the second rope.

Tex: Uh oh!

Banter: Oh give me a break...

Freya signals, placing her hands to her mouth and playing to the crowd as they let out a wolf's call in imitation of her. She runs across the ring, spinning through the middle ropes and hitting a picture-perfect OX4!

Welfare is reeling, staggering around the ring, and Freya takes her opportunity, jumping up onto the top rope and flying off with a springboard moonsault. She catches him in a front-facelock as she flies through the air, but Welfare manages to find his feet again and he sends her crashing to the mat.

Cain: Freya went for the Full Moon DDT there, but Welfare used his size and balance to counter. The momentum of this match may have swung back in his favour right now.

The big man takes a few steps backwards, shaking his head to clear it after the lightning-quick assault. As Freya pulls herself up using the ropes, he boots her in the stomach. He wraps his hands around her waist and flips her up into a powerbomb. He hangs on, lifting her again and going for a second powerbomb...

Banter: Yes! Yes!

Tex: Atomic Welfare is set to finish this right here! He calls this move the Pre-emptive Strike!

Banter: Topical.

But Freya reverses, punching him in the face and sending him down to the mat. She grabs his leg as they land...



Thr...no! Atomic Welfare just manages to kick out in time!

Freya is up again and, as her opponent stands, she ducks behind him, grabs him by the jaw, jumps up onto his back and then falls down to the mat, driving her knees into his spine.

Cain: The Lung Blower! This one is over!

Tex: Freya won the Bleeder Title from Kermit at Endgame with this very move!

Freya goes for a cover, hooking Atomic Welfare's leg...

The referee goes to count the pin, but suddenly stops, checking his earpiece. Freya looks at him askance as he crosses the ring and converses with the timekeeper. The bell is suddenly rung and the referee now exchanges a few words with Sammy Eubanks.

Sammy Uh...ladies and gentlemen...as a result of a contractual issue, this match has been declared a no-contest. Advancing into the next round of the tournament...Atomic Welfare!

Tex: What?!

Banter: Yay!

Cain: What the hell is going on here? Who stopped the match?

Tex: I thought this was LA, not Montreal!

Freya gets to her feet and stares open-mouthed at the official, who just shrugs apologetically at her. She looks around, appealing to anyone to explain just what the hell is going on, and receives her answer as the Twistedtron lights up, showing Commissioner Stern sitting in her office. The crowd are already booing loudly at the bizarre result.


"I'm sorry, Ms. Green, Stern apologises, but I just received word of what happened between you and Mr. Welfare earlier this week in his hotel."

Banter: Whoa! What do you think she did to him in his hotel? Twenty bucks says it was dirty!

Freya plants her fists on her hips and shakes her head.

"Naturally, I can't afford to have such an unstable element possibly winning the Majestic Cup, so I'm afraid this match has to be stopped. Atomic Welfare will be advancing. If you want a fuller explanation, I suggest you pay attention later tonight. And a word to the wise: Your "friendship" with the World Champion certainly didn't work in your favor when it came to making this decision!"

Cain: What the hell? Freya just got screwed out of this match.

Tex: She sure did, Isaiah. She had this won, and everyone here knows it.

Banter: Hey, sometimes life deals you a crappy hand. Freya just has to suck it up. Like I bet she did in the hotel earlier this we--

Cain: Uh... anyway... I don't usually have a problem with our Commissioner, but I wonder just what's going on here, and what this ‘contractual issue' is all about.

As Atomic Welfare climbs to his feet, massaging his back, Freya takes a moment to drive a knee between his legs, sending him back down to the mat before leaving the ring and storming off up the ramp.

Banter: Ouch! What a bitch!

Tex: Well, Freya puts her own exclamation point on this match in her own particular style, but the big news is that Atomic Welfare advances in the Majestic Cup Tournament, and Freya does not, for reasons that aren't exactly clear right now.

Tue Sep 18, 2007 6:13 pm
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Ladies and gentlemen, I'm David Manning with Real World News, and we interrupt your broadcast for some breaking news.

A newly-created special committee in the United States Congress has been created to further investigate into the professional wrestling industry. This Special Committee on Sports Entertainment, headed by Senator Stephan MacDonald (R-Az), was formed as an expansion of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which recently investigated Major League Baseball's steroid abuses, and the WWE after the murder-suicide case involving wrestler Chris Benoit. A similar committee is likely to spring up in the House within the week, according to an RWN special source.

According to MacDonald, the committee's first investigation will be into Twisted Championship Wrestling, a global pro-wrestling organization. TCW Commissioner Valerie Stern recently relocated the companies head offices to Los Angeles, California.

The Senator alleges cases of extreme violence both inside and outside of the ring, the possibility of numerous murder cover-ups, and even cases of Satanic worship all taking place within the company.

We are currently scheduling an interview with Senator MacDonald and we'll keep you posted as this story develops in the coming weeks. As always, this is David Manning for RWN: Real news from the real world!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Tue Sep 18, 2007 6:14 pm
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Sammy Eubanks: Ladies and gentlemen! This next match up is apart of the Majestic cup tournamnet and is scheduled for one fall...Introducing first...

"Spitshine" by Carfax abbey hits and Dante walks out alone.

Eubanks: From the City of Dis in the 6th circle of hell...this is JAAAAASON DANTE!

Tex: No Selenia?

Banter: Doesn't seem like it.

Cain: I assume that Dante worried about the safety of his wife.

Banter: Wife?

Cain: Yes, Jason Dante and Selenia got married a while ago, they are now Mr and Mrs Dante.

Banter: How nice for them then...

Tex: Cain, how do you know these things?

Banter: I don't think we really want to know.

Cain: Well, I have my sources...the same sources that told me that there was a falling out between Dante and TCW commissioner Valerie Stern about safety. I assume that is the reason why Selenia isn't by Dante's side tonight.

Banter: A wrestler's valet bowing out due to an unsafe working environment...when you didn't think the Goth slut couldn't get any more cowardly!

Meanwhile Dante has entered the ring and paces back and forth in the ring as he awaits his opponent.

Tex: Dante seems to be in an unusually anxious mood today.

Banter: Well, the rumour mill has given me a few ideas on why he is so upse...I mean anxious.

Cain: Upset? Why would Dante be upset.

Banter: Oh, no reason...he just...

Tex: Just what?

Banter: Look, never mind!

Suddenly as the albino looks up to the entrance ramp he hears the opening chords of "All about the Benjamins." by P Diddy.

Shamrock appears at the entrance and is met with a veritable shower of boos from the crowd.

As the words of P Diddy rings out, Dante jumps over the ropes and dashes towards the at this point surprised Shamrock, as he reaches his opponent, Dante throws a wild clothesline that hits and levels William Shamrock. Before the New Yorker cam pick himself up from the floor, Dante grabs him by his hair and pulls him off the floor.

Cain: Banter, now you NEED to tell us what has made Dante this upset...not even when he won the world title a little over a year ago did we see this kind of emotion.
Banter: I say NOTHING, my lips are sealed.

Tex: For once you make me a happy man Banter...

Dante drags Shamrock with him to the ring and rolls him into the squared circle. A few punches are followed up with a snapmare that puts Shamrock on the ground. As the rich man reached sitting position, Dante fires off a kick that makes Shamrock gasp.

Tex: Ok, that's it! Dante is attempting Murder one on Shamrock tonight!

Cain: I can't get the idea that Shamrock has made Dante this irate by some ploy out of my head.

Banter: Muffgh Murrfghr...

Cain: What?

Tex: His lips are sealed...

Cain: With what? Super glue?

Tex. We can only hope...

In the ring Dante's onslaught on William Shamrock has continued, now the albino has Shamrock against the ropes and fires ff a series of knife edge shops that has Shamrock's chest swell up and turn a bright pink.

Dante whips Shamrock off the ropes and hits a knee to the midsection that makes Shamrock roll over and clutch his midsection. As he lies there holding his tortured midsection, Dante stomps away at him and follows the stomps up with an elbow drop.

Tex: Well, Dante has remembered that this is a wrestling match and not a Street Fight as he seems to go for the cover.




Cain: To be honest his efforts were a bit too weak to result in a win.

Dante picks Shamrock up and fires him off into the ropes again. This time he swoops in for a dropkick but Shamrock holds onto the ropes and Dante catches nothing but air.

As Dante crashes to the canvas, Shamrock follows his turnabout with a series of kicks and stomps.

Cain: Shamrock seems to have had enough of being a punching bag!

As Dante staggers to his feet, Shamrock assaults him with chops and punches.

Tex: Shamrock hooks Dante's head...and delivers a DDT!

Shamrock goes for a cover that only gets a two count. William Shamrock is however not finished with Dante as he swoops in for the kill by dropping the leg on Dante.

Cain: Again, only a two count.

Tex: Shamrock needs to be more effective, Jason Dante is with the possible exception of the world champion one of the hardest wrestlers in the TCW to hurt. The man has near godlike stamina it seems.

Dante scrapes himself off the canvas after another failed pin attempt, before he can reach the safe haven of the ropes, Shamrock grabs him and after a few stomps he locks in one of his favourite moves, the Triangle choke.

Banter: We'll see how Dante's "GAWDlike!" Stamina handles not being able to breath!

Shamrock squeezes hard on his submission, and slowly...Dante fades bit by bit. At first his attempts at reaching the ropes are vigorous and frantic, but slowly they grow weak and are onloy made to seem alive.

Cain: Is Dante at way's end here?

Banter: Sure looks like it.

Dante fades fast and his once feeble attempts at breaking free from the submission grow tired and more feeble still.

Tex: Dante seems to be at an end here, he seems to have lost all his strength.

Cain: Do you think the decision to have his wife Selenia stay in the back has anything to do with this? She used to be an inspiration for him when she was out here.

Banter laughs.

Banter: Well the Gothy bitch isn't here right now is she?

As the words leave Banter's lips the words "I am the god of hellfire!" rings out across the arena and the fans rise to see what is going on. A great cheer emanates from the crowd as someone dashes towards the ring.


Cain: My god it is Selenia!

Banter: Shit!

As soon as the wife of Jason Dante reaches the ring she positions herself so Dante can see her and starts pounding on the apron to get Dante going.

Tex: Look at Dante...look at his eyes!

Cain: There is fire in those eyes again!

As Selenia cheers the rebirth of Dante she shoots Shamrock a dirty look that make men wish they had been dead.

Dante begins to fight the hold by jabbing his elbow into Shamrock's side, slowly the constant pain beings to wear on Shamrock and his hold weakens.

With a last burst of power and elbow Dante frees himself of the hold and makes his way to his feet. As he sees Shamrock raising to his feet, he bounces off the ropes and steals a move from Darkness.

As the rich man raises from his knees Dante makes a leap and smashes a knee into the head of Shamrock.

Cain: Infernal Wizard!

Banter & Tex: WHAT?

Cain: Well, that fits doesn't it?

Enraged Dante goes for the cover.

Tex: Only a two count! Neither man seems entirely mortal today!

Slowly Dante gets up from the pin attempt and just as slowly Shamrock does the same. The two men eyes each other and both take a deep breath before they charge each other and the match degenerates into a almost drunken brawl with kicks and punches instead of wrestling moves.

In the middle of this mess, the referee tries to break it up but during the brawl he gets flattened by a vicious punch from Dante.

Tex: Well, there goes the ref...along with any control in this match up.

Uncaring about the fate of the referee the two men continue their onslaught on them outside of the ring and punches fly as the brawl turns into a fist fight pure and simple.

As Shamrock rears back, he suddenly drops to his knees after a high pitched screech.

Cain: Seems like Selenia doesn't like Shamrock at all!

Banter: Oh come on, that's a low blow AND outside interference...Dante should be disqualified!

Cain: Wait, what is it you usually say in situations like this Banter? No ref, no rules?

Dante stands over the obviously pained Shamrock and a sadistic glint appears in his eyes, second later he shakes the wish to bring permanent pain to Shamrock off and he picks his still hurting opponent up.

As Shamrock reaches his full length, the rich man's eyes detect something or rather someone Dante can't see. Shamrock drops to the ground again seconds before a huge grey train runs Dante over.


Tex: That...That's Cage! What the hell is he doing here!

Banter: A number on Dante from the looks of things.

Cage picks up the dazed Date and rolls him into the ring and puts him into the corner.

Tex: I don't like the look of this...Cage weighs in at 400 pounds, he could squash anyone in the TCW like a bug!

Cage takes charge and hits Dante with the chest first and delivers his 400 pounds in an avalanche.

Cain: Dante looks like he has been squished like a bug!

As Dante staggers forward, Cage grabs him by the throat and hoists him up on the turnbuckle. Without a grin, without as much as a grimace, Cage lifts Dante and delivers a devastating Chokeslam that looks like it kills Dante.

Tex: Good GAWD!

Cage stands over his victim and then leaves without a word with out any message short of the brutal attack itself.

Slowly Shamrock stirs on the outside. He shakes his head and climbs into the ring, he sees Dante out cold and before the albino can recuperate, he picks the unconscious Dante up and delivers a brain buster to him to add his own touch to Dante's pain.

Tex: Shamrock goes for the cover!




Banter: Three! My GOD Shamrock has beaten Jason Dante!

Cain: Calm down he got some big help...

Banter: The history books don't give a fig about that, it will read that Williajm Shamrock defeated the has been Dante!

Eubanks: The winner of this match...WILLIAM SHAMROOOOOOOCK!

As a jubilant Shamrock leaves the ring, EMTs rush past him to take care of the injured Dante.

Of course, Shamrock lets none of this trouble him as he parades out of the arena as the winner.

Tue Sep 18, 2007 6:15 pm
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Tex: And now the final match tonight in the Majestic Cup tournament first round, and this is a big one.

Cain: It sure is. Last year, Darkness reached the final of the tournament, ultimately losing out to Matt Strikmore, but you can bet he's got victory on his mind this year.

Tex: Standing in his way though is one of the newest faces on the roster...

An absolutely demonic sounding organ begins to play, as all lights in the arena are dimmed. Only one, dark, absolutely crimson spotlight remains on the stage.

Sammy Eubanks The following Majestic Cup first round match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...weighing in at 290 lbs...INFEEEEEEEERNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Inferno's form rises from beneath the stage, and then he lifts his arms in the air, causing four pillars of fire to rise around him, and the music breaks into it's main riff, as Inferno heads to the ring. No matter how much the crowd boos him, he remains in a trance with his mind seemingly elsewhere, seemingly...disconnected from it all.......

Tex: Boy, this guy gives me the creeps. He and Subway Jack had a match last week that degenerated pretty quickly and which Inferno came out worse from I guess, but if anyone can take the fight to the World Champ, I think this is the fella.

Banter: Well then this should be fun.

<object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http//www.youtube.com/v/x3Mwo2lGdXU"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http//www.youtube.com/v/x3Mwo2lGdXU" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>

Backstage, the door of Darkness's locker room is shown, and the fans erupt. As "Fear of the Dark" continues to play, the door opens and Darkness steps out, title belts held in his hands. He walks calmly through the arena as his music plays, the fans chanting along with it. As he steps up to the gorilla position he pauses, waiting for the right moment.

Sammy And his opponent...from Chicago, Illinois...weighing in at 218 lbs...he is the 411fed and ECF Unified World's Heavyweight Champion...

A huge pyro erupts from the stage and Darkness walks through the flames.


More pyro rips down the sides of the ramp, framing Darkness in fire.

Cain: The World Champion is here! What a reaction from the fans in attendance!

Banter: They're gonna be pretty disappointed when he loses.

Darkness slides into the ring and mounts the turnbuckle, lifting his belts above his head.

Tex: Well this match isn't for the World Titles, but if Inferno can pick up a win over the champion tonight that's going to do huge things for his career.

Darkness hops down and hands his belts to the timekeeper over the ropes. As he steps into the centre of the ring with his opponent, the bell rings.

Cain: This is going to be an interesting match, I think...

Darkness squares up to Inferno, having to crane his neck upwards to meet the huge man's masked gaze. The two stand off for a long moment before Darkness aims a kick at Inferno's midsection. Inferno is staggered and Darkness attempts to press his advantage, charging his opponent with a diving shoulder. Inferno stumbles backwards again, but doesn't fall. Incredulously, Darkness throws out a martial arts kick and Inferno bounces back into the ropes before hurtling back across the ring at full speed, smashing into Darkness with a huge clothesline that sends him spinning through the air.

Tex: Oh! Darkness just went head over heels!

Cain: Inferno is taking the fight to the World Champion...

The crowd boo Inferno as he roars at them and flexes his arms. Darkness gets to his feet, but Inferno kicks him in the face, sending him back to the mat. The masked giant stomps the World Champion down before yanking him by his hair. He delivers a brutal throat thrust that knocks Darkness of his feet once more before going for a pin...


No, Darkness rolls his shoulder up off the canvas.

Tex: Not enough that time, but Inferno is taking control.

Inferno pounds on Darkness with right hands and then grabs his left arm, twisting it at the wrist and causing the Champion to wince in pain.

Cain: Inferno targets that false hand of Darkness, but he looks like he's preparing for something more.

Banter: Yeah, like beating Darkness to a pulp. I'm his biggest fan already.

Inferno steps over Darkness's shoulder and wraps his legs around his throat before falling to the mat, locking in a triangle choke. Darkness claws across the mat, reaching for the ropes, but Inferno's weight makes it difficult. Inferno pulls back on the hold, but Darkness makes a desperate lunge and makes the ropes, forcing the referee to break it up, but not before he reaches the count of four.

Tex: The fans don't seem to be taking to Inferno as much as you are, Banter. He's obviously got a vicious style and a take-no-prisoners attitude.

Banter: And that's what you need to be the best.

Cain: I don't think that describes Darkness though.

Banter: You have such a short memory, Isaiah...it was just a couple of months ago he was choking people and setting up Strikmore.

Inferno rolls to his feet as Darkness pulls himself up using the ropes. The masked rookie charges, aiming a knee at his opponent's skull. Darkness hits the mat again, and Inferno lifts him up, attempting to spin him over into a powerslam, but Darkness counters, catching him around the neck and pulling him down into a tornado DDT. Inferno is up quickly, but clearly staggered by the big move, and Darkness takes the opportunity to hit a big dropkick. He goes for a pin...


But Inferno kicks out with authority, throwing Darkness across the ring.

Cain: An impressive counter there from Darkness. He's so resourceful, and that's why he's the World Champion.

Banter: Of course. Nothing at all to do with being best buddies with the guy he won it from who gave him a shot for no reason.

Inferno surges to his feet, racing towards the downed World Champion, but Darkness manages to bring him down with a drop-toehold which sends him face-first into the turnbuckle. Inferno is sent stumbling backwards, holding his mask as Darkness leaps up and bounds onto the top rope, flying off with a cross body. Inferno lands heavily and Darkness holds on for the pin...



No! Kickout!

Tex: An impressive aerial move from Darkness, but it's not enough.

Cain: Inferno is impressing me so far, even if I'm not a fan of his attitude.

Darkness composes himself as he gets to his feet, massaging his neck. He drops a knee on Inferno and then goes after his leg, turning him over into a half crab. Inferno struggles in the hold, looking for purchase on the mat. He claws towards the ropes, finally reaching them and forcing Darkness to release.

Tex: Is Darkness focusing on Inferno's leg?

Cain: It's sound strategy if he is. He can offset his size disadvantage by taking Inferno off his vertical base.

Darkness bounces nimbly from foot-to-foot and, as Inferno stands, he charges, only to be lifted up and over the rope. Fortunately for him, his agility once again saves him as he lands on the apron. He throws a right hand at Inferno, but it seems to have no effect as the rookie reaches out and grabs Darkness by the throat. With a roar, he lifts Darkness up over the ropes and slams him to the mat with a thunderous chokeslam.

Banter: Whoa!

Tex: Inferno takes a leaf from Darkness's own playbook by the looks of things!

Inferno goes for a cover...



Th...no! Darkness just manages to kick out!

Cain: The World Champion holds on, but for how long?

Inferno is moving slowly now, stalking his foe. He moves around the ring as Darkness slowly picks himself up. Moving with deceptive speed, he attacks from behind, hooking Darkness in a waist lock and hurling him through the air with a release German suplex to land high on his back and neck.

Banter: C'mon, finish him!

Tex: Darkness may be in trouble here...

Darkness is curled up on the mat as Inferno lifts him up and locks his huge arms around his neck. He clutches tightly, cinching in a sleeper hold, and Darkness tries to claw his way free. He kicks out with his legs, trying to reach the ropes, and manages to unbalance the two of them. They crash into the mat, but Inferno keeps the sleeper locked in. He tries to climb back up to exert full pressure again, but Darkness manages to bury an elbow in his gut. He keeps elbowing his aggressor until, finally he batters his way free.

Cain: Darkness fights his way out of the sleeper hold, but it may be only a brief respite for him.

Inferno backs up, preparing for another charge, but this time Darkness is ready for him, and jumps up, slamming a knee into his skull.

Tex: Shadowed Wizard! Out of nowhere!

Banter: Aww crap..

Inferno is down, and Darkness wastes no time hooking his leg...



Thr...no! Not enough!

Cain: Inferno still has some fight left in him apparently. He's showing incredible tenacity for someone with so little experience.

Darkness gets up and ducks low, preparing himself for Inferno again. His opponent staggers to his feet, and Darkness strikes, reaching out with his prosthetic hand and grabbing Inferno around the throat.

Tex: Darkness is looking for the Slayer Slam!

The Champion tries to lift the big man, but Inferno kicks him in the gut and then hooks Darkness's arms. He lifts him high into the air, but Darkness manages to fight his way free and slide down Inferno's back. As the masked warrior turns around, Darkness slams his boot into his stomach, grabs him by the head and spins him around, driving him head-first into the canvas.


He pins...




Cain: Oh my God! Inferno just kicked out of the Darkness DDT!

Banter: Hey, we might have a happy ending after all...

Tex: What can Darkness do to stop this man?

Darkness is stunned. He stares down at Inferno before quickly composing himself, picking him up and spinning him around with another huge Darkness DDT. He pins once again..


Suddenly, "Iron Fist" by Motörhead starts to play. The referee stops counting and, a few seconds later, Darkness gets to his feet to frown at the stage.

Cain: What's going on?

Tex: It looks like our Commissioner has something else to say tonight...

Darkness walks towards the ropes as, on the stage, Valerie Stern appears holding a microphone.


"Sorry to interrupt, Darkness. I'm sure it would have been another glorious victory." She rolls her eyes as the fans chant "BULL-SHIT!" at her.

Darkness shakes his head in the ring and gestures for a microphone, but Stern holds up a hand.

"Don't bother. You don't need to reply." She walks back and forth across the stage. "I hope you were paying attention earlier tonight when I ended Freya's match prematurely, and I hope she's listening now too, because I'm here to explain myself."

She pauses, watching Darkness's reaction carefully and ignoring the loud negative reaction from the crowd.

"You see, as I said to you at Friction last week, you've sadly become a liability for this company. Our industry already has enough problems right now as I'm sure you all know, and I can do without you adding to that, Darkness. I can't legally strip you of your belt, but I can prevent you from advancing in this tournament and earning us even more bad publicity."

Darkness has a microphone by this time, but on attempting to talk into it, he realises it has been turned off.

"Sorry," Stern smiles, "The whole point I'm making would be rather undermined if I let you speak, wouldn't it? No, I'm afraid that you won't be advancing in this tournament, and neither will Freya. I heard about her little brawl in the reception of her hotel earlier this week. Your respective opponents will receive a bye into the next round in your places."

Stern turns around as the crowd continue to boo her loudly, but then turns around as if remembering something. "Oh, and I know you two are going to be concerned with what you'll be doing at the PPV. Well, don't worry about that - I have a very special surprise for the two of you!"

Tex: What does this mean?!

Cain: It looks like Inferno will advance in the Majestic Cup tournament instead of Darkness, but what does Stern have planned for Darkness and Freya?

Tex: I guess we'll find out at the PPV!

In the ring, Inferno is slumped in the corner, watching Darkness carefully as he kicks the bottom rope in frustration before swinging himself out of the ring, grabbing his belts and walking up the ramp. Inferno takes his exit out of the ring and through the crowd, clearing a path of frightened fans.

Stern smiles to herself as Darkness heads up the ramp. He pauses, turning back to the ring, then snaps his head back around as the TwistedTron lights up.

<center><object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/xS0bJ1_7x00"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/xS0bJ1_7x00" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>

There's a mixed reaction from the crowd as the FWR World Champion hits the stage. Malaki and Darkness both pause, coming face-to-face with each other.

Tex: What the hell is this??

Cain: I don't know, Tex, but this is the first time since the creation of TCW that another fed's world champion has appeared on TCW television!

Malaki and Darkness move closer to one another, and the crowd tenses, hoping for a confontation. The TwistedTron displaying the scene as the two World Champions edge closer and closer... Malaki rolls his eyes at Darkness and heads down the ramp.

Inside the ring, Stern and Malaki shake hands, while Darkness and the fans watch the scene.

"Now, what we have here is a REAL World Champion... Someone who puts up with the pressures of being a star, rather than someone who just creates more and more bullshit the more attention he gets!"

"So what is FWR's World Champion doing here? He's teaching you, Darkness, a big lesson! While you're out of the Majestic Cup tournament, Malaki is IN IT!"

The crowd erupts at the explanation, half excited by the surprising events, and half pissed off that their champion has been showed up tonight by another fed's champ.

Malaki and Stern smile in the ring and on the TwistedTron as Darkness shouts down the ramp at them, and we fade to black.

Tue Sep 18, 2007 6:16 pm
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