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Twisted Experience and TCW - View topic - The Majestic Cup in Mexicali, Mexico (October 11, 2007)
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 The Majestic Cup in Mexicali, Mexico (October 11, 2007) 
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Post The Majestic Cup in Mexicali, Mexico (October 11, 2007)


<object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/lHyApsLaVQs"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/lHyApsLaVQs" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>

BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP! ~ BAP!


Image Image Image </center>

Tex: Ladies and gents, welcome to The Majestic Cup! One of our finest shows, dedicated to one of our finest stars, the gone but never forgotten Mr. Majestic!

Cain: This show will be anything but predictable with the tournament semi-finals and the finals all happening tonight! And we're even going to see FWR Champ Malaki in action!

Banter: Looks like we're heading backstage...

Myra Tripp sits alone in a back hallway, head hanging down. Heavy footsteps approach her.

"And lo did she sit alone in her thoughts of faith. She waited for the Light to illuminate her path and give her purpose. And the Light, in it's radiant glory, heard her silent plea and responded with haste, for all children need guidance. So like the forgotten yet welcomed father I arrive to guide my child and calm her fears."

Myra looks up in shocked disbelief.

"You are real?"


The Prophet stand before her, a warm smile crossing his face.

"Of course my child. And I come to answer your prayers."

She looks him in the eyes.

"Myra doesn't think you are real. You are just dream."

"And dreams are just the reality our minds exist in when our bodies rest. If you believe me to be a waking figment of your imagination, then touch my hand."

Gingerly, she extends her hand towards his. With slow and careful movements, she touches the skin and recoils upon the contact.

"As you see my child, I am flesh and blood like you. Do you believe your own sensations?"

She nods with eyes wide and tears brimming.

"Then come dear one, we have much to discuss."

He takes her hand as she rises from her seat, eyes still fixated with his. He gently puts her arm in his and leads her away from the camera's view.

Banter: This guy's gonna have to beat it if he wants to make it to the ring 'cause we're kicking things off with his match!

<center>Image Image

Tex: Well this is a match-up that certainly swirls with controversy.

Banter: Miss Teen USA?

Tex: What?

Banter: Not now, I'm looking for some geography questions.

Tex: I'm talking about the 3-Way match between Jimmy Richards, The Prophet and the maniacal monster, Drako.

Banter: Yes, yes. The man who beat down TCW Commish Valerie Stern.

Tex: You mean landed her in the hospital after a vicious assault with a lead pipe!

Banter: Jeebus man. TOMAY-TOE, TOMAH-TOE.

Tex: You're unbelievable, you know that.

(After a long pause of silence on the ramp.)

Tex: Well I wonder what the hell is going on.

Banter (Points at the TwistedTron): Look! Is that Richards?

Tex: IT IS!! It seems as if our cameras were able to capture footage of Jimmy Richards seemingly collapsed backstage. A victim of foul play no doubt.

Banter: He could have just tripped on something.

Tex: Not likely. I hope we can get an answer as to what happened with Richards, in the meantime, it appears the rest of the contestants are arriving.

Suddenly we hear "ENTER THE DRAGON!" echo throughout the arena, as Drako hits the ramp as "Down with the sickness" fills the air. He tromps down to the ring, brandishing the now-infamous lead pipe, brandishing it as some sort of trophy.

Tex: THAT, is a sick, sick man Banter.

Banter: Seriously. Red and White scales? That's SO friggin 1980's.

As Drako enters the ring, the lights in the arena dim.

We hear the haunting voices from "Returns a King", as The Prophet makes his way down to ringside.

Tex: The crowd giving a mixed reaction to these two, with Drako drawing more heat for sure. In light of recent developments, it looks like this one is going to be Drako vs. The Prophet. Hopefully someone can shed some light as to what happened to Jimmy Richards later


Banter: You know if you ask again, it still probably won't happen any quicker.

Tex: Show some class Banter. Anyway, the two men now face each other in the center of the ring, as referee "Big" Jimmy Jones calls their attention toward him. Both men stay fixated on each other as Jones calls for the match to start as the bell rings.

Banter: This should be good.

Drako immediately reaches for The Prophet and slingshots him off the rope. Drako goes for a massive clothesline, but The Prophet easily ducks under it, rebounds off the opposite ropes, springboarding onto Drako, but the monster does not move as The Prophet fumbles back slightly.

Banter: Run into walls much?

Tex: Indeed. The Prophet perhaps not forseeing the outcome of that manuever.

The Prophet lunges right back at Drako, being caught by the throat and being sent to the mat by a massive choke slam that shakes the ring. Drako immediately goes to stomp The Prophet's face into the canvas, as The Prophet barely rolls out of the way in time.

Tex: My GAWD!

Banter: He must have been bounced 2 feet off the canvas!

The Prophet gets to his feet, visibly shaken as Drako lunges toward him. The Prophet takes a quick step back, then hurdles forward into a short spear, using Drako's momentum against him.

Tex: Now THAT was a little more effective!

Drako, momentarily stunned as he stands up directly into a Side Effect. The Prophet continues the assault by stomping on Drako.

Tex: The Prophet seems to be gaining some momentum here.

Drako rolls to his feet and the two begin to exchange blows, with Drako overpowering The Prophet and dropping him to his knees. Drako then hits a big boot, sending The Prophet halfway across the ring, folded up on the canvas.

Tex: UNBELIEVABLE! He just kicked that man like a soccer ball!


Drako leans over The Prophet, seemingly stalking him. As he gets closer, The Prophet grabs

him into a small package...



Drako powers out as the two men roll away and hurry to their feet.

Tex: Drako visibly upset now after the near fall.

Banter: I wouldn't want to piss him off.

The two men lock up in a test of strength.

Tex: Not sure what The Prophet is thinking here.

And a split second before Drako can kick him, The Prophet nails a boot to the mid section.

Banter: I'm guessing that.

The Prophet then hits an elbow to the back of Drako's head, knocking him down. The Prophet then hits an elbow, seemingly knocking the wind out of Drako. The Prophet then bring Drako to his feet and struggles to get him over his shoulders.

Banter: There is no way he's gonna hit this.

The Prophet wobbles, then swings slightly.


The Prophet gets full rotation and hits Salvation on Drako.

Tex: I believe Drako has been saved!

Banter: Be HEALED my child!

The Prophet crawls over to Drako for the 2nd pin attempt, drained.




The bell sounds and the crowd goes wild, as The Prophet quickly rolls out of the ring.

Drako sits directly up, seething with fury. He growls with disapproval at the ref who now has both hands up as he backs away.

Tex: Drako seeming to think the count may have been fast?

Banter: Or that he should have waited until 4 perhaps?

Drako continues to throw a fit in the ring, as the ref slides out of the ring.

<center>"Dark night nothing to see
Invisible hand in front of me
Scared to death there's someone near
Scared to move but you can't stay here
You know me, evil eye
You know me, prepare to die
You know me, the snakebite kiss
Devil's grip, the Iron Fist
Flying horse don't make a sound
Flying hooves don't touch the ground
Walk in circle lose you track
Can't go on but you can't go back
You know me!"

Image Image Image Image Image</center>

As the music plays, TCW Commissioner Valerie Stern steps out onto the ramp, mic in hand. She's flanked by her usual allies, Jason Fragg and Adam Wilson, as well as TCW Enforcer Bruce and Head of Security, Russell "Midnight" Simmons.

Tex: Ms. Stern isn't coming out alone tonight, that's for sure!

Stern: Drako!! Give the hissy fit a rest!

The beast in the ring turns his attention towards the ramp.

Stern: I'll tell you, it's a damn good thing nothing's broken!! You think you can just attack me with impunity? You wrestlers really are all brawn and no brains. I'm your boss, Drako! You don't storm into my office and attack me! Because when you piss off the boss, you have to face a little disciplinary action...

Before Drako or even the crowd has time to figure out exactly what Stern is talking about, she gives them a live demonstration. A steel chair crashes into Drako's skull! Then another hit and another and another, sending the big man to the ground! The assault continues, the man with the chair swinging it wildly, his hair flying in every direction.

He finally stops, the chair covered in Drako's blood, and flips his hair out of his face while pointing to his belt with one hand.

Tex: David Hardy the Aftershock Champion has just taken out the monster Drako!!

Cain: The crowd seems to be enjoying the show too! They might not be sure about Hardy most of the time, but tonight they like what they see!

Tex: Yes, and now we're left to speculate on the nature of this seeming alliance between Stern and Hardy! It's been a long time since he's had any friends at the top...

Banter: As long as he keeps his hands out of her top, it'll be fine.

Fri Oct 12, 2007 3:57 am
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<center>The Majestic Cup Semi-Finals

Image Image Image Image Image</center>

As we return, Stern and her allies are still standing atop the ramp.

Stern: Gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen in the audience; as we prepare for the final stages in the Majestic cup tournament there are a few guidelines and rules I want to make clear and add.

Banter: Add?! What makes Stern think she can change the situation in the mifddle of the damned match?!

Cain: Her commissionership?

Banter: Well, yeah that works doesn't it?

Stern: Each of the semifinal matches have a time limit of 15 minutes and are to be conducted under elimination rules, last man standing advances. Should any match go to the before mentioned 15 minute time limit, a TCW official. Will make a decision based on advantages and other criteria.

Banter: Wonderful who in the TCW has the grey matter to call a match by the damn TV?

Stern: For tonight's matches...I will be the official responsible for the decisions if needed.

Tex: Seems our esteemed commissioner slaps you on the wrist every time you open your yap, eh Banter?

Stern: With those words I want to move on to the true main events of the night, gentlemen, good luck and may the best man win!

<center>Image Image Image

Other than the cheers for Hardy, it's a quiet crowd tonight in Mexico. You can hear a pin drop. There are no signs. No laser pointers. Whispers barely picked up the mic of the commenting team. "Think we might need to rewrite the illegal alien jokes?" Tex had only time to ask: "WHAT - ?!" Because the crowd began to riot. Even Banter was caught off guard, as bodies poured over the railing. Then he saw, money, falling from the ceiling like confetti. The soundtrack hit all the wrong notes.

"I want a all chromed out wit the clutch, nigga
Drinkin malt liquor, drivin a Bro' Vega
I'm wit Mo' sippers, watched by gold diggers."

Shamrock entered the arena with a woman on each arm, like a conquering prince. The boos were his real anthem. In any crowd, there were enough people willing to throw away everything for the money he offered. Watching the security crack down was worth the few hundred dollars the stunt had cost him.

Tex: "Come on now, is this REALLY nessesary? It's obvious that-"

Before he can finish his sentence, Banter throws down his headset and goes to get some money.

Tex: "..."

Before long, Banter returns with a handful of ones.

Banter: That Shamrock sure is doing a good thing for these impoverished Mexicans.

Shamrock smiles at the scene. It gave him a warm fuzzy, watching people riot over one dollar bills. As the thunderstorm of cash subsided, Shamrock walked into the ring like a hero, parting the crowd as they cleared the ring with their loot, and the cuts and bruises that came with it. Moments later, Atomic Welfare's music played...

Sitting in the nosebleed seats, Marina Delgado and her son Estelio watched as the man she had vowed to love honor, cherish, and not strangle while the child was a witness, fought with a crowd of friends for a few bucks. Not for the money, but because they were at a wrestling event, and he had magically reverted to being 6 years old. "Estelio, see that bug - that little man waaaay down there, is your father. Please, whatever you do, remember in the future that he did this, and don't do the same." Estelio laughed, because his tiny feet were ticklish. In no time she had a submission victory as he hiccuped through tears. But it was the next wrestler who really drew her attention. He was big. Too big to be real. But there was no sign of arrogance about it. He seemed troubled. A thousand miles away.

"Hey!" She shouted, "Good luck!" Her English wasn't the best, but he looked up, when everyone else did, and she thought she almost saw a smile. Now the ring announcer was speaking again. He said that Hell was coming.

And a new song hit the speakers.

The familiar organ riffs picked up, and immeadiately the entire crowd burst into boos. But they were passionate, strong boos, because deep down they loved him. Loved to hate him, that is. And one fan sitting at home just plain hated him, because thanks to this man, he couldn't watch the show now.

The dark shape rose through the stage. Paused for a moment, head facing down. Then he swung his arms once, high, and the flames erupted around him, and a new, unfamiliar song hit the speakers. Something like a nightmare. Something from Hell.

"When you peel back my eyes

I see the pain and I feel alive"

As the big, masked man calmly walked down to the ring, the passionate boos only grew louder. He ignored everything, even that sign written in bad English: "Let us piss on El Inferno!"

"My hatred heaps upon this fire

That burns inside and you blow higher"

The crowd ate it up. The music from Hell had a sweet rhythm.

Tex:"I can't believe the crowd is encouraging him!"

Banter:"Why not, they came here to be entertained, not learn life lessons."

Tex:"Because he's a monster!"

Banter:"On our payroll. Who's the real monster? Frankenstein was the name of his creator, remember?"

Tex has no answer.

Banter:"You're cute when you remember you have a conscience."

Inside the ring, the referee was tasked with making sure nobody cheated. He checked Inferno - and didn't see Shamrock behind him, putting his plan into motion.

Tiny metal objects. Shamrock could be seen slipping them into his wrist bands.

Tex: "Hey....isn't that...?"

Banter interrupted: "Quiet. The match is about to start."

After the ref checked Atomic Welfare, he called for the bell, and the match went underway. Immeadiately Shamrock lunged for Welfare, taking a swing at him.

Tex:"He only checked..."

Banter:"Cover your eyes, little butterfly."

Atomic Welfare's forehead was torn open like tissue paper where the cold razor blade kissed him. The blood fell, and he felt no pain, it was like sweat - until it was in his eyes. Next razor blade made it a cross, and the third turned the cross into an upside down star. Something inside the man awoke. Something that reached for Shamrock's wrist, held it tight. Test of strength, and Shamrock's arm was bent back...

Tex:"He was cut by his own razor blade!"

Banter:"I can't believe it! Who'd have ever thought a wrestler would be made to cut themselves?! This is barbaric - I'm going to grab a drink from the concession stands. You want corn doggies, Hoss?"

Inferno seemed rather disappointed that his friends had ignored him. Grabbing Atomic Welfare from behind, he wrapped his arms around his waist, and threw himself back as hard as he could. Welfare flipped in midair as he was released, landing hard on his stomach. Inferno followed up the suplex with a relentless attack of punches on Shamrock, who promptly struck his razor blade into the side of Inferno's head, causing the monster to reel. But Inferno avenged himself sevenfold, grabbing Shamrock by the shoulders and beating his head into Shamrock's once, twice, three, four, five, six....seven times, and when it was over, his forehead was covered in Shamrock's blood. It almost looked like the mask itself was bleeding, like a stuck animal...and then a pissed Welfare struck from behind.

In the small of Inferno's back. The big man fell to one knee, was lifted up. Atomic Welfare had the entire audience in awe, as he held the giant overhead... Shamrock's eye peered through his fingers' white knuckled grip, the bleeding hidden from the camera's view. Blood fell to the mat with a steady drip, drip, drip... the war had just begun, and all three men wore bloody masks. Inferno's fist smashed into the back of Atomic Welfare, the man saw stars flash, for just an instant before he blocked out the pain, and the stars became the camera flashes they really were, as the crowd erupted. And then he fell. Shamrock had struck low, then bailed out of the ring, to think, while the two dealt with each other. It wasn't fear. It was the realization, the helpless frustration, of being the weakest of the three. If he wasn't faster, smarter, if he took this game too light, he'd be the one going down. He didn't know how much damage they'd do to him. He needed to think. Shit. So much noise. He just wanted to shout for the crowd to shut up, like a heel in a staged Saturday morning fight. He just wanted to call it a night, let the two of them tear each other apart. He could always challenge the winner of the tournament. Make them come to him. So what was keeping him from doing just that?

He figured he'd pull the old heel trick and hide under the ring. There were no count-outs in a triple threat after all. He'd let them fight it out for a little, and then come out to pick up the pieces. In the mean time, Inferno took advantage of the fallen Welfare. He would not let this mistake go unpunished. He clasped a claw hold over his face, pressing a knee into his chest, trying to keep him down, trying to suffocate him....

Tex: "Isn't that the 'Shroud of Turin'?"

Banter: "Heh. No way he'll be getting out of this."

"Marina's husband finally found his way back to her. He held a fist full of bloody ones, and smiled. "How's the match?" She accepted his kiss. They could talk about this when the kid was asleep. "Pretty bad. It seems to be a squash match - " She stopped. The match wasn't over. Atomic Welfare had done the impossible.

Tex:"He's powered out of the Shroud!"

Banter:"Sweet Jesus, he's got more lives than Jesus!"

Tex:"What are you talking about? This match is just getting started!"

Banter:"Lie down, moron! It's not worth dying to get into the finals!"

But Atomic Welfare was beyond words now. He couldn't hear the crowd. Couldn't feel the pain. Couldn't see the lights. There was only the black. The rage that built up inside, and held the shroud inches away. Too soon, to lie down. There was work to do.

The burst of rage and adrenaline was enough to catch Inferno off guard. He pushed himself to a standing poisition in the face of the cat-like eyes on the monster's mask. Then, in one simple motion, he captured Inferno in his grip, and flung him overhead, and the crowd roared. They could almost see his adrenaline flowing. Not about to stop, he forced the big man onto his stomach and pressed his hands under his chin, pulling back in a Camel Clutch.
Inferno now showed strength of his own, pushing up to his knees, about to break the hold. The former soldier knew better than to waste strength he'd need for later. He kneed the man in the back, let Inferno rise again, stronger than ever - and used Inferno's momentem to carry him up high and out, and over the ropes. But Inferno caught hold. Cold cat eyes stared through the fire in the eyes of his opponent, and deep into the hidden places. Then, a curious moment. Inferno offered him a salute. One warrior to another. That was when Shamrock, took his moment to strike. Chair shot. Once. Twice. Three times. How many times did it take? Inferno fell. Recieved another chair shot to the head. The referee was there, to grab it, to tell Shamrock money could only buy so much. But then Inferno's fingers wrapped tight around Shamrock's throat said the same thing, faster, and with just as much style.

And then Inferno rose, and Shamrock along with him. He took a ride, several feet in the air, and you could see on Shamrock's eyes the look of terror, the fear of the lack of control, and then his eyes shut, waiting for the impact. BAM.

Tex: "What a chokeslam by Inferno...he must have been ten feet in the air!"

He went for a cover. One..........



Welfare was there to break up the pinfall attempt. His hands pressed into Inferno's neck, as he appeared to be trying to get him into a Full Nelson and follow up with a slam, but Inferno elbowed out at just the right time. Then, in a total surprise, whirled around and stretched his leg insanely high, bringing the heel down onto Welfare's head with an audible crack. The crowd gasped, and then marked out for the next move. Inferno's gloved fingers found themslves around Welfare's neck. Cat eyes stared into Welfare's soul, and they told him he was doomed. Into the air he went.

Tex: "My God, that monster's lifting the nearly 300 pound Welfare like he was a feather!"

BAM. The ring had enough. It gave way.

Welfare was still conscious. Breathing broken, tasted blood, but the soldier had survived. He laughed. Maybe it was shock. Inferno grinned, laughed back. The crowd got into it, laughed, cheered, threw drinks just because. Shamrock wasn't laughing. Just regained consciousness, and every thing seemed to have gone insane. He could feel the world spinning beyond his control.
There was the sound of the metal mesh underneath the ring being torn apart, the referee, the invisible man in the ring, just let it happen. Watched as Inferno hit Atomic Welfare with everything he had, because he had looked deep inside the man, and he knew - Atomic Welfare was holding back. He was afraid to be a monster.

A monster like Inferno.

That was the unforgiveable sin.

Nobody was to ever again show him mercy...

When the violence was finished, there was a long silence. Marked only by




And then the crowd cheered. After all, it was all fake, so why not let the bad guys have one?

Shamrock heard Inferno's voice. "Maybe you've been so worried about what was behind your back after our first dance, that you didn't see me coming."

Before he could make sense of the world, he was standing again, assisted unwillingly by Inferno, but it was only so he could fall again. His arms were hooked, and then his world was turned upside down. Then, there was no world at all, once the back of his head struck the mat. Tex: "It's The Divine Comedy!" Shamrock was plunged through all nine circles of hell and burst out the other end. The shadow covered him. One more.




Tex:"What the Hell?"

Banter:"Monster mash. Corn doggy?"

Tex:"You know I can't stand corndogs."

Banter:"But every time you struggle, you come a little closer..."

Tex:"I thought Atomic Welfare could have won this match."

Banter:"Yeah, but he wanted to sleep nights. Give him a few more concussions, and he'll sell out. They all do."

Tex:"Not everyone..."

As the two personalities put their characters through the familiar paces, nobody noticed the family of three excuse themselves single file, one and two, and she held number three, trying to quiet his crying.

One fan to another: "Why did they bring a kid here?"

<center>Image Image Image

Tex: Ok folks we're just seconds away from out second Majestic cup Semifinals of the night, We will see the last man be qualified for the finals and one of the following will be making his way towards a shot at the TC title and a chance to pick ANY match he likes over the course of the next year!

Light circle the arena as Rock this Town kicks on the speakers. Aaron enters during the opening music , almost dancing, waving to the fans. He starts walking down the ramp as the vocals begin.

Well my baby and me went out late Saturday night
I had my hair piled high and my baby just looks so right
Well, pick you up at ten got to have you home by two,
Mama don't know what I've got in store for you
Well that's alright 'cause we're looking as cool as can be

Aaron slides into the ring.

Well we found a little place that really didn't look half bad
I'll have a whiskey on the rocks and change of a dollar for the jukebox
Well, I put a quarter right into that can, but all it played was disco man
C'mon pretty baby, let's get outta here right away.

He stands up on the ring posts, arms held high smile on his face and pointing to various fans in the arena.

We're gonna rock this town, rock it inside out
We're gonna rock this town, make 'm scream and shout
Let's rock, rock, rock man rock, rock
We're gonna rock till we pop, We're gonna roll till we drop
We're gonna rock this town, rock it inside out

He mounts the opposite turnbuckle and repeats the previous action before jumping down and getting set for the match.

"Hey Mister backstabbin' son of a bitch
you're livin' in a world that'll soon be dyin'
and I know everybody knows you try to be like me
but even at your best as a man you couldn't equal half of me.

I am realizing that everybody's lost their simple ways
and now that it's here I see it all so clearly
I've come face to face with the enemy, the enemy.

You, your another shit talkin' punk to me.
You're a living inspiration for what i never wanna be,
and I see you've been blinded by what you believe
And now back up and sit down, shut up and act like you need to be."

A lone spotlight shines on the entrance way and Malaki appears, to mostly boos from the audience. Some people do seem to want to cheer him, but Malaki pays them no mind, striding to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and then climbs a turnbuckle, posing with his FWR World Championship over his head.

The guitar solo from "Land of Confusion" begins. There are spotlights moving around everywhere as the music plays.

On the TwistedTron, we see:


(Short vid of Bam hitting the Deathshead on opponent)


(Short video of Bam hitting the Kamikaze on opponent)


(Short video of Bam hitting Love Sweet Love into a powerbomb on opponent)

After last vid, Bam comes onto ramp screaming "BAAAAAAAAAAABY!!!!", pounding his chest with both fists. All spotlights are on him, then shut off as the lights in the arena come up. Red pyro shoots off behind him as he walks down the ramp.

As he marches to the ring he is talking massive crap outloud as if screaming to his opponent, or shouting what he's about to do to his opponent.

He climbs the stairs to the ring and hops both legs over the top rope to enter the ring.

He then jumps up on the nearest turnbuckle and begins pounding his chest again, yelling out toward the fans, pumping himself up.

Cain: We have three men eager to tear each other apart in that very ring...looks like we...

As the ref calls for the bell the three men begin to circle each other, no one wants to end up as the sacrificial goat in this ceremony so a few minutes pass with paranoia as king of the ring.

Banter: I thought the time limit would be a way to encourage action...

Cain: So did I.

As if they heard the talk in the commentator's booth Malaki and Bamalicious look at each other and nod.

Tex: Good gawd they are assaulting Keening!

The two men take turns trying to get hold of Aaron Keening, but using his greater agility he dodges the two of them and as Malaki charges him, he hits a clothesline on Malaki and the charges Bam.

As Bam sees the approaching keening he bends down to flip the oncoming threat into the air, but he lowers his head a split second too late and instead of launching keening into the air he gets a face full of said Keening's boot. Keening follows his boot to the face up with an elbow drop and a cover.



Kick out!

Cain: With authority!

Banter: What?

Cain: With authority?

Banter: Yeah, that's what I was afraid I heard...

Tex: Oh looks like the returning Big Bamalicious is upset...

Banter: he got kicked in the face, did you expect him top but hugging Keening or something?

Slowly both Malaki and Bam make their way back to their feet, the two opponents eye each other and then look at Keening. Seconds later Keening is the victim of what is known on the street as a mugging, Bam and Malaki takes turns bashing his skull with their fists. As the now softened up Keening is dizzy and woozy enough, Bam whips the poor sap into the roeps and Malaki delivers his infamous Omega Drop.

Banter: team work in a triple threat match?

Cain(shrugs): They probably saw him as a threat.

Banter: No sh(BLEEP)?!

As the drop knocks the wind (and possibly the spine) out of Keening, Malaki dives on him for the cover.




Sammy Eubanks: Ladies and Gentlemen! Aaron Keening has been eliminated!

As Malaki gets up from his successful pin attempt he is met with a a wide grin from bam...oh and a boot to the face.

Cain: not the worlds most long lasting partnership...

Bam grabs the FWRfed superstar and delivers a powerful suplex that looks as if it did nasty things to Malaki's ability to err...breathe. Bam grabs the disoriented Malaki off of the canvas and whips him towards the ropes, after that he charges after him and dives at him Cactus Jack style knocking both himself and his opponent out of the ring.

To Malaki landing hard on the floor seems to have revived him as he kicks his bad arse mojo into gear and launches a vicious assault on Bam. Before the big man makes it to his feet he is the recipient of kicks, knees and a series of blows to the noggin that would cripple an ordinary man.

But to Bam who is far from an ordinary man this is just warm up. As he gets up he grab his opponent by the hair and delivers a earthshaking headbutt. As he prepares to finish Malaki off the two men hear the ref counting.



And they both head back into the ring for some more mayhem. The two continue to throw caution to the wind and whip each other pillar to post, the match ahs the fans rocking and reeling until they hear Sammy Eubanks.

Eubanks: Ladies and Gentlemen there is one minute remaining in the match...one minute!

Tex. Man, that looks like two panicked wrestlers!

As blood thirst turns to panic the two men try to fight but it ends up looking like a badly choreographed cat fight. Punches miss and moves are blocked as the minute winds down to zero...as Eubanks starts counting down from twenty Bam gains an upper hand, he punches his opponent and tries to put him across his shoulders for one of his finishers. Malaki does everything in his power to block this and up until the count reaches ten he succeeds. As the word "Ten" leaves Eubanks mouth Bam gets Malaki up on his shoulders, the big man grins and shouts his classic:

Bam: I got nothin' but LOVE for ya, baby!

Wasting a few vital seconds. He makes his move and as Eubanks counts "Five!" he drops Malaki on his head with a DvD. In a frantic panic Bam goes for the cover which is followed by.



Tex: What?!

Cain: Huh?!

Banter: Damn, broke a nail!

Eubanks: Ladies and Gentlemen, the 15 minute time limit has expired and as a result the match and it's winner will be judged by commissioner Valerie Stern!

The TwistedTron lights up with the image of the Commish.

<center>Image </center>

Stern: I have reviewed this match and have reached a decision. As both men had part in the elimination of Aaron Keening and as each man had a roughly equal time "dominating" the match, I see no other solution then to make the finals a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!

The crowd cheers like mad as the two men in the ring (...well Bam as Malaki is in the last stages of descrambling his brain after the DvD) slowly realise what this means.

Before she leaves Stern smiles and...

Stern: Gentlemen, consider yourself both winners.

Iron Fist plays as she leaves the arena and the two qualified wrestlers behind.

Tex: Gawd the finals, a triple threat match, by gawd business is a bout to pick up!

Banter: Unlike me who is about to throw up if you use another JR cliché!

Bam leaves the ring leaving the still woozy Malaki to grab hold of his world and make its top spinning.

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<center>Image Image Image

The crowd falls silent as Sammy Eubanks steps into the ring. There is an air of hushed expectancy as he raises the microphone to his lips.

Sammy: The following contest is a triple threat, non-title match scheduled for one fall...

Cain: It's already been one hell of a night, but what are we going to see here?

Banter: Something good, I bet!

Tex: Stern promised something special for Darkness and Freya, and it's been revealed that they will both be part of this three-way dance against someone else, but we have no clue who the mystery opponent is going to be.

<i>Faint white figures paint my sleep
Please don't tell my secrets keep them hidden (you got it, you got it, you got it)
If the words that matter reach your face from floor
Will you be wondering if, or (do I need what is given or honest)
Does it cost me scarring if the words stay true
Even number your nephew (I don't want it, don't want it, don't want it anymore)</i>

An explosion sounds above the entrance ramp, sending golden pyro raining down.

<i>And when the answer that you want
Is in the question that you state
Come what may!
Come what may!

And when the answer that you want
Is in the question that you state
Come what may!
Come what may! </i>

Sammy: Introducing first, from Oxford, England...weighing in at 143 lbs...she is the TCW BLEEDER CHAMPION........FREEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Freya walks down the ramp, looking a little more determined and stoic than usual.

<i>In a pain that buckles out your knees
Could you stop this if I plead (you got it, you got it, you got it)
So destined I am to walk among the dark
A child in keeping secrets from (will they know what I've done in the after)
In the sought for matter when the words blame you
In a blood red summer I'll give you (I don't want it, don't want it, don't want it)</i>

She enters the ring and unbuckles her belt, lifting it over her head as she mounts the turnbuckle. She offers only a reserved smile to her fans before jumping down into the centre of the ring.

Cain: Freya looks like she has something on her mind tonight.

Banter: Well wouldn't you? Not only did she get kicked out of the Majestic Cup Tournament for an act of unprovoked violence in a hotel, but now she's about to get jobbed out to whatever mystery opponent Stern's selected.

Tex: Looks like you're hoping it's someone who's going to teach Darkness and Freya a lesson...

Banter: Yeah. Maybe the entire US Marine Corps or something. Or an absolute shitload of ninjas.

Freya's music fades and she hands her belt to the referee before limbering up and watching the entrance ramp carefully.

<center><object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/x3Mwo2lGdXU"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/x3Mwo2lGdXU" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object></center>

As "Fear of the Dark" plays, the view cuts to a shot of Darkness's locker room door. It opens, and Darkness steps from the shadows, his two title belts held in his hands. As his fans chant along to the music, Darkness walks through the corridors of the arena before reaching the gorilla position.

Sammy: And from Chicago, Illinois...weighing in at 218 lbs...he is the 411FED AND ECF UNIFIED HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WOOOOORLD......DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARKNEEEEES!!!!

The song kicks in and a huge pyro erupts from the stage. Darkness strides through the flames, silhouetted in the orange glow. As he strides to the ring, belts in hand, flames streak down the side of the ramp, framing him in fire. He enters the ring, ignoring its occupants and mounts the turnbuckle, raising his World Championships above his head as the ethereal chanting continues.

Cain: Darkness is receiving an outstanding ovation here! But can he beat Freya and whoever this mystery opponent is?

Tex: Yeah, let's not forget that Freya is one of the few people to hold a pinfall victory over the World Champion. He'll still have her to deal with, no matter who their opponent is.

Freya and Darkness lock eyes for a moment as Darkness hands over his belts and then conspicuously separate, walking to opposite sides of the ring. They eye each other carefully and the tension is palpable.

Banter: So who's the mystery guy?

The silence stretches and there is a murmur of impatience from the crowd.

Cain: I think...

<center><object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/HcVm8Qeg9hs"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/HcVm8Qeg9hs" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object></center>

Like one gestalt entity, the crowd rises to its feet. Darkness and Freya stare at one another in confusion.

Tex: No! Can it be?!

Banter: Oh shit...I'm getting out of here...

Cain: It's been a long, long time since we've heard this piece of music...

Darkness is shaking his head and walks over to the ropes. He points at the entrance and shakes his head again.

The crowd is deadly silent as they await the arrival that the music has promised. After 55 second, they get their wish - misplaced as it is. A blacklight frames the stage and a tall, slender figure in a trenchcoat steps out. The light turns his flesh and hair a radiant blue, lending him an even more ethereal aspect.

Sammy: Ladies and gentlemen...please welcome, for one night only...from HELL...THE BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The being on the stage jerks his head up and his face splits in half as he bears his metal fangs.

Tex: My God! What dark pact has brought this creature back to the ring? What possible motivation could Stern have for inflicting him upon the world, and upon Darkness and Freya?

Banter: This is overkill! Why didn't she just go with the Marines?!

As the haunting chords resound through the arena, Bleeder makes his way slowly to the ring. His tattered coat brushes against the floor and, as he reaches the ringsteps, he pauses to drink in the atmosphere his return has caused. Some fans chant his name - those wise enough to know better just watch in stunned silence.

Cain: Who could have predicted this? What kind of massacre are we about to see in the ring?

Bleeder enters the ring and, already, Darkness and Freya have come subtly closer as the stand in opposition to their opponent.

Tex: In the ring stands the man - I should say the <i>creature</i> - after whom Freya's belt is named. What must be running through her head right now?

Banter: "I should have stayed in bed this morning"?

The lights go up and Bleeder removes his coat, revealing his pale, naked torso. He smiles his bloodstained grin at his two opponents as the referee handles his discarded garment with distaste and horror.

Tex: Folks, we're looking at a match for the ages here. Freya, a supremely talented individual, who has carved out an incredible reputation for herself so far and Darkness, who is the reigning World's Heavyweight Champion and has cemented himself as an icon of the sport time and time again will go up against the legend that is Bleeder.

Cain: Let's not make any mistakes here - Bleeder wasn't a World Champion, he never beat any of the greats, and he has a win/loss record that's not even close to spotless, but this...this <i>entity</i>...changed the face of the 411fed. He founded the Hellfire Club, and put into motion the events that lead to the formation of the Dynasty and the Vicious Circle. The fallout of his actions are still felt today, and his legacy is undeniable.

Tex: Nothing was ever the same after Bleeder arrived. I don't think any of us realised what an impact he would have at the time.

Banter: All I know is that he scared the bejesus out of me. Where'd he get those fancy dentures?

Tex: Best not to ask...

The bell rings, and Darkness is the first to act. He charges Bleeder, looking for a clothesline, but Bleeder dodges and ducks behind the World Champion. As Darkness turns around and throws a right hand, Bleeder blocks it and drives his fist upwards into Darkness's abdomen, lifting him off his feet and sending him staggering away.

Tex: Look at that!

Banter: I actually feel bad for Darkness...

Cain: And all it took was for him to be beaten up by a supernatural monster. He should have done it years ago.

Freya hangs back, waiting for an opening as Bleeder sends a jab at Darkness's jaw that is too fast for the human eye to follow. Darkness reels backwards and Bleeder springs backwards, flipping head over heels to catch Darkness in the face with a kick. He is back against the ropes and, as Bleeder lands lightly on his feet, he charges, slamming into Darkness with a spear that sends him out of the ring between the ropes to land in a heap on the outside.

Cain: So far, Bleeder has been dominant in this match.

Tex: But we've got a long way to go yet...or not, if he keeps this up...

Bleeder steps back, grinning, only for Freya to decide the moment is right and leap onto his back. She wraps her arms around his head, trying to bring him down with a sleeper, but Bleeder grabs a handful of her hair and slams her down to the mat from over his shoulder.

Banter: Ooh, this isn't pretty.

Bleeder drops a knee on Freya's temple, before lifting her up and whipping her into the corner. He follows in with a knee lift and then a series of martial arts strikes as she staggers out of the corner. He bounces off the ropes, but doesn't get far as Darkness pulls his legs out from under him and drags him out of the ring. Bleeder lands on his feet, but a roundhouse sends him to his knees. Darkness takes a run up and then smashes into him with a Shadowed Wizard.

Tex: Darkness has perhaps turned the tide back in his favour!

Cain: If he can keep on Bleeder - and Freya, of course, it's everyone for themselves in this match - he can pull this one out.

Tex: Yes, we've seen him triumph against longer odds than this in the past.

Banter: I don't think the odds come much longer than this, Tex! He couldn't beat Freya when he was alone with her in the ring - how's he supposed to do it with this guy in there too?

With Bleeder down, Darkness climbs back into the ring. Freya is waiting for him and they immediately lock up. Darkness's strength proves decisive as he fights her to the ropes and then Irish whips her across the ring. Freya manages to find her feet though and handsprings towards the ropes, bouncing off and knocking Darkness flying with a back elbow. She spins up to her feet and hops over the ropes. As Darkness stands, she springboards off and hits him with a cross body, holding on for the cover as they land...


Tw...no, Bleeder grabs her foot and drags her out of the ring!

Bleeder keeps hold of Freya's leg on the outside, but only succeeds in giving her the opportunity to hit an enziguri. She picks herself up, but Darkness suddenly comes flying over the ropes, taking out both his opponents with a suicide plancha.

Tex: What a move from Darkness!

Cain: Usually the high flying is Freya's forte, but I guess Darkness was feeling left out.

Banter: Why would anyone want to get near Bleeder? If I were in his shoes, I'd run the hell away and let him eat Freya.

Cain: I don't think he eats people, Banter...

Banter: Can you be sure? Can you honestly tell me you know for certain that he doesn't eat actual people? That he isn't an honest-to-God cannibal?

Cain: Well...

Banter: I rest my case.

Darkness is the first to get to his feet and he picks Freya up, only for her to jump up and hit a hurracanrana. Bleeder rolls out of the way of the flying World Champion and attacks Freya with a straight kick to the abdomen. As she doubles over, he grabs her hair and rolls her into the ring. Diving in after her, he stalks her and then brings her down with an unsophisticated knee to the face.

Cain: Bleeder is just brutal in this match. He's been in control almost the whole time so far.

Tex: That's what Bleeder does best. Our fans are no doubt aware of his famous behind-the-scenes manipulations over the years, of his creation of the Hellfire Club and all the strange circumstances surrounding it.

Banter: He's just <i>weird</i>.

Bleeder puts Freya in a bow and arrow hold and lifts her into the air. She struggles in the hold, but has no way out. Bleeder cannot maintain the hold, however, and is forced to let her back to the mat. He climbs astride her back and looks to be going for a camel clutch, but she spins over and punches him in the face as hard as she can.

Tex: A counter from Freya in her own inimitable style...

Banter: I never thought I'd root for her, but she needs to punch him again!

Cain: It looks like she might have broken Bleeder's nose with that punch.

Bleeder touches a hand to his face, dabbing at the dark blood that wells from his nose. Freya kips up and tries to press her advantage with a leg lariat, but Bleeder ducks and drives an elbow into her throat that nearly smashes her out of the ring. She holds the ropes to recover and Bleeder turns away for a moment only to walk right into a superkick from Darkness!

Tex: Darkness from nowehere!

The World Champion covers...



Darkness goes to stand up, but Freya attacks him with a dropkick that bounces him across the ring, before grabbing Bleeder by his alabaster white hair and dropping him with a DDT. She goes for a cover...

One...not enough!

She tries to lift him again, but Bleeder is sufficiently recovered and takes her legs right out from under her. He drops onto her chest and holds her by the throat while hammering her with right hands.

Cain: Brutal attack by Bleeder!

Tex: Legend or not, this guy is showing no class at all.

Banter: What did you expect?

The referee attempts to intervene, but a murderous look from Bleeder sends him scurrying away. Darkness, however, is not so easily cowed. He hauls Bleeder upright and drills him with a punch that sends him right back into the ropes. He stumbles forward and Darkness gets a grip around his throat. He looks for the Slayer Slam, but Bleeder kicks him in the gut. The two separate, but Freya rolls Bleeder up out of nowhere...




Tex: That was a close nearfall!

Darkness charges, attempting to take advantage of the situation, but Freya gets beneath him and sends him out of the ring with a back body drop.

Cain: Darkness takes a trip outside the ring, but does Freya really want to be alone with the Bleeder?

Banter: No one wants to be alone with him. Not even <i>he</i> wants to be alone with him!

Bleeder gets to his feet but walks right into an armdrag. Freya holds on for an armbar, but Bleeder reverses it into a hammerlock and then switches his grip too rapidly for Freya to counter, lifting her from behind and dropping her into a pendulum backbreaker.

Tex: Bleeder is working Freya's back again.

Cain: He may be pure evil, but he's not stupid.

Freya clutches at her back, but Bleeder doesn't let up the assault, laying in stomps to her back and lifting her up into another backbreaker. The blood from his nose now pours down his face, lending him an even more bloodthirsty aspect. Bleeder kicks Freya in the back and she rolls away towards the ropes, crawling onto the apron.

Tex: Freya looks hurt. Will Bleeder take advantage?

Cain: Not if Darkness has anything to do with it - look!

Bleeder notices some commotion and turns around, finding himself face-to-face with Darkness. The crowd cheers as they square up to one another. Bleeder smiles again, but Darkness is unfazed and aims a punch at his opponent. Bleeder catches his first without apparent effort and kicks Darkness in the stomach. The World Champion is staggered and Bleeder knees him in the face, still holding onto his fist. As Darkness falls to the mat, Bleeder jerks him upwards and spins him across the ring.

Cain: Bleeder is dominating Darkness. I've never seen anyone throw Darkness around like this.

Banter: Make him go away! He's screwing up my worldview!

Darkness pulls himself up using the ropes, but Bleeder is on him instantly, hooking his head and arm from behind and hurling him through the air with a throw that lands him high on his back. Darkness clutches at his neck and tries to stand, but his feet give out beneath him.

Bleeder moves in slowly, and lifts Darkness. He sends him into the corner and then delivers a series of strikes targeting seemingly innocuous joints. Darkness visibly slumps against the turnbuckle and Bleeder places his fingers together and then drives them into a spot on the join between Darkness's neck and right deltoid. The World Champion's back arches and he throws his head back in silent agony.

Banter: What just happened?

Cain: It looks like Bleeder went for pressure points there. Darkness looks to be in incredible pain.

Blood bubbles between Darkness's lips and he goes down to his knees, only the ropes keeping him from falling to the mat. Bleeder tilts his head up to look him in the eye and then backflips away again, kicking Darkness back into the corner. Bleeder lands like a cat and charges, slamming his shoulder into his gut and then hurling him out of the corner with a hiptoss.

Tex: This looks bad for the World Champion. Surely it's only a matter of time now...

Darkness is down on the mat. He attempts to roll over and stares at the drops of blood on the canvas beneath him. A steady trickle of blood comes from his nose and mouth and, it appears, from his ears too.

Banter: Ew, what the hell?!

Cain: I have no idea what Bleeder did to Darkness, but it looks like he's in serious trouble. This match may have to be stopped.

The crowd chant for Darkness, but he doesn't seem to hear them. Bleeder waits and watches while he tries to pick himself up, only for his arm to convulse and send him back to the mat. He opens his mouth wide, as he presses his hands to his head. Blood pools in his eye sockets and then trickles to the mat as he blinks the unwelcome intrusion away furiously.

Tex: We need some EMTs in the ring...

Bleeder saunters across the ring and turns his back on Darkness. As he manages to finally stand, Bleeder moonsaults backwards, slamming into Darkness from above and driving him down into the mat.

Tex: The Switch Blade!

He covers...



Thre...no! Darkness just manages to kick out!

Cain: Darkness dug down deep to kick out of that! What incredible tenacity!

Bleeder smirks and backs up, letting Darkness get up, but suddenly he stumbles as Freya, from nowhere, leaps onto his back. Grabbing his chin, she falls down to the mat, driving her knees into his back.

Tex: The Lung Blower! Freya just came out of nowhere!

Banter: C'mon, kill this guy!

Cain: Are you cheering for Freya?

Banter: Shut up.

Freya is up as Darkness slumps back down, but Bleeder is rising too. Freya dives towards him with a forearm that sends him into the ropes and then ducks past him to hurl herself up to the top rope, flying off with a springboard moonsault to catch Bleeder in a 720 DDT!

Cain: The Full Moon DDT! Freya may have just put the exclamation point on this match!

She covers...




Tex: She did it! Freya wins!

The Bleeder Champion bounds to her feet as he belt's namesake rolls out of the ring, clutching his head. He looks up and, as Freya kneels beside Darkness and wipes the blood from his face, there is a gleam in his eye.

Cain: Freya did it; she beat Bleeder and Darkness and now, surely, she must be on her way to being numbered amongst the all time greats in our sport.

Tex: You're right, Isaiah - if anyone had any doubts that Freya belongs at the very top in TCW, she just dispelled them.

EMTs are in the ring and they tend to Darkness, but the World Champion seems to have recovered quickly. He slowly gets to his feet and looks at Freya. As she gives him a small smile he reaches for her hand and then lifts it above her head, gesturing towards her as the crowd cheer.

Cain: It looks like Darkness and Freya are on the same page at the end of this. What a great victory, and a great match.

Fri Oct 12, 2007 3:58 am
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<center>The Majestic Cup Finals

Image Image Image

Sammy Eubanks: The following contest is the Majestic Cup Final!

The crowd pops.

Sammy: It is a triple-threat match fought under elimination rules, in which the winner of the first fall will be crowned the new TCW Transcontinental Champion, and the winner of the second fall will win the Majestic Cup!

Banter: Huh?

Tex: Yes, we received the news just a few moments ago that the stipulations of this match have been changed slightly - supposedly in response to Matt Strikmore's unwillingness to use his ‘free match' while he was the Transcontinental Champion, Commissioner Stern has introduced the possibility that two different men may walk away with the prizes at stake in this match.

Cain: Of course, if one participant wins both falls, they'll leave with everything.

Tex: Yes indeed.

An absolutely demonic sounding organ begins to play, as all lights in the arena are dimmed. Only one, dark, absolutely crimson spotlight remains on the stage. Inferno's form rises from beneath the stage, and then he lifts his arms in the air, causing four pillars of fire to rise around him, and the music breaks into it's main riff, as Inferno heads to the ring. No matter how much the crowd boos him, he remains in a trance with his mind seemingly elsewhere, seemingly...disconnected from it all.......

Sammy: Introducing first...weighing in at 290 lbs...INFEEEEEEEEERNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Tex: We saw Inferno in action last week at Havoc where he took Darkness to the very limit - even kicking out of the Darkness DDT.

Banter: Yeah, but he didn't win...

Cain: He didn't lose either. Inferno has yet to be officially pinned, and we saw earlier tonight what he was capable of.

Tex: It's hard to see how anyone can stop a man like this.

Inferno enters the ring, moving slowly, ignoring the negative reaction from the fans still. He stands motionless in the corner as his music fades out.

The arena is dark. Suddenly the guitar solo from "Land of Confusion" begins. There are spotlights moving around everywhere as the music plays.

On the Twistedtron, we see


(Short vid of Bam hitting the Deathshead on opponent)


(Short video of Bam hitting the Kamikaze on opponent)


(Short video of Bam hitting Love Sweet Love into a powerbomb on opponent)

Sammy: And his opponent...weighing in at 290 lbs...THE BIIIIG BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMLICIOUS!!!!!!!

After last vid, Bam comes onto ramp screaming "BAAAAAAAAAAABY!!!!", pounding his chest with both fists. All spotlights are on him, then shut off as the lights in the arena come up. Red pyro shoots off behind him as he walks down the ramp.

Cain: Bam made his triumphant return earlier tonight. The former ECF World Champion advanced to this final in controversial fashion, and he will meet his opponent from the semis in this match too.

Banter: I used to like Bam, but he seems so...nice...now.

Tex: There's nothing nice about Bamlicious, but he's getting a lot of respect from the TCW fans who remember his past contributions to this sport.

Banter: I liked him best as Lance's lackey.

Cain: You would.

As he marches to the ring he is talking massive crap out loud as if screaming to his opponent, or shouting what he's about to do to his opponent.

He climbs the stairs to the ring and hops both legs over the top rope to enter the ring.

He then jumps up on the nearest turnbuckle and begins pounding his chest again, yelling out toward the fans, pumping himself up. Inferno continues to watch silently.

Tex: These two men are the same weight, but Inferno has the height advantage.

Cain: That's right, and you can see the difference in Bam's physique - he has that stocky build, and a strong vertical base. He's all power.

<center><object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/xS0bJ1_7x00"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/xS0bJ1_7x00" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object></center>

Sammy: And, from St. Louis, Missouri...weighing in at 245 lbs...he is the FWRFED WORLD'S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...MAAAAAAAALAAAAAAKIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!

Malaki strides out from the entrance ramp, getting a good reaction from the fans. He walks down the ramp, unbuckling his belt as he goes, before diving into the ring under the ropes and climbing up the turnbuckle, lifting his title above his head.

Tex: Malaki made his TCW debut tonight in his semi-final match.

Banter: What is that belt he's got? It looks like one of those toy belts...

Tex: Don't be stupid; that's the FWRFed World Championship, a belt that he has held and defended for over a year now.

Banter: Yeah? Against who? Nobody I've heard of, I bet.

Cain: Acid Jackrabbit...

Banter: Oh. Okay.

The three participants in the match stand in the centre of the ring as the referee talks over the rules. The camera shows a shot of the two prizes at ringside - the Transcontinental Title on one pedestal and the Majestic Cup on another.

Tex: Those are the prizes at stake. The Majestic Cup - not only a prestigious award, but also the opportunity at any match the winner wants, up to and including a shot at the Unified World's Championship.

Cain: Is Darkness ready for any of these men to come for his belts?

The bell rings, and the three continue to stare each other down. They all seem unwilling to make the first move, and Bam and Malaki glance at each other carefully. It's all the distraction Inferno needs, and he charges his opponents, dropping them both with a double clothesline. Bam is right back to his feet, but Inferno spins around and floors him with a brutal throat thrust.

Banter: Ouch!

Cain: So far, Inferno has looked like a dominant force in his short career. He's got to be a favourite going into this match.

Tex: I don't think there can be any favourites in a match like this. Inferno is a truly impressive specimen, but Bam's record speaks for itself. And then we have Malaki, who is a reigning World Champion.

Banter: Shouldn't you put "World" in inverted commas?

Tex: No, I believe the name of his belt includes that word. It's a World Title.

Banter: Alright, so put the word "Championship" in inverted commas then. The point is that it's not a real belt.

Malaki rolls up to his feet too, but holds back as Inferno advances on Bam. Once the giant has his back turned, the FWRFed Champion strikes, aiming a low dropkick at Inferno's knee that staggers him.

Malaki rolls to his feet and then dives at Inferno with a forearm smash, but it succeeds only in sending the monster stumbling back a few steps. Bam is up again now, and crashes into Inferno, driving him back against the ropes with a shoulder block. Together, he and Malaki whip Inferno across the ring and hit a double clothesline that finally brings him down on the way back.

Tex: Are Malaki and Bamlicious on the same page in this match?

Cain: It looks like they may be combining their efforts to dispose of Inferno first. That's certainly a wise strategy.

Bam picks Inferno up as Malaki steps back and flips him over into a scoop slam. Malaki drops an elbow and Bam then goes for a leg drop. The former ECF Champion goes for a cover...


But Malaki hauls him off.

Banter: Ah, the best laid plans...

Tex: It's hard to rely on anyone else in a match where it's every man for himself.

Cain: Malaki obviously would prefer to win both falls in this match by the looks of things.

The two men meet each other's eyes, and Bam gives a small half-smile. Malaki starts to talk some smack, but Bam doesn't give him chance to finish, hurling himself through the air and into a spear that nearly breaks Malaki in half.

Bam pounds on Malaki as they land, laying in big right hands. The FWRFed Champion manages to push his way free and tries to roll over so he can pick himself up, but Bam hauls him to his feet from behind, snaps on a waistlock and slams him to the mat with a German suplex.

Bam goes for a cover on Malaki...

On...and Inferno slams his fists into Bam's back, breaking up the pin.

Banter: These guys are so dumb - don't they know it's elimination rules?

Cain: Yes but, as I said, they'd all prefer to win both falls, I'd imagine. Walking out of this match with both prizes would be huge for any of these men.

Bam punches Inferno in the gut as he is lifted up and then hooks him into a suplex, but Inferno fights his way out and grabs a front-facelock, driving Bam down into the mat with an implant DDT.

Tex: It looks like Inferno learned a thing or two from Darkness with that big DDT...

Bam cradles his head as he lands, and Inferno stomps him down. Malaki lays in a forearm to Inferno's back, but it only seems to anger the giant, and he rounds on Malaki, only to walk right into a drop-toehold. Inferno goes down hard and Malaki hops forward, grabbing a front-facelock and laying in a series of knee strikes to Inferno's head and shoulders.

Cain: Malaki has that great shoot-fighting, mixed-martial-arts background that we're seeing in action here. Whatever you might think of FWRFed, they have an accomplished champion in this man.

Banter: Big fish, small pond. I could be "World Champion" of that place if I went over there.

Tex: So why don't you?

Banter: I'd rather be an announcer in TCW than a champion in FWRFed, if you catch my drift.

Malaki lifts Inferno up and goes for an Irish whip. He charges as Inferno stops himself against the ropes, only to be thrown over the top rope, to land badly on the floor below.

Tex: Oh!

Cain: Malaki eats floor, and it looks like he landed pretty badly.

Banter: Hey, if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. This is just how we roll in TCW.

Inferno collects himself, but Bam is ready for him and floors him with a hiptoss. Inferno bounces up to his feet, and Bam comes at him with a knee to the gut and then a martial arts strike to the spine. Inferno is driven down to one knee, and Bam knees him in the face, sending him down to the mat.

Bam checks Malaki is still out and then lifts Inferno up. He slides him onto his back in the torture rack position and, as the crowd chants for him, spins Inferno through the air into a sidewalk slam.

Tex: The Punisher! What a move from The Big Bamlicious!

Cain: I think we may have a new TC Champion...

The ring shakes with the impact, and Bam hooks the leg. He grins at the fans and counts along with the referee...



Thr...no! Inferno kicks out!

Banter: Whoa!

Tex: My God, this is a repeat of what we saw last week when Inferno was hit with the Darkness DDT. How tough must this monster be to be able to kick out of a devastating move like that?

Bam looks stunned as Inferno rolls onto his stomach, but grits his teeth and reaches down, lifting Inferno into a full nelson. Inferno struggles in the hold and then heaves Bam up onto his back. The veteran looks shocked again as Inferno slams him down to the mat over his head. Inferno grabs Bam's hand and drops down into a triangle choke.

Cain: Bam has nowhere to go. Inferno has quite the arsenal.

Bam tries to fight his way out of the hold, struggling towards the ropes. Outside the ring, Malaki starts to pick himself up, grabbing the apron to support himself. Bam's fingertips brush the ropes, but Inferno shuffles him towards the middle of the ring.

Malaki clambers onto the apron, watching the action in the ring as Bam shakes his head, refusing to give up. He manages to get some purchase on the mat and tries to roll over to he can get the leverage to escape, but Inferno fights him back down. Bam tries again, and this time he succeeds, rolling Inferno down onto his shoulders and pounding at him with his free hand. He finally breaks the hold and rolls away, massaging his shoulder and neck.

Tex: Bam has some amazing tenacity. He fought his way out of that choke, but the damage has been done.

Banter: Inferno scares the crap out of me, but he's pretty damn good, I have to admit.

Malaki is standing on the apron now, but Inferno rolls up to his feet and drives his elbow into his jaw, sending him back down to the floor. Bam struggles up to his feet and Inferno advances, kicking him in the gut and then grabbing him around the throat before hitting a huge chokeslam.

Cain: It could be over for Bam!

Inferno holds on, hauling Bam up to his feet again and the hooks his arms in a butterfly hold before driving him head first down into the mat.

Tex: He calls that move "The Divine Comedy"!

Banter: Yeah, it <i>is</i> a pretty funny move...

Inferno hooks Bam's leg...



Thre...no! Out of nowhere, Malaki dives into the ring and breaks up the pin!

Cain: Malaki just saved Bam!

Banter: What a dumbass...

Tex: Malaki clearly wants both prizes in this match, but has he sacrificed his opportunity to cash in on Bam's defeat?

Inferno stands up, and Malaki knocks him to the mat with a clothesline. The FWRFed Champion helps Bam to his feet and exchanges a few words with him. He gestures at Inferno, and the two seem to be making some kind of plan. Malaki charges in, with Bam following, but hanging back slightly.

Cain: Malaki looks like he has a plan, but I don't think Bam is sold on the idea.

Banter: That's cos it's every man for himself. I can't believe Bam is the smart one in this match...

Inferno is up and catches Malaki around the throat, but Malaki kicks his way free. He turns to Bam, pointing at Inferno, but the masked monster attacks him from behind, dropping him with a forearm to the head. As Bam stands back near the corner, Inferno spins Malaki around, grabs his arms and hits a second Divine Comedy.

Tex: Malaki just got broken in half by that move!

Cain: Malaki just saved Bam from being pinned - will the veteran return the favour?

He pins while Bam watches...




Sammy Eubanks: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the first fall and the new TCW Transcontinental Champion...INFEEERNOOOO!!!

Banter: Hahaha!

Tex: Bam just let Inferno pick up the first fall. We have a new Transcontinental Champion, but Malaki doesn't look too happy...

Malaki clutches his head in pain as Inferno's arm is raised. He pulls himself up using the ropes and stares daggers at Bam. The big man can do nothing except shrug apologetically and Malaki returns the gesture. He holds out a hand to Bam and the former ECF Champion smiles and accepts the handshake, only to be pulled into a thunderous spinebuster by Malaki.

Cain: The Omega Drop! Malaki just sent a message to Bam!

Banter: Why is he mad? It's his own stupid fault for relying on his opponent to help him.

Malaki stands over Bam for a second, breathing heavily, before swinging himself over the ropes and grabbing his title belt. He stalks up the ramp without looking back.

Tex: Malaki is out of here. Let's hope this isn't the end of his affiliation with TCW - he may not have won tonight, but he proved that the stars of FWRFed can more than hang with their rivals over here.

Inferno takes his opportunity, covering Bam...



Thr...no, Bam has his foot on the ropes!

Inferno yanks Bam to his feet and whips him across the ring. He ducks down for a back body drop, but Bam telegraphs it and kicks Inferno in the chest. The giant staggers back and Bam kicks him in the gut before flipping him up into a massive powerbomb. He pins...


Two..no! Not enough!

Tex: Inferno is so resilient, but he's going to have to dig deep to survive what Bam is capable of dishing out.

Bam pummels at Inferno with rights and lefts before hopping up to his feet and playing to the crowd. They cheer as he pounds his chest and shouts out the words they've been waiting to hear.

"I got nothin' but LOVE for ya, baby!"

Cain: Here we go!

Banter: C'mon, Infrno!

Tex: The Love Sweet Love is on the way, and only time will tell just what form it will take tonight.

Inferno is standing, and Bam gets underneath him, lifting him across his shoulders. He takes a few steps, playing to the crowd once more, but his hesitation costs him as Inferno grabs him around the throat. Bam tries to get free, but Inferno falls to his feet, still with the grip on Bam's throat. He turns the veteran ‘round and lifts him for another chokeslam, but, in midair, Bam manages to lock his legs around Inferno's shoulder and spin him over.

Cain: What a counter!

As the two huge men land, Bam attempts to lock in a triangle choke, but Inferno twists out and pulls Bam's arm through his legs so he has him set up for a pumphandle slam. He lifts Bam up into a powerslam position, but Bam hooks his arm and manages to flip him over, sending him crashing to the mat with a modified hiptoss.

Tex: Bam is showing the skills that brought him to the dance and made him an ECF World Champion a few years ago.

Inferno bounces right up to his feet, showing amazing agility for a man of his size, but walks right into a small package from Bam...




Tex: He did it! Bam wins!

Sammy Eubanks: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the second fall and the new MAJESTIC CUP CHAMPION....THE BIIIIIIIIIIIIG BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMLIIIIIIIICIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIOUS!!!!!!!!!

Inferno is up and looks ready to flip, but Bam rolls out of the ring. He grins at Inferno as the Majestic Cup is handed to him. He makes his exit, walking around the ring as Inferno rages against the ropes. The Transcontinental Championship is handed to the masked man, but he looks more concerned with revenge against Bam.

Cain: So Inferno gets the TC title, but the big win goes to Bam, who is the winner of the 2007 Majestic Cup. The question now is what match he will pick.

Tex: I think Darkness may need to watch his back...

Bam reaches the stage and, as the crowd chant his name, he lifts the Majestic Cup over his head to a thunderous pop. In the ring, Inferno lifts the Transcontinental Title and levels a finger at Bam.

Cain: I don't think this is over between these two...

Banter: Inferno's the real winner here - Bam just got a fancy cup; Inferno actually won something.

Tex: Well, either way, both of these men will leave with something to show for their efforts, and what a night it's been.

Bam continues to celebrate on the stage as Inferno stands motionless, staring at his rival with no expression visible through his mask.

<center>The Majestic Cup 2007 Winner
Big Bamlicious


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