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Twisted Experience and TCW - View topic - EXTREME MEASURES in Beijing (July 08 2009)
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 EXTREME MEASURES in Beijing (July 08 2009) 
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Post EXTREME MEASURES in Beijing (July 08 2009)

Tex: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Extreme Measures! We're here in the TCW arena in Beijing for a night that promises to deliver like no other pay-per-view.

Cain: Tonight, careers and lives may be ruined. Bodies will emerge scarred beyond hope of repair and the TCW stars will put everything on the line for the ultimate prizes!

Banter: These guys have got to be nuts!

Tex: Indeed they do. It's Extreme Measures, the only night of the year in which every match carries a brutal stipulation – a Mandarin Death Match, a Three-way Ladder Match, a Bleeder Rules Match, a Pure Rules Matches and, of course, the rematch that has been three years in the making: Darkness versus Plausible Deniability in a Last Man Standing Match.

Cain: And this time it's for the Unified World's Championship.

Tex: And we're just about to kick off our first match here, but before that I'm told there's some kind of altercation going on backstage…

Banter: Isn't there always? Why do we let these guys share a locker room?

The camera cuts to the backstage area, where a door flies open and a small man with blonde hair and brown eyes staggers through.

Tex: That's Loop! An ECF veteran and one of TCW's newest signings!

There is a roar from behind the slight figure and he turns around to intercept the hulking frame of Drakus as it charges towards him.

Cain: And that's Drakus! We saw Mr. Deng rehiring him at Havoc!

Loop manages to sidestep Drakus and he goes flying into the wall. With another roar, Drakus extricates himself and heads after Loop again. Loop seems to consider standing his ground for a moment, but then decides discretion is the better part of valour and starts running. Drakus gives chase and Loop jumps on top of a wheeled trunk full of equipment.

Banter: What's he doing? Shouldn't these guys be in the ring?

Cain: Their match was scheduled to be next, but it looks like Drakus has decided to start things early.

Banter: How do you know it was Drakus that started this?

Cain: It's always Drakus that starts it, Banter…

Drakus heads for Loop's vantage point as the camera man jogs behind him to keep up. He just turns the corner in time to see Loop throwing himself at Drakus and being caught in midair. Drakus spins on his heel and throws Loop against the wall, sending plaster showering down.

"That's what you get! That's what you get!" Drakus bellows.

Tex: Wow.

Drakus turns to walk away, but Loop is stirring. Drakus, noticing that the camera is still focusing on his adversary, turns but Loop makes a lunge for the trunk and pushes it towards Drakus. The heavy box crushes him against the wall, pinning him in place, and Loop hares off up the corridor.

Cain: Loop seems to have contained Drakus for now, and it looks like we're going to go straight to our next match…

Sammy Eubanks: The following contest is a ladder match and it is for the TCW AFTERSHOCK CHAMPIONSHIP!

Tex: And what an exciting match this is sure to be!

Cain: Indeed. A rivalry has developed between JE and Izumi over in FWRFed over her Revolution Championship. She won that belt in a ladder match, so it's fitting that when their feud is brought over to TCW, that's how she'll defend her other belt.

Banter: But now there's another guy involved!

The music begins, and Kinsen walks to the top of the ramp. Two pillars of fire flanking him shoot into the air, and Kinsen walks down the ramp. He flips over the top rope, and bows to the crowd.

Sammy: In the ring…from St. Paul, Minnesota, but now residing in Osaka, Japan…weighing in at 195 lbs…KIIIINSEEEEEEEEN!!!!!

Tex: Kinsen has yet to make an impact in TCW, but this would be the match in which to do it.

Cain: I think he has a lot of potential.

JE walks out, getting quite a good reaction from the TCW fans. His pyro goes off and he walks down to the ring, pumping his arms.

Sammy: And his opponents…first, from Mallorca, Spain, but now residing in New York City, New York…weighing in at 235 lbs…please welcome back to TCW…JAAAAAAAY EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tex: JE makes his big return to TCW! He is a former Aftershock Champion and one of the last men to hold the Tag Team titles!

Banter: And now he's back. Great.

Cain: It's great to see JE here, and it's great to see him gunning for his old belt.

The arena goes dark as the opening parts of Miseria Cantare play. A single spotlight shines onto the entry way, fading on and off. The music kicks into it's main drum beat just before the lyrics begin. Izumi appears on the stage to a crowd pop in the slowly strobing spotlight as a brief pyro explodes, showering her visage in sparks.

Sammy: And from Tokyo, Japan…weighing in at 144 lbs…she is the FWRFED REVOLUTION AND TCW AFTERSHOCK CHAMPION…IZUUUUUUUUUUMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cain: Izumi only has her FWRFed belt with her of course – the other one is hanging fifteen feet above the centre of the ring.

Banter: And there's only one way to get it!

Cain: That's right.

She walks slowly to the ring, the spotlight following her, still casting it's powerful strobing glow upon her. She stops at the ring apron, and as the music reaches it's peak, she leaps into the ring, the lights coming on full at last. She circles the ring and shouts stuff to the crowd, pumping them and herself up, before finally climbing into the ring.

A small "JE! JE!" chant breaks out and as JE climbs the turnbuckle to respond to it, Izumi jumps him from behind, laying in forearms to the back and dragging him down into the ring. Kinsen dives into the fray but gets a back elbow to the face that sends him staggering away. Izumi pulls JE up to his feet, only for him to counter with a jawbreaker. She bounces away and he goes after Kinsen instead. JE pounds on him with right hands against the ropes and then whips him across the ring. Kinsen comes back with a leg lariat, but then walks right into a dropsault from Izumi.

Tex: The action is thick and fast so far. Who's your money on in this contest, Isaiah?

Cain: Well, the Champion traditionally has no advantage in a ladder match, but I think I'd have to go with Izumi, Tex. Not only has she proved her abilities in this match type in FWRFed recently, but she has a serious advantage in terms of speed and agility, and that's a big deal in a ladder match.

Banter: But what about Kinsen?

Cain: We haven't really seen what he can do yet but, if his reputation is to be believed, he may be able to give Izumi a run for her money.

Izumi lifts JE up again and then arm drags him down to the mat. She switches to a hammerlock, but JE reverses into one of his own and then pulls her down to the canvas. Kinsen comes in looking for an elbow drop, but JE releases the hold and rolls clear so that Izumi takes the hit. Kinsen is up quickly, and JE runs him out of the ring. He goes back to Izumi and tries for a vertical suplex, but she lands on her feet behind him and elbows him in the back of the head. She runs the ropes and takes his leg out from under him with a low dropkick.

Tex: This is fast becoming a bitter rivalry between JE and Izumi, I believe.

Cain: It is, and they're scheduled to face each other again at FWRFed BloodBath, this time for the Revolution Championship. Izumi's sometime ally Odin King will also be participating in that match.

Banter: So it's a triple-threat?

Cain: Yes, so I understand.

Izumi dives out of the ring and goes looking for a ladder. Kinsen is up on his feet and attacks her from behind. Dropping her with a series of chops, he gets to the ladder first and picks it up, preparing to slide it into the ring. JE is up though and hits a baseball slide, knocking the ladder right into Kinsen's face. He swings himself out of the ring, going to pick up the ladder, but Izumi jumps onto the apron and then dives off, hitting him with a flying clothesline to the back of the head.

Tex: Izumi with that aerial offence we've seen so many times! She's becoming quite the competitor here in TCW.

Cain: She certainly is. She's gone toe-to-toe with some of the greatest of all time.

Banter: Yeah, and she's lost.

Cain: It's not all about winning, Banter.

Banter: I'm pretty sure it is.

Izumi has the ladder and she slides it into the ring. She follows in and starts trying to set it up. Kinsen grabs JE's leg on the outside and he kicks him away, catching him in the jaw with the back of his heel and then dives in under the ropes. He grabs Izumi from behind, only for her to flip him over with a snapmare right onto the ladder! He rolls away holding his back and Izumi picks up the ladder. As he stands, she drives the end into his gut and then brings it up quickly so it slams into his jaw.

Cain: Oh! Hard shot!

Tex: All legal in this match. Using the ladder as a weapon is what makes these matches so dangerous.

Banter: Hey, they don't call this show 'Extreme Measures' for nothing!

JE falls back against the ropes as Izumi positions the ladder upright and pulls it apart, setting it up right below the Aftershock Title. Satisfied that it's stable, she starts to climb. Kinsen is in the ring though! He grabs the bottom of the ladder and starts to push it over. Izumi is only a couple of rungs up and steps off easily. The ladder tips over and falls against the ropes. Kinsen comes at Izumi with right hands and whips her across the ring. He goes for a hip toss on the way back but Izumi lands on her feet and goes for an enziguri. Kinsen ducks and grabs her leg, then flips her over onto her stomach and steps over into a half crab.

Banter: A submission? In a ladder match?

Cain: Wearing your opponent down is always a smart strategy in this kind of environment.

Kinsen is pulling back on the hold as JE comes to his senses and charges him with a clothesline. He breaks up the hold and hauls Kinsen up onto his shoulders. Kinsen wriggles free and is close enough to the ropes to slide off onto the apron. JE turns around as Kinsen jumps up to the top rope and springboards off, catching him in a crossbody. Both men go down, but Kinsen rolls free and spins up to his feet, only for Izumi to catch him right in the jaw with a martial arts kick. He drops down to the mat, holding his face.

Tex: Izumi putting her martial arts training to good use there.

Cain: You'd thing Kinsen would have seen that coming. Did you know he trained under the Ultimo Dragon who was, of course, himself trained by Bruce Lee?

Banter: Is that really true?

Cain: I have no reason to assume otherwise.

Izumi gathers herself and goes for the ladder again. She tries to pull it off the ropes, but it's in an awkward position and she's too small to shift it. She ducks between the ropes to stand on the apron and pulls it that way, so it's lying more upright against the top rope. She continues to manoeuvre it, pulling it further out of the ring.

Banter: What's she trying to do?

Tex: I'm not sure, but I don't think it's going to work.

Kinsen is up on his feet and sees Izumi wrestling with the ladder. He takes a run up and hops onto the end of the ladder, dashing up the rungs towards her. Izumi sees him coming and yelps in surprise. In desperation, she grabs the end of the ladder and jumps down, see-sawing it up into the air and sending Kinsen head over heels, spinning towards the crowd. He lands stomach-first on the barrier with an audible 'oof' and the crowd makes concerned noises for him. He unfolds himself from his painful position and drops to the floor, clutching at his stomach.

Tex: Oh my! He landed badly there!

Cain: And Kinsen may be out of the running for this match already after that.

The ladder Izumi used is outside the ring now, and JE is looking for another one on the other side. He finds it and slides it into the ring. Izumi climbs back in at the same time JE does and the two charge each other. They exchange right hands, with JE getting the better of it. He whips Izumi into the corner and then goes back to his ladder, quickly setting it up. He starts to climb, but Izumi pulls herself together and begins to ascend the other side.

Tex: And it's a race to the top!

Banter: An incredibly slow, boring race, yeah.

The two competitors reach the top simultaneously and begin exchanging right hands again. JE once against takes advantage, hammering Izumi down with powerful blows. He goes to grab her but she gets a grip on his head and turns around, looking for an ace crusher. JE pushes her away in midair, sending her crashing down to the mat, but in doing so he lunges forward and slams his gut into the top of the ladder.

Cain: JE countered, but I don't think he got out of it unscathed!

Clearly winded, JE can't keep himself on top of the ladder and tumbles down to the mat, landing hard. All three participants in the match are down now, but Izumi is the first to move. She paws groggily at the bottom rungs of the ladder, but JE throws his body into it, knocking it clear. It falls awkwardly into the ropes and clatters shut before dropping to the mat. JE lifts Izumi into a waistlock from behind, but she counters into a wheelbarrow bulldog and shakes some sense back into her head as she stands up.

Izumi grabs the ladder and sets it up in the corner. Kinsen is crawling into the ring now and she goes after him, but he's able to trip her. He stands up, still holding his midsection, and pulls her to her feet with a handful of hair. Quickly, he whips her into the corner with the ladder, but Izumi is able to turn it into a running charge. She steps up the rungs and then twists around when she runs out of them, flying at Kinsen with a cross body!

Cain: Amazing agility!

Tex: What a move from Izumi, who is proving how capable she is so far in this match!

JE sees both his opponents down and clambers to his feet. He grabs the ladder and turns around. Izumi and Kinsen are both standing up and he charges them, taking them out with a double clothesline using the ladder. He rights the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring, then starts to scale it.

Kinsen and Izumi both start to move again. Izumi is up first and throws herself at the side of the ladder opposite JE. She too starts to climb, and her quickness means she soon catches up her rival. Kinsen sees JE hammering Izumi down on the top of the ladder as they resume their exchange and chooses to climb up on Izumi's side. At the top, JE rakes Izumi's eyes and then hooks her into a front facelock. He lifts her up into a vertical suplex, but seems to have been expecting a heavier opponent and throws her too far – he loses his balance and Izumi pinwheels through the air, sailing over the ropes and crashing to the floor!

Cain: Good God! Izumi just landed right in front of us! We need some medical help out here!

Banter: Is she dead?

Tex: My God, what a move to go awry! If Izumi had a chance of winning this match, it may be gone now.

JE falls backwards too, landing at the foot of the ladder. Kinsen, now left alone on the ladder, starts to climb up. He reaches the top and then looks down at JE lying. The crowd come alive as he straightens.

Banter: Grab the belt, you idiot!

Cain: I think he has other plans, Banter. Can we please get some EMTs out here for Izumi?

As flashbulbs pop, Kinsen throws himself off the ladder with the shooting star press, but JE rolls clear at the last possible second and Kinsen crashes face-first into the canvas! He bounces away and rolls right out of the ring, curling into a foetal ball.

Tex: Nobody home! Kinsen just risked everything, and when you gamble, sometimes you lose!

JE is slowly up to his feet. He flops against the ladder and nearly knocks it over, but rights it and starts to climb up very slowly. At the same time, Izumi is stirring on the outside. She claws at the apron and drags herself up onto it. JE is nearly halfway up the ladder now, and Izumi sees the danger. She pulls herself up using the ropes and then, with a tremendous show of will, propels herself up to the top rope and springboards off, diving at the ladder with catlike agility. The ladder nearly overbalances, but she holds on and keeps her grip on the side opposite JE.

Cain: Incredible! Just a few minutes ago, I felt sure Izumi was out of this match, but now she's back in and proving she may still have what it takes!

Tex: What an impressive young woman she is, but this match isn't over yet.

JE is almost at the top of the ladder now and Izumi is climbing as fast as she can on the other side. He plants his hands on the top and starts to haul himself that last few feet, but Izumi is there too. Instead of battling for dominance at the top, she instead pushes herself up and over, catching JE in a sunset powerbomb on the way down! He is sent crashing all the way down to the mat, Izumi landing almost on top of him!

Banter: Ohhh!

Cain: What a move! JE was just powerbombed from fifteen feet in the air!

Izumi reels back against the ladder, almost knocking it over, but steadies it and turns around. She climbs up, slowly, painfully. JE is still looking dazed on the mat, but he comes to his senses to see Izumi halfway up. He makes a desperate lunge at the bottom rung and begins to climb too.

Tex: How is JE still continuing to fight?

Cain: He has a will of iron, Tex.

Banter: And a brain to match. I know that's not really a phrase – the point is he's dumb, okay?

Izumi is very nearly at the top of the ladder now and she pushes herself on to the final rung. She reaches up, but JE has her leg. She tries to kick him off, but he uses her foot as a fulcrum to drag himself further up. He puts her in a waistlock, but Izumi spins around and grabs him by the head. She drops down, DDTing him into the top of the ladder! JE bounces off and down to the canvas, but Izumi manages to stay on top of the ladder and rights herself before stretching up and unfastening the Aftershock Championship!

Tex: She did it! Izumi retains!

Cain: What a brutal DDT onto the top of the ladder. I've never seen anything like that before!

Izumi climbs down the ladder slowly, Aftershock Belt in hand, and is handed her Revolution title too. Triumphantly she lifts both belts in the air.

Cain: Izumi has defeated JE and Kinsen here, but this is not the last time she will cross paths with the former. Thankfully, whatever happens, the Aftershock Title is safely around her waist.

Down, boy.

Wed Jul 08, 2009 5:42 pm
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Post Re: EXTREME MEASURES in Beijing (July 08 2009)
Tex: What a match that was, but my earpiece is buzzing now and it seems that something is going on backstage…

Banter: Again?

The camera cuts to a view of Drakus storming down a corridor, looking this way and that. He upends equipment, tossing things aside to look behind and under them. "Where are you, you little shit?"

Cain: Looks like Drakus managed to free himself, and now he's on the hunt for Loop.

He walks around a corner and then there's the sound of steel meeting flesh and Drakus staggers back into view. The cameraman dashes into position to see Loop standing there, steel chair in hand.

"Thanks, buddy," he tells the cameraman breathlessly, "saw him coming on the monitor - dunno why people don't use you guys more."

Banter: He makes a good point!

There is another bestial roar though as Drakus rushes past the camera and makes a grab for Loop. The smaller man ducks out of the way and makes a wild swing with his chair, but Drakus just punches it into his head with one massive fist. Loop stumbles back with a yelp, falling over his own feet. He rolls backwards, trying to get up to his feet again, but Drakus is on him too quickly.

Tex: I don't see this ending well for this young man.

Cain: I'd say someone should call security, but these two were scheduled to meet in a Mandarin Death Match that probably wouldn't have been any prettier.

Tex: Right – Loop could actually be getting off lightly here.

Drakus hauls Loop up and sends him sailing through the air with a sloppy throw. Loop lands on his side and bounces away up the corridor.

"There! You little punk! I'm Drakus! You know what that means?!"

Drakus turns and grins for the camera. "I hope you're all watching because…"

"Uh…he's getting up, man…"

Drakus whirls around to see Loop staggering up to his feet, holding his head. The big man shakes his head and starts following again. When Loop sees him coming, he sprints away down the corridor as fast as he can with a noticeable limp.

Cain: The chase is back on!

Sammy: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the TCW Bleeder Championship! This match will be contested under Bleeder Rulers, where the only way to win is to pin or submit your opponent after causing them to bleed. Introducing first...

The arena lights turn black and then blue lights start to flash, the beginning chords of Jay-Z's Blueprint 2 begins to play.

Jay-Z this, Jay-Z that (Jay-Z won't hold my hand no more)
Jay-Z this, Jay-Z that
Jay-Z that, Jay-Z this (Jay-Z won't give me no money)
Get off Jay-Z dick
What y'all niggas get front page articles, y'all mention Jay-Z name
(This thing on?) Jay-Z, Jay-Z, in Jay-Z news
I understand what y'all trying to do
I brought the flutes this time, though

As the beat kicks on the last sentence, DeSean walks through the curtains. Instead of his head being down, he stares straight ahead with his hoodie still on. The camera zooms in, getting a close up view of his determined face.

H, O V A
The Blueprint 2 baby, on the way
H, O V A
I got my mojo back baby, oh behave

He slowly walks down the ramp to the majority of the fans cheering him on.

Can't y'all, see that he's fake, the rap version of TD jakes
Prophesizing on your CDs and tapes
Won't break you a crumb of the little bit that he makes
And this is with whom you want to place your faith?

He stands on the apron and makes the X signal with his arms, he looks into the camera and yells before entering the ring.

These dudes is all politics, depositing checks
they put in they pocket, all you get in return is a lot of lip
And y'all buy the shit, caught up in the hype
Cause the nigga wear a coofie, it don't mean that he bright
Cause you don't understand him, it don't mean that he nice
It just means you don't understand all the bullshit that he write

He walks to the corner turnbuckle and outstretches the arms, he then turns, springs off the ring post and rolls into the center of the ring before posing one more time on knee.

Sammy: From Greensboro, North Carolina...weighing in at 224 lbs...DESEEEEEEEEEEEEAN 'THETEEEECHNIIIIICIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN' BLAAAAAAAAACKWEEEEEEEEEEEELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tex: No doubt a lot of tension is about to be released tonight...DeSean has been gunning for Freya and the New Hellfire Club for some time now and he could score a major coup by winning Freya's Bleeder Title.

Cain: The last time I've seen DeSean this focused was his world title match against Darkness. Though a losing effort, he hasn't been slowed down one bit, and he could pull an upset and finally dethrone Freya.

An explosion sounds above the entrance ramp, sending golden pyro raining down. Freya walks down the ramp, signalling to her fans with points and grins.

Sammy: On her way to the ring...from Oxford, United Kingdom...weighing in at 143 lbs...she is the TCW BLEEDER CHAMPION...FREEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Freya hops up into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle and raises an arm, smiling at her many fans.

Tex: This woman has become synonymous with the Bleeder title. Challenger after challenger has failed to defeat one of the most unstoppable athletes among men and women.

Cain: Her belt is in even greater jeapordy this time due to the mere nature of the match...it'll be a taxing match for both wrestlers.

Banter: DeSean's beaten her before, and I'm sure he'll take her down a peg tonight!

Tex: ...Whatever your opinion of either wrestler, they're going to give it their all tonight.

Both of them circled each other cautiously in the ring, sizing the other up as the bell rings. They stare at the other, neither making a move. The crowd begins to come alive as the anticipation builds...

Then, suddenly, DeSean moves in, Freya moves in, and a slugfest erupts! Both of them trade furious punches with each other, neither even attempting to block the other, punching furiously.

Tex: This will be a different sort of match than we're used to seeing from these two. This is a no disqualifcation environment, and somebody is garunteed to bleed by the time this is over.

Cain: They'll be more focused on busting the other open first, and whoever does that will have a massive advantage.

Finally, DeSean catches Freya hard enough to send her stumbling against the ropes, and on a rebound he performs a vicious clothesline, causing her to fall to the mat. He jumps on her like a man possessed and attempts to keep raining down the punches, but she rolls him over and returns the favor. This continues on until DeSean suddenly gives her a thumb to the eye, forcing her out of position. DeSean takes advantage by standing up and grabbing her by the waist, before bringing her overhead with a german suplex. He attempts to bridge, but releases quickly as the ref audibly reminds him of the stipulation.

Cain: You won't see any early pinfalls here. No pinfalls are legal until that person is bleeding...

DeSean picks her up by the head, before smashing it into the turnbuckle corner, causing her to reel. He runs into the ropes and prepares for a clothesline...

Freya counters with a dropkick that sends him crashing to the mat. She rises first and dropkicks him again as he sits up, then rebounds off the ropes before giving him a jumping legdrop across his throat.

Then, she picks him up once again, and Irish Whips him into the corner. She charges him, but before she can get a move in, he blocks her with a kick, sending her stumbling. In the midst of it, DeSean rips the padding straight off the turnbuckle.

Tex: He's exposed that steel...and it's all legal!

He grabs a fistful of her hair before attempting to drive the flesh of her forehead straight into that steel...

Freya grabs the ropes in time to block it, and elbows DeSean away from her, before jumping atop the ropes and coming off with a beautiful moonsault, before catching him in midair and DDTing him to the ground!

Tex: That's the Full Moon DDT!

She begins to move to cover him, but a slight look of realization crosses her face.

Cain: Perhaps premature...even if this could keep him down for the three, he still needs to be bleeding!

She stops and looks around, and eyes the turnbuckle DeSean himself exposed. Picking up DeSean by the head, she intends to use what DeSean put into play...

DeSean suddenly trips her legs, and, through a struggle, grabs them tightly and slowly turns her over into a texas cloverleaf!

Tex: That's the Leg Stretcher!

Cain: But why is he using a submission now? He can't get the win without Freya bleeding!

Freya's face is twisted into an expression of pain as she yells and reaches for, and easily grabs hold of the ropes, but DeSean just grins and torques back tighter on the hold, wrenching at Freya's legs.

Banter: That's right, give her what she deserves!

Tex: He's just trying to cripple her! He doesn't give a damn right now about the win!

Cain: And Freya can't use the ropes to break...DeSean can inflict as much punishment as he wants!

DeSean keeps on clenching down on the hold, Freya's legs under incredible pressure as she yells in agony and tries to struggle out of the hold. He continues like this, yelling back at her "I'm gonna snap them," while still wrenching back.

Tex: That referee should really step in here, Freya is defenseless!

Banter: No way! That would be such a cop-out.

After a full minute of torture, DeSean finally lets go of the hold voluntarily, before rolling under the ropes and grabbing his signature Singapore Cane. Without missing a beat, he whacks Freya once on the ground with the cane with a horrible THWACK. He stands there and waits with a predatory look in his eyes, and taps the cane on the ground patiently. Slowly, Freya uses the ropes to help her stand up, barely able to stand on her legs...


Freya takes the cane directly on her head and falls over, a visible red fluid appearing...

Tex: And with that shot, Freya is now vurnerable to lose this match! We could have a new champion right here!

The referee checks Freya and nods to DeSean as he goes for the cover...




NO! Freya just rolls the shoulder up!

Tex: My God, how close was that? Freya was a split second away from losing, but she had enough left in the tank to avoid a three count.

Banter: Just give up already!

DeSean shrugs and grabs Freya's legs, seemingly intent on putting her in the submission again.

Cain: If he gets her in the Leg Stretcher again, this one is as good as over!

He tries to turn her over, but can't seem to manage, and Freya ends up kicking hard enough to break his grasp and send him to the mat. Freya again struggles up the ropes slowly, but DeSean is getting up faster. Defensively, Freya elbows DeSean to stop an attack before turning around and beginning to punch him, slowly, barely able to stand.

Tex: Freya's fighting back here, she's got to pull out every ounce of strength. I don't know if she can take any more big moves from the Technician.

She continues to punch him, before planting a foot on his chest and jumping up with an enzuigiri, knocking him over. Standing beside his downed body, she does a standing moonsault, crashing onto him, but still can't go for the pin. They both slowly stand, and begin to slowly trade blows.

"BOO!" the crowd yells as DeSean throws a punch.

"YEAH!" the crowd yells as Freya lands a punch.



Then Freya blocks a punch and gets the upper hand, driving him backwards. She sees her chance, and grabs him by the head before smashing it into the turnbuckle he exposed! As he stumbled back, dazed, Freya plants her knees into his back with the Lung Blower!

Tex: The Lung Blower! That could put the exclamation point on this match...

Freya looks over to the referee for confirmation...and he nods, as DeSean has a seeping cut on his forehead. Freya slowly crawls over to him on the mat, before draping a hand over him.





Banter: Yes!

Cain: How did he manage that?

Tex: How much can DeSean have left in the tank after that, though?

Freya looks shocked for a moment, before regaining her composure. As she pulls him up, she repeats the same motion, driving her knees into his back painfully for a second time.

Tex: A second Lung Blower! And will this be enough?




The bell rings to signal the end of the match, Blood Red Summer playing as Freya is awarded her belt, slowly staggering to a turnbuckle and raising it in victory.

Tex: And that's another hard fought victory for Freya! I thought this might have been the one to end her reign, but she manages to pull off another win. What a roll this young lady is on!

Banter: Jeeze, can't anyone beat her?

Cain: DeSean fought well, even managing to kick out of one of Freya's Lung Blowers, but it was not to be for him tonight. I don't think anyone could have continued after that first one, and the second one finished him. Like him or hate him, he's one of the most determined competitors in this ring and he put on a hell of a showing.

Down, boy.

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Post Re: EXTREME MEASURES in Beijing (July 08 2009)
We go backstage straight away where Drakus is still hunting. He has a steel chair in hand now and periodically bangs it against walls.

"Come out, come out wherever you are!"

Tex: I guess he's still…

Loop leaps out from a side entrance with a fire extinguisher in hand. He opens it, spraying Drakus in the face with a burst of foam. Drakus covers his eyes and staggers backwards, trying to wipe his face clear. Loop hefts the extinguisher and slams the end into Drakus's head, knocking him down to the ground. He lays in a few more shots before throwing his improvised weapon away and running off a third time.

Cain: It looks like Loop got the better of Drakus in the end!

Banter: I wouldn't be so sure about that…

Drakus is starting to pick himself up and, clearing his face with a wipe of his forearm, heads off in the direction that Loop just went.

Red lights illuminate the pale form of Dante, kneeling on the stage. As his music picks up, flames erupt around him, framing him in infernal fury.

Sammy Eubanks: The following contest is a Pure Rules Match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first...from the City of Dis, in the Sixth Circle of Hell...weighing in at 242 lbs...this...is JAAAAAAAAAAAAASOOOOOOOOOOOOON DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tex: Jason Dante and Matt Strikmore met at Enter the Dragon in an inconclusive match and, tonight, let's hope they settle this score once and for all.

Cain: This match-type will favour Strikmore, but Dante may have a few surprises up his sleeve.

Dante stalks down the ramp, ignoring the mixed reactions of the fans that follow him and rolls into the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle and lifts his arms to more boos and a smattering of cheers.

Banter: When did people start hating Dante?

Tex: Recently, Dante has done very little to endear himself to the fans. I have a funny feeling that will continue tonight.

The arena lights dim as the screen is covered in silent static. The opening riffs of "We Are Godzilla, You Are Japan" begin as the static starts to dance in tune. As the lyrics begin, the entrance ramp is showered in green light as Matt Strikmore steps out, pausing to look over the crowd.

Sammy: And his opponent..from Wildwood, New Jersey...weighing in at 220 lbs...he is the TCW TRANSCONTINENTAL CHAMPION... MAAAAAAATT STRIIIIIIIIKMOOOOOOOOOOOOREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strikmore looks very serious as he walks down to the ring, forging his usual playing to the fans.

Cain: Strikmore appears to be all business tonight.

Tex: Can you blame him? This is perhaps one of the biggest challenges he has ever faced.

Strikmore climbs into the ring and unbuckles his belt. He hands it to the referee without taking his eyes off Dante.

Cain: No titles on the line. This match is all about pride.

Dante and Strikmore watch each other warily from across the ring then, as the bell rings, begin to circle. They tease a few times before finally locking up, then struggle back and forth for a few seconds, before Strikmore takes advantage with a headlock. He wrenches on the hold, then Dante shoves him away into the ropes. Strikmore drops Dante with a shoulder block on the way back, then runs the ropes. Dante jumps up and leapfrogs him, then brings him down with an arm drag on the way back. He holds on with the armbar, but Strikmore gets up to his feet and then sweeps Dante's legs out from under him with his arm. He drops an elbow and goes for a quick cover...

One...and Dante kicks right out!

Tex: Strikmore trying to end this one quickly.

Cain: Which is wise. Even though the rules of this match arguably favour the Transcontinental Champion, he can't afford to let this drag on too long.

Tex: Dante's stamina is the stuff of legend. We well remember his wars with Darkness and The Hammer.

Strikmore sits Dante up and puts him in a chinlock. He squeezes, trying to cut off the blood flow to his brain, but Dante rakes Strikmore's eyes and jumps to his feet. He hits a dropkick, and Strikmore goes sprawling back into the ropes. Dante goes after him and whips him across the ring and then floors him with a hooked clothesline on the way back. He goes for a cover...


Dante rolls Strikmore up to his feet and knocks him back against the ropes with a European uppercut. He hooks him into a suplex, but Strikmore rolls free in midair and lands on his feet behind his opponent. He grabs a waistlock, then Dante elbows free and spins around into a waistlock of his own. He tries to lift Strikmore up into a back suplex, but Strikmore grabs him around the head and drops him down into a bulldog.

Tex: Great counter from Strikmore!

Banter: He's gonna need all that countering skill once his rope breaks run out.

Cain: If his rope breaks run out. I think Strikmore has no intention of letting Dante take advantage here.

Dante holds his face as Strikmore takes a few seconds to recover. Strikmore wastes no time going for a few stomps, then drops down into a front chicanery. Dante tries to pull his way free, but Strikmore has him locked down tight. In desperation, Dante starts to shuffle backwards and hooks his foot on one of the ropes. The referee calls for the break.

Cain: And that's the first rope break!

Banter: He has two more, right?

Tex: Yes, he does. Dante had no choice there but to go for the ropes and find a way out. That's the kind of thing that makes these Pure Rules matches so interesting.

Banter: 'Matches'? Isn't this our first one?

Strikmore releases straight away and stands up, a small look of triumph on his face. Dante gets to his feet slowly and sneers at the other man. They begin to circle again and then they tie up a second time. This time Dante takes control, going behind with a hammerlock. He brings Strikmore down to the mat, but the Transcontinental Champion is able to reverse his way out and looks for another chicanery. This time, Dante fights free with a right hand, drawing a warning from the referee. Strikmore rolls free and up to his feet. He sticks out his chin, daring Dante to hit him again.

Cain: And now Strikmore has goaded Dante into using the closed fist! If he hits him again, he'll lose another rope break!

Banter: That temper of Dante's really isn't a good idea in this match, is it?

Dante declines to rise to the bait. Instead he charges Strikmore, kneeing him in the gut. He hooks Strikmore's arms and brings him over with a butterfly suplex, then floats over into a lateral press...


Tw...shoulder up!

Dante mounts Strikmore and instinctively balls his fist, but then realises his mistake and drives the point of his elbow into Strikmore's face instead. He continues to assault the TC-Champion with the strikes before twisting around and covering him again...



Dante hops up to his feet and waits for Strikmore to stand. As he does so, he charges and knees him in the side of the head. Strikmore goes down and rolls away. He takes a powder and drops out to the outside. Dante takes a step back as the referee starts to count but, realising he has until twenty to recover, dives out after Strikmore instead. He pulls him up to his feet, but Strikmore staggers him with a forearm to the gut and then, as Dante takes a step back, lays in a vicious knife-edge chop. The crowd "whoooo!"s, and Dante responds in kind. They go back and forth a few times before Strikmore grabs the back of Dante's head and slams his head into the apron.

Tex: It may be Pure Rules, but there's no reason this match can't descend into brawling.

Cain: Which would strongly favour Dante...

Strikmore rolls Dante into the ring and dives in after to make the cover...



And Dante instinctively grabs the rope to break up the cover!

Tex: Ordinarily, I would congratulate Dante on his ring presence, but it just cost him another rope break!

Cain: And now Dante is in a very dangerous situation!

Strikmore is grinning now. He climbs to his feet and backs off, holding up two fingers to his opponent. Dante glowers at him, his eyes glowing a dark crimson, and picks himself up. Strikmore approaches, but Dante attacks with a furious kick to the gut and then elbows him in the face. He fights him back to the ropes and then slaps him across the face. Strikmore stares at him furiously, and Dante slaps him again. Strikmore keeps staring, not flinching even a fraction when Dante slaps him a third time.

Dante laughs, then goes for a clothesline, but Strikmore ducks and sends him over the ropes. Dante lands on the apron and as Strikmore turns, he springboards off the top rope, only for Strikmore to catch him across his shoulders. He drops him down into a gutbuster, then covers...




Cain: Close one!

Banter: Don't reach for those ropes, Dante!

Strikmore turns Dante over and wraps an arm around his throat. He pulls his head back and locks in a sleeper. Dante tries to fight free, but Strikmore has a firm hold. Finally, Dante resorts to clawing at Strikmore's eyes, but the TC Champion won't let go. With no other options, Dante finally just punches Strikmore right in the face, freeing himself.

Tex: Oh no!

Cain: That's the second time Dante has used a closed fist! That's going to cost him his third and final rope break!

Banter: Whoops...

The referee holds up three fingers, indicating that Dante has lost his last ropebreak. Dante narrows his eyes, but doesn't have much time to consider his strategy as Strikmore comes at him with stomps. He picks him up and whips him into the corner, then follows in with a kneelift. He puts Dante in a front facelock and, even though Dante is in the corner, the referee makes no attempt to break it up.

Cain: And look at this now – Dante is right in the corner, but Strikmore can do what he wants to him.

Strikmore grounds Dante and hooks the arm too. He cinches the hold in tight, and Dante flails uselessly at the ropes with his legs, to no avail. Strikmore smiles triumphantly, but now Dante hooks his feet around the middle rope. Using the rope for leverage, he twists his whole body around, flipping Strikmore onto his back. Dante turns over, twisting out of the facelock and then grabs a half-nelson and and a choke hold before falling back onto the mat and adding a body scissor.

Tex: The Gilded Cage! The Gilded Cage! My God!

Cain: Strikmore may be in trouble! This is the move that Dante used to crush Infinity! Only one man has ever survived it, and we all know who that is!

Dante roars in fury as he pulls back on the hold. Strikmore grits his teeth and tries to find a way to reverse it, but there's nothing he can do in the Gilded Cage. He attempts to find a hold on Dante's body, then claws at his face, but Dante refuses to release. Now out of options, Strikmore reaches out for the rope which is just a few inches from his hand and forces the break. Dante releases him at the count of four.

Tex: Strikmore has been forced to use his first rope break – what choice did he have against the Gilded Cage?

Banter: Nada.

Now it's Dante's turn to laugh as he holds up a single finger. Strikmore massages his neck and elbow and gets up gingerly. Dante runs at him, looking for a yakuza kick, but Strikmore dodges and, as Dante spins around, hits him with a chop to the chest. He knocks him back into the corner and goes up for a a ten punch but, realising his mistake, instead settles for elbows to the skull. Dante grabs his arm as he comes down for the third strike and then pushes him away and down to the mat. He rakes his eyes, then brings Strikmore down with a snapmare. He goes for a half nelson again, but this time Strikmore drops his shoulder and flips Dante over onto his back. He rolls on top of him and hooks his leg...



Thr...and Dante just kicks out in time!

Tex: Strikmore is having to pull out all the stops now. He has to find reversals instead of trying to reach the ropes or resorting to a closed fist. He doesn't want to lose his remaining two rope breaks.

Cain: We are beginning to see the way these Pure Rules come into play. Each wrestler must survive on his own merits – he can't rely on his location within the ring or on sheer strength and ferocity. It's all about hold and counter hold. That is an environment in which Matt Strikmore flourishes, but Dante is no slouch on the mat either.

Strikmore starts to build momentum. He chops Dante across the chest again as he stands up, then hits a dropkick that nearly sends him tumbling out of the ring. He lifts him up for a suplex, but then drops him down into an ace crusher. He keeps the three-quarter front facelock in place and backflips over onto his feet so that Dante is now locked into a vicious inverted front-facelock. Strikmore pulls back with a yell and tries to grab Dante's arm to turn it into a dragon sleeper, but Dante grabs his arm first, twisting around and over, locking in the Gilded Cage again!

Cain: No!

Banter: Oh he's in for it now.

Dante pulls back, then pushes Strikmore down to the mat so he can't roll free. Strikmore's eyes are screwed up in pain. He tries to find a way to break free, but no options are forthcoming.

Strikmore is starting to flag. His face is turning red and his arm begins to droop. The referee moves in and lifts his arm. It falls once...


Thr...no! Strikmore keeps his arm in the air!

Dante tries to tighten the hold, but Strikmore keeps holding on. He clenches his fist defiantly and starts to pull himself across the mat. Dante attempts to put the breaks on but, slowly but surely, Strikmore fights his way to the ropes and grabs them. The referee calls for the break and Dante releases after four again.

Tex: And that's the second rope break. Dante may have found a strategy that works here – if he keeps going for the Gilded Cage, Strikmore will swiftly run out of options.

Banter: And when he can't use the ropes to get free, he's gonna have to tap!

Strikmore slumps down against the ropes as Dante takes a step back and then cracks his knuckles. Strikmore pulls himself upright incredibly slowly and rests against the ropes, but Dante gives him no time for respite. He dives in and puts him right back in the Gilded Cage!

Banter: Ha!

Cain: This is bad news!

Strikmore's eyes go wide and, unthinkingly, he grabs the ropes again. Dante releases right away and steps back, a smirk smeared across his alabaster features. Strikmore's chest is heaving. He turns around and pushes Dante in the chest. Dante sticks out his chin this time, but Strikmore knows he's out of rope breaks now. His nostrils flare as he squares up to Dante, and he gets another slap across the face. Strikmore throws himself at Dante and the albino swings him around into the ropes. He comes at him with a forearm, but Dante ducks it and Strikmore sprawls against the ropes. Dante takes a few steps back and then, with a roar, he runs full pelt at Strikmore and smashes him in the back of the head with a brutal clothesline.

Tex: Oh my!

Cain: That was brutal! He may have given Strikmore a concussion!

Tex: Indeed he may have.

Strikmore sinks down to his knees against the ropes, his eyes glassy. Dante pushes him over with his knee and then, blatantly holding the ropes, he holds him down against the canvas with a knee across the throat.

Banter: Hey, he has the ropes!

Tex: But Strikmore's out of rope breaks – this is a legal pinfall!

Cain: You've got to be kidding me!

The referee looks uncomfortable for a moment, but then reluctantly counts the cover...




Cain: Oh come on!

Tex: Strikmore has just been hoisted by his own petard! I can't believe this!

Banter: These fans aren't happy...

Tex: No they aren't. What a disappointing end to Strikmore's campaign against the New Hellfire Club. I was divided on this issue, but the way Dante won this match does not sit well with me.

Cain: This is a damn shame is what it is.

Banter: Hey, he obeyed the rules.

Dante stands up as the crowd boo heavily. Strikmore remains lying in the ropes, his head draped over the side of the apron. EMTs are already heading down the ramp and Dante laughs uproariously. With a last contemptuous glance at his downed foe, he swings himself out of the ring and then walks away.

Tex: A bitter end to this match for Matt Strikmore. He wanted to show Dante that he couldn't play on his terms, but Dante exploited the rules and won in his own brutal fashion.

Cain: So where do we go from here? Backstage, the rumour was that Strikmore would use a victory tonight to catapult into a challenge for Darkness's belts...

Tex: Well, the best laid plans of mice and men, Isaiah.

Cain: I know...but...

Banter: Oh get over it!

Down, boy.

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Post Re: EXTREME MEASURES in Beijing (July 08 2009)
Cain: I'm just getting a message that something is going on backstage…

Banter: Did Drakus finally catch him?

Tex: It looks like he did…

The camera cuts to a view backstage and Loop flies into shot. His face appears to be badly bloodied.


Drakus steps into view, standing over the limp form of Loop. The diminutive figure paws at Drakus's feet and starts to lift himself up.

"What did I just say?" Drakus asks in a low growl. With a snarl, he aims a kick at Loop's face, sending him flying backwards.

Banter: I think he should stay down.

Cain: So do I.

Drakus advances on Loop again. They're in a studio area with monitors hanging off the walls and a set that looks like a ruined cityscape, obviously intended for interviews. Loop starts picking himself up again, and Drakus hammers him down with clubbing blows to the back.

"STAY DOWN!" he roars again.

Loop seems to have no intention of doing so as he pushes himself up to his knees. Drakus picks him up by the hair, but Loop gets a hand against his back and shoves him into the set. Drakus trips into some cardboard buildings and falls down. As he flails in the wreckage, Loop grabs a steel chair set up to one side and folds it down.

Tex: I'm not sure this a smart idea by this kid…

Drakus stands up and Loop lamps him with the chair. It staggers the monster and Loop hits him again and then once more for good measure. Drakus slumps against the wall and Loop rears back for another shot but, as he charges in, Drakus dives out of the way and the chair meets solid wall. Loop drops it with a yell of surprise.

Drakus grabs Loop from behind and heaves him up onto his shoulders. He swings him around, but Loop wriggles free and lands on his feet. He jumps up and tries a dropkick, but either his inexperience or his injuries mean he barely makes contact.

Cain: Loop's going to get himself killed if he keeps fighting like this.

"Why won't you stay down?!" Drakus demands.

Loop is on the floor, starting to stand again. There are droplets of blood all over the concrete floor now and his face is a crimson mask. As he gets up, Drakus grabs a monitor from one wall, ripping it off its metal hinges. He brings it crashing down over Loop's head, causing an explosion of glass and plastic and a flash as the electronics are ripped apart.

Tex: Oh my!

Banter: Ouch. That's what you get for messing with Drakus I guess.

Loop goes down now, his body surrounded by the ruins of the TV set. Drakus looms over him, breathing hard and then leans down close to his face.

"Now stay that way!"

He storms off as the cameraman starts calling for EMTs. He swings the camera back to the prone form of Loop, whose arm is just twitching slightly.

Tex: Let's hope this kid gets the medical attention he needs, and that he has the good sense not to antagonise Drakus again.

Cain: He's like a force of nature.

Tex: He is indeed. And speaking of forces of nature, it's now time for our main event.

A hush descends across the arena as a spotlight illuminates Sammy Eubanks in the centre of the ring.

Sammy: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Last Man Standing match, and it is for the 411FED AND ECF UNIFIED WORLD'S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

Tex: Here we go! The big one!

Cain: After a night of carnage, this match has a lot to live up to.

A series of loud explosions ring throughout the arena as the power simultaneously cuts out. The beginning bass line of Mudshovel by Staind cuts in amidst the fading echoes of the explosions. The words begin to flow out from Aaron Lewis' pained voice...

You take away. I feel the same.

And the lights come back on as PD is standing on the ramp looking out at the crowd.

Sammy: Introducing first, the challenger...from Detroit, Michigan...weighing in at 225 lbs...he is a former ECF Submission Champion, Tag Champion and Transcontinental Champion, a former 411fed Intercontinental Champion, a former TCW Tag Champion and Transcontinental Champion and a one-time former ECF World's Heavyweight Champion.... PLAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUSIIIIIIIIIBLEEEEE DEEEENIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAABIIIIILIIIIIIITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Banter: So he's old, right?

Tex: He's certainly a veteran, with one hell of a track record. Darkness will have his work cut out for him tonight.

PD slowly nods, getting into the music & runs down the ramp, diving headfirst into the ring. He pops up in the center of the ring & gazes out around the arena allowing the fans reaction to fill & fuel him.

As "Fear of the Dark" plays, the view cuts to a shot of Darkness's locker room door. It opens, and Darkness steps from the shadows, his two title belts held in his hands. As his fans chant along to the music, Darkness walks through the corridors of the arena before reaching the gorilla position.

Sammy: And his opponent...from Chicago, Illinois...weighing in at 218 lbs...he is the two-time and longest reigninG 411FED AND ECF UNIFIED WORLD'S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...THE MAN...THE MYTH...THE ICON...THIS... IS DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARKNEEEEEEEEESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The song kicks in and a huge pyro erupts from the stage. Darkness strides through the flames, silhouetted in the orange glow. As he strides to the ring, belts in hand, flames streak down the side of the ramp, framing him in fire. He enters the ring, ignoring its occupants and mounts the turnbuckle, raising his World Championships above his head as the ethereal chanting continues.

Cain: The man who has held those belts longer than anyone. The man who three years ago brutalised PD in another last man standing match. The man that everyone wants to beat.

Banter: Think he'll go down for the ten-count tonight?

Tex: Darkness has quite the track record in this kind of match. Not only did he defeat PD in the same match type, but he also won a last man standing match to become the number one contender back at Endgame 2005.

Banter: Pfft...big deal...

Tex: That was after winning three other matches in the same night of course.

Banter: Oh yeah.

Darkness watches PD carefully from across the ring as he hands over his belts to the referee. The bell rings, but both men remain motionless for a long moment. After a few seconds, they both advance to the centre of the ring and come nose-to-nose. Their words are inaudible, but the tone makes it clear that they intend to settle their score tonight. Suddenly, without warning, they both rear back and begin to exchange right hands.

Tex: And now this match has truly begun!

Cain: So much pent-up emotion and agression! Three years ago, these two men had the bloodiest last man standing match that I have ever seen, and now they intend to resolve this grudge once and for all.

Banter: Three years is an awful long time to have a chip on your shoulder!

The crowd is electric as they trade blows, and PD is the one to take control first, his larger frame giving him a significant strength advantage. He begins to rain blows down on Darkness with both hands now, fighting him right back to the corner. He lays in a knee lift, then drives the point of his elbow down into Darkness's head, staggering him against the turnbuckle. He keeps punching, driving Darkness right down to his kness and then steps away as he sinks to the canvas.

Tex: No disqualifications in this match, which means no rope breaks either.

Cain: Right, they can do whatever they want to each other, and the only way this will end is if one man cannot answer the ten-count.

"Count!" PD yells.


But Darkness grabs the ropes and propels himself right to his feet. He rolls his shoulders and charges PD, flooring him with a clothesline. PD is right back up to his feet, but Darkness hits him with a martial arts kick to the side of the abdomen and then an uppercut to the throat that sends him reeling back into the ropes. PD uses the momentum from the ropes to run towards his opponent, but Darkness brings him down with a drop toehold and then rolls forward across PD's back into a headlock.

Banter: Why go for a submission?

Tex: I imagine he's trying to wear PD down. Even a headlock will take its toll, Banter.

Darkness pulls back on the hold, but PD is able to cinch in a wasitlock and he pushes Darkness back onto his shoulders instinctively. Too late he realises his mistake and Darkness rolls through, switching the headlock into a crossface. PD grunts in pain and Darkness begins pummelling his face before releasing him.

"Count," Darkness tells the referee pointing at PD.



PD climbs up to his feet though and shoots a glare at Darkness and the official. They begin to circle now, finally locking up. PD looks for a suplex, but Darkness blocks it by hooking the leg and reverses into a suplex of his own. He gets up and runs the ropes, coming back with a baseball slide, but PD rolls out of the way and Darkness nearly skids out of the ring. He scrambles up to his feet, and PD nails him with a right hand to the temple with sufficient force to flip him right over into his back.

Cain: Vicious blow!

Tex: PD is a living legend, and a real powerhouse to boot. But Darkness is as tough and courageous as they come.



Darkness is up more slowly than before, but PD is on him quickly with clubbing blows to the back. He lifts him into a stungun on the ropes and then drops him with a back suplex.




Darkness stands up, but then gets floored by a big clothesline. This time, PD doesn't wait for the referee to count, he just picks Darkness up and puts him in an abdominal stretch. Darkness clenches his prosthetic hand with a dull whirr and wills himself to fight the hold.

Cain: And again, this will be to wear the other man down. This match is all about stamina and tenacity.

Tex: Both men have that in spades - who will walk out the World Champion?

Banter: I don't think anyone's going to be walking out of this match...

Tex: You may be right about that.

PD pulls back hard, but Darkness finally gets enough leverage to plant his feet and counter with a high hiptoss. PD hits the mat hard, but bounces right back up to his feet and comes at Darkness with another clothesline, only to get pulled down into a second crossface. Darkness pulls back, but PD is able to roll Darkness onto his shoulders. He grabs his legs and keeps moving, rolling right back up to a vertical base, whereupon he throws himself backwards, crushing Darkness between his body and the mat.

Cain: PD uses his strength and experience to find a way out of that crossface!

PD massages his neck for a moment and then stands back while the referee administers the count…





Darkness pulls himself up to one knee and flicks his hair back. He stands up stiffly and beckons for PD to attack. PD obliges, going for a big left hook, but Darkness ducks and knees him in the small of the back. PD roars in pain as he staggers forward and Darkness presses the attack with forearms. He flops into the ropes and Darkness grabs him by the legs and tips him over. He tumbles to the outside and Darkness points towards him and gives the referee a significant look.

Cain: PD to the outside. You can be counted out anywhere in this match.

Banter: You probably don't want to be outside the ring though - that's where the weapons are!

Tex: All legal in this match...





PD has a hold on the apron and drags himself up to his feet. Darkness slides out of the ring and hits him with a right hands. He goes to whip PD into the ring post, but PD reverses and sends Darkness careering into it instead. The World Champion staggers back, stunned, and PD catches him in a falling neckbreaker. Breathing hard, the veteran clambers to his feet and backs away as the referee, now out on the floor too, starts the count.






Darkness rolls over onto his stomach…


And pushes himself up to his feet. PD charges in, but Darkness throws himself clear and PD nearly runs into the crowd barrier. He turns, just in time to see Darkness flying at him with a superkick. At the last possible second, PD dodges and Darkness gets crotched on the barrier. PD steps aside as Darkness attempts to extricate himself, then gives him a hand by dragging him off and lifting him into a suplex position, then dropping him stomach-first into the barrier.

Cain: PD is using the environment as a weapon here. A few more of those and this could be all over for the Champion.

Tex: And how strange would it feel now, after almost two years, to see someone else with those titles?

Banter: It would be like a dream. A wonderful, magical dream.

Darkness slumps down beside the barrier, holding his abdomen and the referee counts again…




Instead of waiting around, PD starts searching under the ring for something.


Darkness starts to stand up.


And PD emerges from under the apron with a steel chair in hand.

Cain: Uh oh!


Darkness is up on his knees and PD nails him with a vicious unprotected chairshot. He goes back down to the ground.

Tex: Hard shot! Is Darkness bleeding?


PD protests, insisting the count should be at seven, and the referee argues back. Darkness, bleeding from the forehead now, clambers back up to his knees.

Banter: Looks like he is, yeah.

Tex: Already this match has turned into a violent spectacle. In a night that has been filled with them, this may be the worst one yet.

Cain: Did the referee break the count just there?

Tex: I think so. Darkness was up to his knees when PD hit him with the chair.

PD turns away from the official in disgust, rearing back for another chairshot, but Darkness hits a low blow and he stumbles backwards against the apron, his eyes screwed up in agony. Darkness grabs the discarded chair and drives it into PD's gut then slams it across his head. PD goes right down.








PD claws at the apron and starts to pull himself up…


He finally gets to his feet, but Darkness brings the chair down across his back once, twice, three times and PD is down again.

Cain: Darkness with a barrage of chairshots! This is brutal!

Tex: We all have bad memories of the way Darkness treated PD last time they met. Now it's three years later, for the biggest prize in the sport. I can only imagine how much more violently he will assert his dominance.




Darkness throws the broken chair away and wipes the blood from his eyes.





Darkness ducks down, watching to see if PD will get up.


PD starts to move, and drags himself up to one knee.


And, with a phenomenal effort of will, pushes himself to his feet to break the count. Darkness is there instantly and they begin trading blows again. PD takes advantage with a rake to the eyes and throws Darkness into the crowd barrier. He goes to follow in with a clothesline but Darkness gets underneath him and lifts him up and over to the concrete floor behind the barrier. PD lands badly and rolls over onto his stomach.

Banter: Ouch!

Tex: Right on that concrete! This is going from bad to worse!






Unbelievably, perhaps buoyed up by the sound of the fans just feet away, PD starts to stir.

Cain: I can't believe what I'm seeing!



PD plants his hands on the concrete and pushes himself up to his knees.


Abruptly, Darkness pushes the referee aside and, as PD stands up, he charges the barrier, leaps up and spins around, hurtling towards him with a moonsault body press!

Tex: My God! Look at that agility!

PD's mouth is open in surprise as Darkness arcs through the air, but he comes to his senses in time and catches the World Champion on his shoulder. He staggers for a moment, but then turns around and brings him down into the concrete with a thunderous powerslam.

Banter: Oh shit!

Cain: Good God! PD just slammed Darkness right into the concrete! He may have snapped his spine in two!

PD leans back against the barrier as the referee vaults over to make the count for Darkness.








Darkness starts to move and rolls over onto his back.

Tex: You've gotta be kidding me! Is he moving?


The fans are chanting for him and, with an astonishing show of tenacity and disregard for his opponent, Darkness curls his legs up into his stomach, plants his hands behind his head and kips up to his feet!

Cain: Whoa!

Tex: Unbelievable! Darkness just sent a message to PD there!

PD stares at the Champion, who nearly overbalances as he lands, then heads right for him, but Darkness catches him with a punch to the jaw and fights him back to the barrier. He rears back and clotheslines him over, tumbling over the barrier himself and both man land in a heap in the ringside area.

Darkness extricates himself and walks away from PD. He wipes blood from his face and leans down, beckoning for PD to stand. He clambers to his feet and Darkness sprints towards him, looking for a superkick and this time finding it. His foot slamming into PD's jaw makes an audible 'crack' and PD goes down, his head turned to once side and his eyes closed.

Tex: The superkick! Did you hear that shot?

Cain: I bet DeSean heard it back in the locker room.

Banter: If he's even conscious after what happened to him in his match...





Darkness climbs into the ring and catches his breath for a few seconds.



He goes to the corner and rests his head across his arms, then starts to climb.

Cain: This is how Darkness ended his match with PD three years ago - nonchalantly standing on the turnbuckle as his opponent was counted out.

Tex: Not his proudest moment, I don't think.


PD is starting to move.


And he gets to his feet with the help of the apron.

Tex: Good God. The strength of will on display here is just astonishing.

Darkness looks down at PD from his perch on the top rope and, with a bitten off curse, leaps from the turnbuckle with a diving body press. PD throws himself clear and Darkness careers into the floor!





PD is looking around the ringside area for another weapon. He finds one of the ladders that was placed lining the ramp for the Aftershock Title match earlier in the evening and hefts it onto his shoulder.

Cain: It looks like PD has found a new weapon, and this will not do much to reduce the brutality of this match, I feel.

Tex: No indeed.



PD heads towards Darkness with the ladder in hand as the World Champion begins to stir.


PD waits for Darkness to stand, ladder in hand.

Banter: Stay down!

Tex: I don't think those words are in Darkness's vocabulary, Banter.


Darkness is up to his knees, facing away from the challenger.


Tex: Look out!

And he meets the count as he finally gets to his feet, but then turns and gets smashed in the face by the ladder!

Banter: Ugh. That is nasty.

Tex: Darkness is wearing the proverbial crimson mask, and tonight may now be the night when he finally relinquishes his hold on those belts.

Darkness is laid out and the referee starts to count again, but now PD pays no attention and starts setting the ladder up next to Darkness. The referee pauses to advise PD that his opponent is already down, but PD shrugs him off and climbs the ladder. He reaches the top when the count is at seven and then leaps off with a huge senton bomb!

Cain: Oh!

Banter: What an idiot!

Tex: PD may have just put the exclamation point on this match!

The crowd cheer wildly as PD rolls clear. The impact has sent Darkness into the ladder and he knocks it over so it crashes down onto both men. The referee has no choice but to start counting again for both competitors.



Cain: Both men could be counted out here.


Banter: What would happen then?


Tex: I would assume that Darkness would have champion's advantage, and therefore retain the belts in the case of a draw.



PD is moving first and he rolls over and places a fist against the protective mat.


Darkness is moving feebly, trying to extricate himself from the ladder.

Cain: This could be the moment we remember for the rest of our lives! The moment Darkness's reign came to an end!


PD is up on one knee. Darkness has freed himself and now paws at the apron.


Simultaneously, both men surge up to their feet and the count is stopped.

Tex: That may still happen, Isaiah, but not right now! This match continues!

Darkness is bleeding heavily now, and PD looks pretty banged up too. He approaches Darkness and stomps his leg, then whips him into the ring post. Darkness bounces away, slumping back into the barrier near the announce tables and PD flicks up the apron, looking for something again. Darkness wipes blood from his eyes with his good hand and flicks his hair back, showering the floor with droplets of dark crimson.

Banter: Oh that is just gross…

Tex: Darkness is pushing himself to the very limit here, but how long can he really go on having lost so much blood?

PD finally comes back with another steel chair and heads for Darkness. He takes a swing as he approaches, but Darkness is able to block it with his arm this time. He goes down, but gets right back up again and PD smashes him across the back. Darkness staggers away, and PD gives chase, battering him with more chairshots as they head around the ring. Darkness slumps into the apron, but PD is relentless now, raining down blows with the chair until the weapon has been transformed into unrecognisable scrap. He tosses it aside as Darkness crawls away, heading for the ramp.

Cain: I have never, in the four years that I have been calling Darkness's matches, seen him beaten like this.

Tex: Whatever happens now, PD can leave Extreme Measures saying that he gave as good as he got. Darkness has been decimated!

PD stomps Darkness down and then lifts him up. He signals for a big move, but Darkness counters with a jawbreaker. PD falls down and Darkness stumbles away up the entrance ramp. He turns and runs a hand across his face, doing little to shift the crimson mask he is now sporting. The referee is counting PD out…





But he gets up on one knee, only for Darkness to charge down the ramp and nearly take his head off with the Shadowed Wizard!

Banter: How is he doing this?!

Tex: I have no idea, but somehow Darkness is finding the strength to continue and to fight back.

PD is down again, but Darkness shakes his head. He reaches down and grabs PD's throat with his prosthetic hand and yanks him up to his feet. PD goggles at Darkness as he feeds off the crowd's energy and now goes for the Slayer Slam, only for PD to counter in midair and flip Darkness over onto his back. He hits the metal of the ramp hard, leaving a visible dent, and rolls away, leaving a bloody smear behind him.

Cain: Incredible counter, but I cannot find the will to cheer this display of blood-letting. I just want to see this end, and for both of these men to get the medical attention they need.

PD is breathing hard as the referee starts to count again, but it's his turn to shake his head as he takes a handful of Darkness's hair and lifts him into a scoop slam. Darkness hits the ramp with a dull thud and arches his back in pain. PD roars with animalistic fury, and once again lifts the World Champion before the referee has a chance to start counting.

Tex: What now?!

PD knees Darkness in the gut and then, with a bellow of exertion, flips Darkness up onto his shoulders. He takes a run up and then brings him down with a huge powerbomb onto the ramp. The steel surface buckles under the impact and Darkness is left lying in a deep groove of unforgiving metal.

Tex: No! No! Good God! As long as I have lived, I have never seen someone so thoroughly annihilate Darkness! PD has his revenge and then some!

Banter: Is this going to be over soon?

Tex: Unless there is something truly supernatural in Darkness, I cannot see how it could be otherwise.

PD staggers back and points down at Darkness's unmoving form. "Count," he rasps. The referee obliges.





There is a sudden pop from the crowd, followed by boos. PD turns and sees Dante standing in the entrance.

Cain: Now what the hell is this?


Tex: I have no idea.

Dante starts walking slowly towards PD who frowns, then balls his fists in anger.

Banter: Why's he getting involved?


PD charges Dante and the two fall into brawling.

Tex: Oh no! Dante has just wandered into this match! But why? Is he trying to save his stable-mate?


Dante takes control with a forearm, then drives the point of his elbow into the back of PD's neck as he bends over. He wrenches him around into an inverted front-facelock and then spins him over and down into the Broken Reflection.

Cain: And now he's just taken out PD! What is going on here?


The referee holds up his hands, protesting Dante's interference, but there's nothing he can do. Dante quickly heads over to Darkness and starts to lift him up.

Tex: Is Dante trying to help Darkness? Does he think prolonging this match will do that?


Dante helps Darkness to his feet as the referee switches his count to PD now.


Darkness is clearly almost dead on his feet, but he recognises what is happening and shoves Dante away, leaving bloody handprints on his pale skin. Dante looks shocked and holds out his arms, questioning Darkness's actions. Darkness just eyeballs Dante through the blood that soaks his face.


Banter: That's gratitude for you…

Tex: Dante just helped Darkness stay in this thing, but I don't think the World Champion appreciates his help.


Cain: Do you think he would have gotten up without him?

Tex: I doubt it, but there's no way to know now.


Darkness starts to walk towards PD, but then there's another pop as this time, Matt Strikmore appears in the entrance. Dante mouths off at him from behind Darkness.

Banter: Strikmore?! What does he want?!


Strikmore charges, shoving Darkness out of the way and careering into Dante. They fall to the floor and begin exchanging furious blows. Darkness is clearly exhausted now and sinks down to one knee.

Tex: Strikmore seems to be here to counter Dante's interference. Earlier tonight he was brutalised by Dante – does he want some more of that?

Cain: I think he wants to get even, Tex.


PD is actually starting to stir on the ramp. Dante whips Strikmore into the crowd barrier that runs alongside the ramp.


PD plants his hands and, shaking with exertion, tries to push himself up to his feet, but can't do it and slumps back down.

Tex: This may be about to end!


Dante is heading up the ramp now that Strikmore has been monetarily neutralised. He tries to help Darkness up again, but the World Champion shoves him away angrily. Strikmore charges Dante from behind and shoves him over. PD starts to rise again.

Cain: C'mon, Cameron!


Another electric pop erupts as Freya rushes out of the entrance.

Banter: Oh not another one!

Simultaneously, PD throws himself upright with a surge of effort, breaking the count. He spins around, slamming his fist into Freya's jaw and knocking her sideways. She nearly falls off the ramp.

Cain: I don't know what Freya was here for, but she seems to have inadvertently galvanised PD into meeting the count!

PD is barely able to stay on his feet as he pirouettes, the momentum of his punch carrying him around so he's now facing Darkness. The two men's eyes meet for a moment and then Darkness kicks PD in the gut. He grabs his head and spins him around into a Darkness DDT on the steel ramp. There is a crack as the ramp buckles again and a rivulet of blood seeps from PD's head.

Cain: No!

Tex: Oh my God! Darkness nearly smashed PD's skull in two with that DDT! I think he may be seriously hurt!


Darkness steps back and slumps against the barrier, surveying the carnage. Strikmore and Dante are still brawling further down the ramp as Freya heads towards them.

Banter: There's supposed to be a match going on here, guys!


But now DeSean is out too. Darkness is unable to call out a warning as DeSean jumps PD and attacks Freya from behind.

Cain: This is breaking down before our very eyes. All the issues going on between these two sides are bubbling to the surface tonight.


Strikmore whips Dante up the ramp and he stumbles as he reaches the stage.


Freya DDTs DeSean into the ramp.


Dante monkey flips Strikmore over onto his back as he charges.


Freya is on top of DeSean, raining blows down onto him.


PD hasn't moved. Darkness sinks down into a sitting position, holding his face as blood continues to pour from the ragged wound across his forehead.

Tex: Darkness is spent. He can only watch as the locker room tears itself apart.

Cain: You could argue that he was the one who tore it apart in the first place, Tex. Perhaps this is fitting, somehow.


Dante scrambles up to his feet and stomps Strikmore down. Security rushes in led by Midnight and they surround Strikmore, trying to keep Dante away. He wades in anyway and a huge brawl erupts. Freya turns to see the chaos and runs back up the ramp, past Darkness and PD.

Tex: This is anarchy! We need someone to restore order!


The locker room empties: Izumi flies out from behind the curtain as DeSean enters the brawl too. JE, unwilling to let his rival get involved without him, is out too, followed swiftly by Kinsen.

Banter: What are they all doing here?!

Cain: This division, this cancer, has spread throughout the locker room, and everyone wants a piece of what's going on out here. TCW is falling apart in front of us!


Tex: And somewhere, in the middle of all this, this match has ended! Darkness retains! Darkness retains!

The bell rings, but no one notices. Drakus appears and, with a bestial roar, throws himself into the brawling throng. Darkness is handed his belts by the referee and sinks down to the ramp, exhausted. PD still hasn't moved, and EMTs can't get past the fight on the stage.

Cain: Someone call the cops or something! They're going to rip apart the arena!

Darkness's music is playing now, but there is total carnage at the top of the ramp. Dante, Izumi and Drakus seem to have teamed up by default and are laying waste to everyone. Freya is thrown off the stage but manages to land in a roll and emerge relatively unscathed. DeSean goes down to a clothesline from Drakus, but JE dropkicks him into one of the monitors on the set and he staggers back. Izumi DDTs JE and Kinsen suplexes her before Dante kicks him right in the face as he stands up.

Banter: No one even knows why they're fighting now! They're just killing each other!

Cain: Weeks, months, years of pent-up frustration are spilling out. The emigration to China, the division in the locker room, it's all coming out here.

The security guards, including Midnight, are sprawled out on the stage, and only Dante is left standing. Freya is looking for a way back up to the ramp. Strikmore gets up to his knees and Dante grabs him from behind. The crowd are booing as Dante takes a run up and hurls Strikmore straight into one of the large LCD displays flashing the Extreme Measures logo. There is an explosion of electronics and sparks fly out. The monitor crashes through the set along with Strikmore and then bursts into flames, leaving a ragged hole where it used to be.

Tex: Oh dear Lord…

Banter: Shit. This is bad.

Cain: …

EMTs and fire marshals rush through the curtain now, spraying extinguishers on the blaze. The crowd is hushed as Dante takes a step back. The dying flames flicker across his face. Strikmore is nowhere to be seen in the wreckage of the set.

Cain: This…this is not good…

Tex: Dante just threw Matt Strikmore through the set. He threw him like a lawn dart. A human being.

Banter: Bad, bad, bad.

On the ramp, PD and Darkness, both unconscious and bleeding, are ignored.

Cain: Strikmore may be seriously injured, or worse. He has a surgically-repaired neck.

Tex: I don't know what to say. Folks, TCW does not endorse the actions of Jason Dante tonight. I…I don't know what to say…

Banter: This is really bad.

Dante begins to laugh and throws up his arms in triumph as the screen fades to black.

Down, boy.

Wed Jul 08, 2009 5:46 pm
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