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Twisted Experience and TCW - View topic - TCW Friction in Beijing (December 06 2009)
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 TCW Friction in Beijing (December 06 2009) 
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Post TCW Friction in Beijing (December 06 2009)
At Breakdown...

Washington is up now, rubbing his jaw as Daniels kicks Freya and Darkness away. He looks at the TCW belt in his hand as the crowd boo him loudly and then throws it to Washington with a sneer. He gestures for a microphone.

Tex: Now maybe we'll find out what's going on here.

"Ladies and gentlemen...I hope you'll all be able to follow what I'm saying. If not, I don't really give a rat's ass."

Cain: Charming...

"Some of you may know me: I'm the FWRFed World's Heavyweight Champion." He flicks his coat open, revealing the gold belt around his waist. "That's a real title there – not like this crappy belt these freaks are fighting over." He smiles, milking the reaction from the hostile TCW crowd. "Now you're probably all wondering what I'm doing here. Well I'll tell you, because I'm a generous man. As the top wrestler in the world today, it's important to me to keep an eye on the competition, so I know who might be a threat to my lofty position. I've watched TCW for a while now, and I've got to say, I just don't get it!"

Tex: Get what?

"Because, the weird thing is, people treat this bush-league promotion like it's more prestigious than FWRFed. People act like this is the big leagues, and that makes me very angry. You think Darkness and Freya are better than me? It's absurd. It's insulting. More than anything, it's inaccurate. Now, when I came back to FWRFed, my objective was to destroy it – to change it forever – and that's still the case, but my ambition is outstripped only by my abilities. I don't just want to break FWRFed; I want to break this entire industry. I want to destroy everything you moron fans know and love. And, the truth is, I can't resist a wounded animal. I can't resist blood in the water. I'm the shark-infested dumpster and I'm coming to kick TCW when it's down. This place is dying, and I'm here to usher it into its grave once and for all."

Cain: You've gotta be kidding me...

Banter: Who the hell does he think he is?

"That's right," Daniels continues, "and in case you think this is some kind of perverted nobility at work, rest assured that the sole reason I flew all the way to China to do this is because it's funny and because I can. I want to destroy TCW because it's amusing to see these alleged great warriors, these supposed superhuman competitors, be shuffled off quietly into the night by a colossal prick like me. For all of DeSean Blackwell's pride, for all of Izumi's fight, for all of Dante's fury, for all of Freya's skill and Darkness's power, there is not one damn thing any of you can do to stop me. Don't worry – I'm going to make it quick and relatively painless." He turns and points at the title that Nike Washington is still holding. "I'm going to be taking that piece of shit belt by beating whoever the bosses of this crappy place want me to, then I'll bring it back to FWRFed, then I'll throw it in the fucking trash where it belongs. I'm going to cripple all your favourite wrestlers and steal and break any pieces of equipment backstage I can find. I'm going to rip open the packaging of all the merchandise and wipe my ass with it. I'm going to break the lighting technician's fingers and collapse the announce table. For good measure, I'll even make sure to clog the toilets. When I'm done with this place, no one will even remember the name TC-whatever."


Cain: Welcome everybody to the TCW arena here in Beijing! Tonight, it is TCW Friction, and it is perhaps the biggest Friction of all time as, for the first time on free television, both the Aftershock Championship and the TCW Heavyweight Championship are on the line!

Banter: To be fair, it's only the second match ever for that last one...

Tex: Nonetheless, this is a great opportunity for new fans of TCW to see exactly what all the fuss is about, as our main event pits none other than the FWRFed World's Heavyweight Champion against two bona fide TCW legends in the form of Darkness and Freya.

Cain: What a night it could be. The last time we saw a crossover of this magnitude was at Endgame itself – but we shouldn't be too upbeat, because the consequences of failure for the TCW stars are truly dire. Woodrow Daniels has promised to sound the death knell for TCW if he wins tonight.

Banter: So all our hopes rest in the hands of the New Hellfire Club?

Tex: I'm sure that's an irony that won't be lost on some of the members of our roster. Folks, as we've said already, tonight may be the biggest Friction of all time, and this is a show you do not want to miss!

Flames light up the stage as the monstrous Inferno walks out, framed in the flickering light.

Tex: At Breakdown, Woodrow Daniels was not the only man who stuck his nose into someone else's business – Inferno also made his return, and we later learned that Mr. Deng had offered him a contract.

Banter: Just what we need – more crazies.

Cain: Inferno is a former Transcontinental Champion and has been a threat to World Titles both here and in FWRFed, but he needs to learn to control that temper of his.

Banter: Look at him! Does he seem like a guy who can control his temper?!

Sammy Eubanks: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...introducing first, weighing in a 290 lbs...INFEEEEEEEEEEERNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Inferno stalks silently to the ring, ignoring the fans, his demonic eyes focused straight ahead. He climbs into the ring and stands motionless in the centre, waiting and watching.

The crowd rises to its feet as Kermit steps out onto the stage.

Cain: What an ovation for Kermit Gambono – and it's no surprise, given his recent visibility in the mainstream media.

Banter: Huh?

Tex: Have you been living under a rock, Banter? Kermit has spent his months away from the ring become a world-renowned philanthropist. He announced his return to the ring in a press conference just two weeks ago, and now here he is in person!

Kermit nods to the fans and starts to walk down the ramp, slapping hands as he goes.

Sammy: And his opponent...from Chicago, Illinois...weighing in at 230 lbs...KEEEEEEEEEEEERMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cain: Kermit is a former Bleeder Champion and, most recently, came within a hair of defeating Darkness for the World Titles. I have no doubt that he intends to get back on the ladder at the first opportunity, but Inferno is standing in his way tonight.

Banter: Yeah, welcome back, Kermit.

Kermit swings himself up onto the apron, but returns to the floor with alarming speed as Inferno charges him and knocks him off. Kermit stumbles and manages to land on his feet, but Inferno is already climbing through the ropes to press his attack. Kermit cuts him off with a punch to the gut, then knocks him against the apron with a chop to the chest. He steps back and charges in, but Inferno cuts him off by grabbing him around the throat.

Tex: The bell hasn't even rung yet, but Inferno has already started his assault!

Banter: Well at least he's consistent.

Inferno drags Kermit around, perhaps preparing for a chokeslam, but Kermit kicks him in the gut and then crashes into him with a forearm. Inferno staggers backwards and Kermit hits a dropkick that knocks him sprawling to the mat. He gets up and rolls into the ring. Inferno is swiftly on his feet too, and follows Kermit right in. The referee signals for the bell.

Cain: And now this match can actually begin...

Kermit stomps Inferno as he climbs into the ring and then drags him up to his feet. He puts him in a front facelock and signals for a DDT, but Inferno grabs him by the legs and lifts him up. He sprints towards the corner and smashes Kermit into the turnbuckle. Kermit drops down and limps away, holding his back, giving Inferno an opening to smash him in the back with a big right hand. Kermit drops to his knees and Inferno wraps his arm around his throat from behind.

Tex: Is that a sleeper hold?

Cain: I think it may be more of a choke – look, the official is administering a count.

Inferno glares balefully at the referee before releasing Kermit and letting him drop to the mat. He stomps on the former Bleeder Champion's head, and then rolls him over to make a cover...


Two...not enough!

Inferno lifts Kermit up and whips him across the ring. He goes for a clothesline on the way back but Kermit ducks and hooks Inferno's arms from behind, pulling him down into a backslide...


But Inferno rolls through and up to his feet. As Kermit stands up to intercept him, Inferno catches him with a brutal uppercut to the jaw.

Banter: Ouch...

Cain: Inferno has that incredible strength, but he also pairs it with terrifying speed and agility. I truly believe that he has all the tools to become the Heavyweight Champion someday, if he can control himself.

Kermit reels back against the ropes and Inferno charges, knocking him over and to the floor with a clothesline. Kermit lands badly and rolls over onto his stomach, and Inferno doesn't hesitate to go after him, swinging down to the floor. He lifts Kermit by his hair and then whips him into the ring post. Kermit staggers away, holding his shoulder, but Inferno is on him again, hammering him with vicious blows and then lifting him up into a high back drop.

Tex: Inferno is punishing Kermit – as far as I know, there are no issues between these two, but I guess Inferno doesn't really need much excuse.

Cain: Kermit's return to wrestling may be about to get cut off at the knees.

Inferno stomps Kermit down and then takes a few steps backwards, beckoning for him to stand. Kermit obliges with the help of the apron and Inferno surges towards him, crashing into him with a spear that mashes his body against the apron. Kermit sinks down to the floor.

Tex: Kermit is in real trouble here...

Banter: Yeah, if Inferno ever gets him back in the ring.

The referee is administering the ten-count, and has reached four already. Inferno lifts one gloved hand, drawing boos from the crowd. He reaches down and claps his hand across Kermit's face.

Cain: The Shroud of Turin! This is bad news!


Inferno hauls Kermit up as the smaller man tries to fight free.


Kermit tries to kick his way free, but Inferno grabs his leg and bears Kermit down to the floor.


Tex: Inferno needs to get Kermit back to the ring!


Inferno presses down, slowly suffocating Kermit, but doesn't reckon on Kermit getting a hold of his mask and starting to tug with all his remaining strength.


Kermit yanks at the mask and Inferno, with a roar of fury, finally lets go, stumbling away as he holds his mask in place.


The referee calls for the bell, but neither man pays any attention on the outside.

Tex: Both Inferno and Kermit have been counted out, but I don't think they care in the slightest.

Banter: No surprises from Inferno, I guess.

Cain: This is textbook behaviour from him, but for once he doesn't seem to have gotten the better of his opponent just yet.

Inferno readjusts his mask and rounds on Kermit, but he walks right into the Kermit Kick!

Tex: Oh!

Inferno falls backwards, holding his face and rolls onto his stomach. Kermit leans against the crowd barrier. He catches his breath as fans pat him on the back and chest and call out his name.

Cain: Kermit seems to be the one left standing at the end of this. For once, someone seems to have gotten the best of Inferno outside the ring.

Tex: It's my belief that Kermit can hang with anyone on the roster, but I suppose time will tell if that's truly the case.

Kermit's music starts to play as he steps away. He raises his arms as the fans keep cheering. Inferno is still down, holding his face.

Down, boy.

Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:06 pm
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Post Re: TCW Friction in Beijing (December 06 2009)
Backstage, Justine Lynn is standing with Darkness and Freya. They both look a little tense and neither of them are smiling.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's an honour and a privilege to be getting a rare interview with the two remaining members of the New Hellfire Club who, tonight, will be defending TCW's honour against the invading Woodrow Daniels, but also challenging for the Heavyweight Championship. Darkness – you're the closest thing TCW has to a defending Champion: how do you feel going into this match?"

"Justine, I..."

"Whoa, hold on." Freya holds up her hands. "I think you'll find that I'm the closest thing we have to a defending Champion. Daniels interrupted my match at Breakdown; the match I was about to win. So, actually, I'm the one with the best claim to be the legitimate Champion."

"I think what she means, Freya, is that I was the last World Champion."

"Yeah, and you had your chance to win this new belt. To answer your question, Justine..."

"Justine," Darkness says, talking right over Freya, "this isn't about the Heavyweight Championship tonight. What we're dealing with is no less than the potential death of TCW, which is the threat Woodrow Daniels represents. But if you think that's going to happen on my watch, you've got another thing coming. For the last four years, I've been TCW. I was the last and greatest Unified World's Heavyweight Champion of all time, which is why it's only right that I lead this charge against Daniels and his brand of fatalism."

"What, so everyone else should just step aside for you?" Freya asks indignantly.

"No, that isn't what I meant..."

"Then what did you mean?"


Justine is the one who interrupts now. "Darkness, isn't there a certain amount of irony in you being the one leading this defence? After all, there were many who blamed you for TCW's current woes. Wasn't it President MacDonald's vendetta against you and your friends that forced us overseas?"

"I think the situation is a little more nuanced than that."

"Maybe so, but would TCW be so vulnerable to men like Daniels if it wasn't for you?"

Darkness looms over Justine. "Whatever you believe, Justine, rest assured that TCW is going to survive, and I will be the one leading it into the future. Tonight, I will make Daniels regret everything he said at Breakdown, and ensure that he never comes close to winning the TCW Heavyweight Championship. No matter the cost."

He holds Justine's gaze for a long moment before shouldering past her and walking away. Freya watches him go with a raised eyebrow and then shakes her head before walking in the opposite direction.

Sammy: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the TCW Aftershock Championship!

Nike Washington comes out to his entrance music, just smirking and egging the crowd on as they rain boos on him.

Sammy: Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 252 pounds....NIIIIIIIKE...WAAAASHIIIIINGTOOOON!

Tex: Well, this is a particularly important title match coming up...the TCW Aftershock Championship is on the line, and it may be in jeapordy of disappearing from TCW. If that man wins that belt, we may very well never see it again if he and that son of a bitch Woodrow Daniels have it their way.

Banter: Now I normally don't agree with you, Tex, but I'm a TCW guy all the way and I'm just rooting for a TCW wrestler to win. Don't get me wrong, I like Nike's attitude...he's just playing for the wrong team here.

Cain: I like to remain objective, but I'm rooting for TCW here too. This is an important match, just like the World title match scheduled tonight, which could very well decide TCW's fate...

The arena lights turn black and then blue lights start to flash, the beginning chords of Jay-Z's Blueprint 2 begins to play.

Jay-Z this, Jay-Z that (Jay-Z won't hold my hand no more)
Jay-Z this, Jay-Z that
Jay-Z that, Jay-Z this (Jay-Z won't give me no money)
Get off Jay-Z dick
What y'all niggas get front page articles, y'all mention Jay-Z name
(This thing on?) Jay-Z, Jay-Z, in Jay-Z news
I understand what y'all trying to do
I brought the flutes this time, though

As the beat kicks on the last sentence, DeSean walks through the curtains. Instead of his head being down, he stares straight ahead with his hoodie still on. The camera zooms in, getting a close up view of his determined face.

H, O V A
The Blueprint 2 baby, on the way
H, O V A
I got my mojo back baby, oh behave

He slowly walks down the ramp to the majority of the fans cheering him on.

Can't y'all, see that he's fake, the rap version of TD jakes
Prophesizing on your CDs and tapes
Won't break you a crumb of the little bit that he makes
And this is with whom you want to place your faith?

He stands on the apron and makes the X signal with his arms, he looks into the camera and yells before entering the ring.

These dudes is all politics, depositing checks
they put in they pocket, all you get in return is a lot of lip
And y'all buy the shit, caught up in the hype
Cause the nigga wear a coofie, it don't mean that he bright
Cause you don't understand him, it don't mean that he nice
It just means you don't understand all the bullshit that he write

He walks to the corner turnbuckle and outstretches the arms, he then turns, springs off the ring post and rolls into the center of the ring before posing one more time on knee.

Sammy: From Greensboro, North Carolina...weighing in at 224 lbs...DESEEEEEEEEEEEEAN 'THETEEEECHNIIIIICIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN' BLAAAAAAAAACKWEEEEEEEEEEEELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tex: Some could say this man was arguably robbed of a fair chance at the title. Tonight he gets his chance at-

A loud CRACK is suddenly heard in the ring. In a flash, Nike cracked a Kendo stick right over DeSean's head! He attacks the downed DeSean, whacking at him furiously with the stick and pounding on him!

Tex: What a disgusting move! That should be a disqualification right there!

Cain: It would be...but the match hasn't officially started!

Nike kept on attacking, the sound of the Kendo stick against human flesh echoing throughout the arena. DeSean clearly had the proverbial 'crimson mask' already on his face, the first shot having busted him open and subsequent shots wounding him further.

Tex: Nike Washington is just a damn animal. He got suspended from football for a reason, he should be suspended from all sports!

Nike measures DeSean as he tries to get up, blood clearly obscuring his vision as it runs in his eyes, and takes a sudden, powerful tackle out of nowhere, running out of the ring, clutching at his ribs.

The crowd boos him strongly as he continues the assault, before he throws DeSean in a heap outside the ring.

Tex: Good God, DeSean's ribs might be broken from that tackle. Somebody stop this!

Pyro goes off as Izumi rushes from behind the curtain, dashing full tilt with the Aftershock championship in hand.

Tex: Here comes Izumi for the save! Get that son of a bitch!

Banter: Can she do anything?

She runs right into the ring in front of Nike, stopping the assault, and begins to trade blows with him as the bell rings.

Tex: This match is officially under way...with one competitor potentially out of the running already.

Officials are checking on DeSean at ringside, whose face is grimaced in pain. He's writhing on the ground struggling to get to his feet, but failing.

Banter: If Nike did that to DeSean, think of what he could do to Izumi!

Cain: The match has officially started so we won't see any more of that kendo stick, but Izumi's got a mountain to climb. Let's not count DeSean out either. He still has a chance to get back in this match....

Tex: For his own sake, maybe he shouldn't...

Izumi is quickly driven back by harsh shots to the head, and pinned into the corner, pummeling on her with several shots. The referee is forced to count to 5, Nike utilizing the full count and letting Izumi up just before 5. The referee seperates the two briefly before Nike moves in to start pummeling once again-

Izumi charges out of the corner and catches him in the face with a right fist, before unloading on him with a sudden combination, ending with a swift kick to the stomach that drives him back!

Tex: Impressive move!

Nike looks surprised as he backs into the opposite corner and tries to regroup, shaking his head.

Tex: If Nike thought he could just bully on Izumi the entire match, he thought wrong. She'll take the fight right to him.

Cain: True, but I'm not sure Izumi can win by trading blows with a guy his size.

They charge at each other from opposite corners, Nike the quicker one as he takes the advantage with a harsh clothesline. Izumi stands up and receives another clothesline, and another, Nike moving swiftly and all over the ring.

Cain: She's taking a pounding here. Those clotheslines are simple moves, but painful, especially from an athlete like Nike. They accumulate damage over time.

Izumi takes yet another clothesline, crashing to the canvas and clutching at her head. Nike takes a moment to taunt the crowd, shouting something at them as they voice their disapproval. He moves in for another clothesline-

Izumi moves out of the way and catches his arm, before skillfully taking him down into a Fujiwara armbar! Nike howls in pain and claws at the canvas with his free arm, his face contorted up into an expression of agony.

Tex: Brilliant counter by Izumi! This might end the match here if Nike can't break the hold!

Cain: The Fujiwara armbar has been used by multiple wrestlers in the past, with it being a successful submission manuever. Can Izumi make Nike tap?

Nike reaches out desperately for the ropes, trying to drag himself over to them as Izumi cranks down on the hold. The crowd is erupting, cheering for Izumi as it looks as if Nike might be on the verge of tapping out.

Banter: He's gonna tap!

Nike reaches forward...

...and grabs the ropes. The crowd dies down as the referee counts on the hold, Izumi releasing it reluctantly after 4.

Tex: So close!

Cain: Though she didn't get the submission, she inflicted some damage on that arm. She needs to keep the pace and keep hurting Nike or she'll be overpowered quickly if he gets the chance...

Nike grabs onto the ropes with his good hand, slowly pulling himself up to a standing position. Izumi goes on the attack but catches a back elbow to the face, sending her staggering. He turns around, and in one swift motion, spears her to the ground!

Tex: Whoa! Textbook spear to Izumi and that could be all!



Thr-Izumi rolls the shoulder up!

Cain: That was a close call once again! That spear looked like it could have cut Izumi right in half.

Nike stands, favoring his right arm a bit before reaching down and grabbing Izumi by the head with his left. He picks her up with ease, and smashes her spine first into the canvas, in a smooth, crashing manuever. Another cover...



Thr-Izumi rolls the shoulder up again!

Nike is seemingly undeterred and picks her up again, before whipping her into the ropes, and powerslamming her with relative ease. He shakes his arm a bit before covering again...




Cain: And now the match has shifted in Nike's favor. This is the power of Nike Washington I was talking about. The guy is brutal: although he's not an experienced wrestler, he has had a storied history in the NFL. He has no respect for his opponents whether in the ring or on a football field....

Tex: Can Izumi still win?

Cain: I think she can, if she can counter one of these moves and start mounting a comeback...

Izumi is picked up by the head once again, and lifted into a standing position. He whips her into the ropes, and rebounds, charging with a spear...


The sickening sound of bone on bone is heard as Izumi's knee connects with Nike's skull. He slumps over in a heap as Izumi pushes him on his back and covers him...



Three-NO! Not enough!

Cain: Was that three? ...No? Wow, that was close. That counter could have knocked him senseless. It's a testament to that man's sheer toughness that he could kick out of that one.

Izumi rolls off Nike, both competitiors laying in the ring now.

Cain: This is still technically a triple threat match, so there's no ten counts in or out of the ring. Speaking of which, DeSean could slip in at any time and pull a huge upset...if he's able...

DeSean is still struggling outside the ring to stand, fighting the officials away. Izumi and Nike are barely stirring as well, pulling up on the ropes to move to a standing positon. Pain is etched in each of their faces as they stand fully, turning to each other and working on each other, slowly, exchanging blows, the crowd alternating between 'boos' and 'yays' as Nike and Izumi land hits respectively.

Finally it is Nike that catches Izumi off guard, and suddenly seizes her arm, whipping her into the ropes and running into the adjeacent set, rebounding as Izumi does...

Tex: Look out!

As Nike seems to be moving to meet Izumi in the center with a devestating shoulder block, Izumi stops short, and kicks out with a wide arcing kick that connects with Nike's head! He slumps over, but straightens, stumbling around seemingly on instinct. He has a glazed look in his eyes as Izumi runs into the ropes and rebounds with a flying knee that connects with his solar plexus. At the same time, Izumi lifts her elbow and drives it down onto the top of his skull. Nike stumbles backwards, and then...

...falls flat on the canvas, Izumi moving in for a cover...

Tex: Will this be all? Or will Nike kick out?




Tex: Izumi retains! Izumi retains!

Cain: What a close match...for Izumi, and for TCW.

Banter: Now you can go home, you FWRFed scum!

Izumi is handed the belt and raises it high in the air, standing on the turnbuckle and celebrating. She has a fatigued smile, sweat dripping down her face. She jumps down and walks around the ring for a bit before DeSean slides in, slowly.

Tex: DeSean was a non-factor in this match...not to take anything away from the guy. He's bleeding badly and could have cracked ribs, it's a miracle he can even stand.

The two of them face each other in the ring. DeSean seems to say something to her quietly, before reaching out with a hand, hesitantly.

There is a brief pause, before Izumi takes it, and DeSean smirks and lifts her hand up high.

Tex: DeSean has his heart in the right place. These two may be rivals, but they know what's important...and TCW prevailed tonight. I fully expect these two to lock up

Cain: Now if only we can keep the Heavyweight title...

Tex: We'll be back, with more TCW action! Right after thi-

It happens in an instant, and DeSean is on the ground, the Aftershock belt connecting with his face.

Tex: What the...

Izumi stands over the bloodied DeSean, circling him with a solemn look on her face. She brushes her hair out of her face, violet eyes perceiving the crowd, who view her with shocked silence.

Cain: What the hell is this about?

Izumi circles for a while longer before suddenly mounting DeSean, and delivering a flurry of punches. The downed wrestler tries to fend them off, but she easily passes his weak blocks and keeps delivering clean shots to his head and face, knocking his head around with the blows. The referee is desperately trying to pull her off, but she has a cold, determined look on her face, only pulling away when she is satisfied.

Tex: A vicious assault on DeSean..why?

Cain: I don't believe this...

Banter: I think I'm loving this girl.

She reaches down, and delivers a vicious slap to DeSean's face to add insult to injury. The crowd is starting to rain boos on her before she gets into position again, mounts him and pulls him into a sudden triangle choke, with no resistance.

Tex: Dammit, he's helpless! Stop this!

Cain: And now that excruciating Sankaku-jime. DeSean can't fight against it, he's already fighting against blood loss..

She pulls down on his head, and in a few seconds, his struggles stop, and she releases. She stands over the fallen, unconscious DeSean for a few moments before walking over to ring side, and seemingly demanding a microphone.

Tex: What explanation could she possibly have for this?

"...I'm tired," she begins, pacing around the ring, her slightly accented voice echoing across the arena. "I'm sick and tired of it all."

Tex: Tired of what?

"I'm tired of being called a rookie. I'm tired of being called a 'gifted amateur'. I'm tired of being that blue chipper up and comer. That was over a year ago, damn it!" she yelled. "I've been past that level for a while. I'm tired of being belittled and treated as a child that can't do anything....inside or outside the ring. I've been patient for long enough...but now it's my turn to step up to the plate. I won't stay in the background like a 'good little girl' anymore."

She slowly climbs the turnbuckle. The crowd is loudly beginning to voice their disapproval.

"You feel betrayed? Don't. None of you had to cheer me in the first place. That was your choice. So fickle..." She sighs, a small smirk playing across her face, before her expression turns serious. "When I first came to TCW, I promised to make an impact. That still stands. And the longer I've been here, the more I've come to realise how much you've all lacked a real mover and shaker. TCW has been stagnant. Once we kick these FWRFed jerks out, it's going to be my turn."

Tex: Are we really listening to this? How arrogant...

Cain: I can't believe this. This is a side of Izum I never wanted to see.

Banter: I do.

The crowd boos her heavily as she continued. "Boo me, or cheer me, it doesn't matter. I accepted a long time ago that I would be booed for trying to do what I'm trying to do..." She steps off the turnbuckle and starts to pace again. "I love this business, from the bottom of my heart. And it overlaps with something greater that's going on, that I can't explain to you yet. But let's just say that whether or not you believe me, I'm fighting for you."

Tex: Bullcrap...all I hear is selfishness pouring out of your mouth!

"Unfortunately, that's at odds with what you people want, and who you people care about the most. I'm making a statement tonight. Darkness!"

She stops, facing the camera. "I want retribution. You know what for...and sooner or later, these people will find out you're not TCW's savior or any sort of savior for that matter. Freya! I have unfinished business with you as well. And last but not least, DeSean..."

She stand over his unconscious body. "You're my most immediate concern. I want to settle this rivalry of ours once and for all. Straight up. I don't care what match."

She steps away, surveying the audience again. "Tonight, I helped save a part of TCW. And I will continue to help save it from the individuals I just named...whether you like it, or not. It won't be the popular thing...but it will be right."

Tex: This is shocking, and despicable...What kind of a woman has Izumi turned into?

Banter: The right kind.

Cain: I for one don't condone her actions tonight, and if this is what we're going to see from her in the future...

Izumi's music plays as she leaves quietly with her title over her shoulder and the fans now booing her.

Down, boy.

Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:11 pm
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Post Re: TCW Friction in Beijing (December 06 2009)

A solemn silence descends across the arena. Sammy Eubanks is illuminated by a single spotlight.

Sammy: Ladies and gentlemen...the following triple-threat contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the TCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

The camera cuts to a shot of the title belt, sitting on a pedestal at ring side.

An explosion sounds above the entrance ramp, sending golden pyro raining down.

Sammy: Introducing first...from Oxford, United Kingdom...weighing in at 143lbs...FREEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freya walks out, determined expression on her face, and heads right down to the ring.

Tex: Freya's second opportunity in as many shows to become the Heavyweight Champion...

Cain: But now the challenge ahead of her has a very different complexion. Earlier we saw the signs of some potential cracks in the NHFC camp – will Woodrow Daniels find a way to exploit that?

Freya slides into the ring and shakes out her arms before taking up position in one corner, hands on hips.

As "Fear of the Dark" plays, the view cuts to a shot of Darkness's locker room door. It opens, and Darkness steps from the shadows. As his fans chant along to the music, Darkness walks through the corridors of the arena before reaching the gorilla position.

Sammy: And her opponents...first, from Chicago, Illinois...weighing in at 218 lbs...the man, the myth, the ICON...this is DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARKNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The song kicks in and a huge pyro erupts from the stage. Darkness strides through the flames, silhouetted in the orange glow. As he strides to the ring, flames streak down the side of the ramp, framing him in fire.

Banter: Yeah, this'll help.

Tex: One of Darkness's most formidable weapons is intimidation, but I doubt very much that's going to work against Freya.

Cain: Some information for any fact fans watching at home – Darkness has never failed to win a Championship when he's challenged for one. He's been pinned only six times in his storied career and, here's the important bit, two of those times have been at the hands of that woman waiting for him in the ring.

Darkness climbs into the ring and stares down Freya from the opposite side.

Cheers turn to boos as Woodrow Daniels steps out onto the ramp.


Daniels sneers at all the fans as he shoulders his belt and swaggers down to the ring.

Tex: This is a sick, amoral man.

Cain: It's hard to disagree with that, Tex. He has vowed to destroy TCW, and he might just do it here tonight if he wins and unifies the two top titles.

Banter: He said he'd just throw the TCW belt in the trash though!

Tex: He did indeed. I personally believe that Daniels has no interest whatsoever in actually being the TCW Heavyweight Champion, except as a means to an end.

Daniels climbs the turnbuckle once he gets in the ring and lifts his belt in the air. The whole crowd shower him with furious boos, but he just laughs.

Cain: He's a monster – maybe more of a monster than Inferno, Bleeder, Bruce, or anyone else we've seen grace the TCW ring. This is a man who cares about nothing but the chaos and destruction he can sow, and he doesn't use power or wrestling ability to that: just twisted mind games.

All three participants stand looking at each other as the bell rings. None of them move for a long moment, but then Daniels swaggers forward. He puts out a hand, and both Freya and Darkness regard it with scepticism. They look at one another and then, in perfect synch, charge Daniels, knocking him to the mat with a double clothesline. Daniels jumps up to his feet, but Freya and Darkness both turn and start laying in right hands. Daniel staggers back and the New Hellfire Club jump up and hit a picture-perfect double dropkick that knocks Daniels over the top tope and right out of the ring!

Cain: Apparently Freya and Darkness are on the same page tonight!

Banter: Well what did you expect?

Tex: Woodrow Daniels may well have bitten off more than he can chew here by going after the NHFC. He couldn't have picked two more cohesive opponents.

The crowd are cheering as Darkness and Freya stand. They turn to look at one another, both grinning, but then their faces drop. Freya rolls her shoulders and offers a lock up. Darkness ties up with her, and she goes to a headlock. He pushes her into the ropes, but as she comes back she dives down between his legs and jumps up, grabbing a sleeper from behind. Darkness elbows his way free and then whips her into the corner. Darkness charges in, only for Freya to throw herself clear. He stops himself before hitting the turnbuckle, then turns and runs towards her again. Freya hits the mat and Darkness hops over her, but now Daniels is up on the apron and he grabs Darkness's head, pulling him down so he bounces throat-first off the top rope.

Cain: Daniels puts himself back in this match. The way I see it, his only hope is to try and isolate Darkness or Freya and use his considerable skills in the hope of outwrestling them.

Banter: Good luck!

Tex: Daniels is no slouch on the mat, but Darkness and Freya are two of the most accomplished technicians in the sport today. We have watched each of them go one-on-one with some of the greats.

Cain: Daniels I'm sure would like to be included in that demographic too, but he has a way to go yet in my estimation.

Banter: I don't think Daniels cares what anyone thinks of him. I don't think he cares about anything at all.

Tex: You may be right about that, Banter.

Daniels slides into the ring and hits Freya with a forearm to the face. She stumbles back and Daniels rakes her eyes and forces her to the corner. He lays in knees until Darkness grabs him from behind and spins him around before delivering a hard uppercut to the throat. Daniels bounces back against the ropes and Darkness looks for a superkick, but Daniels is quick to roll down and out under the bottom rope. Darkness steps away with a small look of triumph, but it's short lived as Freya rolls him up with a schoolgirl from behind...


Tw...not enough!

Freya rolls Darkness up to his feet and knees him in the gut. She flies off the ropes and connects with an enziguri that knocks him sideways. He gets tangled up in the ropes and Freya goes to press her advantage, but Daniels is back in the ring and he hammers her from behind with an elbow to the back of the head. He grabs her around the waist and looks for a back suplex, but Freya lands on her feet and jumps up, going for the Lungblower! Daniels braces himself though and throws himself backwards before she can get her knees up, crushing Freya between his body and the mat. He hooks her leg as they lie there...



But Freya rolls him up onto his shoulders!


Two...and Darkness breaks it up with a stomp!

Tex: No one seems to have any clear advantage here so far. It's so hard in a triple threat situation like this for anyone to take control.

Cain: Right. The momentum can shift so rapidly in this environment.

Darkness drags Daniels up and assaults him with a flurry of martial arts strikes. He fights him into the corner and backs up before charging in. Daniels dodges clear and Darkness finds himself running up the turnbuckles. He turns and, in one smooth motion, throws himself towards Daniels with a crossbody. Daniels goes down, but is carried over and up to his feet by the momentum. Daniels drops Darkness down into a rib-breaker and then goes for a cover...

One...and Freya breaks it up right away!

Daniels rolls clear, and Freya decides to concentrate on Darkness instead. She drops a knee and then rolls him over into a side headlock. Darkness pushes them both up to their feet and tries to counter into a back suplex, but as Freya goes over, Daniels catches her and dumps her over the top rope to the floor. Darkness turns and walks right into a clothesline from the FWRFed Champion. Daniels runs the ropes and comes back with an elbow drop, and then another, and then a third. He plays to the crowd as he stands up and then goes for a jumping knee drop, but Darkness rolls out of the way.

Cain: Darkness telegraphed that one.

Banter: Well what's he going to do, trick him? Darkness is the most experienced man in this ring! Uh...person in this ring. If he is a person.

Tex: As opposed to what?

Banter: You know. Somethin' weird.

Tex: Like what?

Banter: I don't know! Read the internet sometime!

Daniels gets up to his feet with a wince, shaking out the knee he just jarred, and Darkness homes right in, kicking his leg out from under him. He stalks Daniels on the mat and grabs his leg. He starts to turn him over into a half crab, but then looks up to see Freya on the apron. She leaps up and springboards off the top rope, flying towards Darkness with a clothesline, but he throws himself clear. Freya lands on her feet and spins around, just as Daniels gets his feet up, burying them in her stomach and lifting her over into a monkey flip. Freya lands hard at Darkness's feet, but he jumps right over, only to be brought down with an armdrag by Daniels.

Cain: Daniels has gone right for that arm, look. I've seen some of his FWRFed matches, and I know that he loves to focus on an opponent's arm like that, setting up an armbar-type manoeuvre.

Banter: Oh yeah, I'm sure he'll make Darkness tap.

Daniels holds on, twisting Darkness's arm around into a keylock. Darkness tries to fight free, first untangling himself and then flipping over onto his back. He kips up and twists Daniels' arm over into a wristlock. Daniels taps his shoulder, then ducks around, switching into a hammerlock. Darkness makes a grab for the ropes, but Daniels lifts him up and slams him down to the canvas face-first. Daniels keeps the hammerlock cinched in and wrenches Darkness's arm around hard. He looks up, an evil grin on his face, but Freya wipes it right off with a dropkick!

Darkness rolls away, massaging his arm, as Freya stomps Daniels down. He scrambles up to his feet, but Freya hammers him with punches. He retreats to the corner and Freya follows him in with a kneelift, then brings him over with a headlock takedown. She tightens the headlock on the mat, but Daniels gets his foot on the ropes and the referee calls for the break. Freya releases after the count of three and then stands up. She waits for Daniels to stand too, but he just points over her shoulder. She turns, just in time to get clotheslined over the top rope by Darkness.

Tex: It seems like this alliance is already deteriorating. Daniels is the mutual enemy of Freya, Darkness and everyone else in TCW as far as I'm concerned, but there is a coveted prize on the line here, and if I know Darkness like I think I do, no enemy is too terrible to let him relinquish his claim to being the best in the business.

Cain: But pride comes before a fall. If Freya and Darkness don't remain on the same page, you'd better believe Daniels will take advantage.

Daniels smirks and charges in, bearing Darkness down to the mat with a spear. He hammers him with right hands, then grabs his arm and tries to lock in another armbar, but Darkness is able to roll his way free. He elbows Daniels in the face, then kips up and spins around, looking for a roundhouse. Daniels grabs his leg though and trips him to the mat, before jumping through Darkness's legs and flipping over into a prawn hold...




Darkness flies up to his feet, but Daniels drives his elbow right into his throat and then kicks him in the gut. He pulls him into position for a piledriver, then looks up to see Freya crouching on the top turnbuckle. He shoves Darkness away and charges towards her, but she leaps off and catches him in a hurracanrana, only for Daniels to hold on before she can flex backwards and then switch his grip to around her waist. He takes a step backwards...

Cain: Daniels is looking for a piledriver!

Banter: Uh oh!

Darkness suddenly grabs Daniels around the throat from behind, locking in cobra clutch! Daniels drops Freya and she rolls away, just as Darkness pulls Daniels down to the mat and wraps his legs around his torso.

Cain: Darkness with the Nightchoker! This could be all!

Daniels struggles desperately in the hold, reaching out towards the ropes, but he can't reach them. Freya comes to her senses on the other side of the ring and lunges at them, breaking up the hold with a big axe handle. Darkness rolls towards the ropes as Daniels stumbles up to his feet and away behind Freya. She stomps Darkness down, kicking him out under the bottom rope, then lets out a high-pitched yelp as Daniels grabs her from behind, hooking in a half nelson and then throwing Freya backwards into a suplex that lands her high on her head and neck. Daniels scrambles on top of her, folding her up like an accordion...



Thre...and Freya just kicks out in time!

Daniels goes right after her, hauling her up and back into the piledriver position. This time, he gets her up and then poses for a second before dropping her right down on her head to a big 'ooooh' from the crowd.

Tex: Daniels nails that piledriver, and Freya's neck must be in serious pain after that half-nelson suplex just now too.

Cain: This is Daniels MO all over – he focuses on a body part, he picks apart his enemies. He is a sadistic, unpleasant man.

Banter: Like a cat playing with a mouse before devouring it whole.

Tex: That's a very incisive observation, Banter. Daniels is a sick, twisted individual. In my judgement, he is totally amoral.

Daniels gives a sick grin before dropping down into a cover...



Thre...Daniels breaks the cover abruptly, right as Darkness flies in. He crashes into Freya instead and then stands up, looking down at her in surprise. Daniels takes his opportunity, grabbing Darkness's arm and wrapping it around his throat, then falling down into a neackbreaker.

Daniels stalks Darkness for a second before grabbing his arm and dropping down into a cross-armbreaker. Darkness grits his teeth and tries to pull himself free, but Daniels has a firm grip on him. Darkness makes a lunge for the ropes now, but they're too far away. Laughing manically, Daniels wrenches back, hyperextending Darkness's arm. Darkness shakes his head, refusing to tap, and begins another valiant fight towards the ropes.

Cain: Daniels has that armbar locked in! This is his finishing hold!

Banter: Yeah, so what?

Tex: Even Darkness, mighty though he is, may fall prey to this. It's a very simple submission manoeuvre, but look at the tension to which he is subjecting Darkness's already-injured arm!

On the other side of the ring, Freya is slowly coming to her senses. She pulls herself up using the ropes, holding her head and wincing. She shakes herself down and then turns around, seeing Darkness striving futilely for the bottom rope. Her eyes go wide, but then she steps back, waiting...

Tex: Now what's happening here?

Cain: I have no idea...

Banter: Are you two both idiots? Darkness has never tapped out. You think he's going to do it now? Daniels can do all he wants, but there's no way Darkness is going to submit. He'll let his arm get pulled off first.

Tex: Well I don't know if I'd go that far...

Banter: May I remind you that he wrestled in and won a battle royal right after he lost that hand. That's almost literally the situation that I just described. Freya's being smart – she's going to let Daniels wear himself out trying to get blood from a stone, then move in for the kill.

Darkness's teeth are bared as he struggles across the mat, and Daniels' laughter is starting to grow hoarse. He yanks Darkness's arm harder and harder, putting even more pressure on the injured shoulder and elbow, but Darkness's still doesn't tap. Still he keeps pulling and pulling, now wrenching back with even greater desperation. A slow smile starts to spread across Freya's face as she looks on.

Banter: See?

Cain: You know, you're smarter than you let on, Banter.

Banter: I keep telling you that.

The crowd are cheering as Daniels' smile fades altogether and finally, with a grunt of frustration, he lets Darkness go. The former World Champion rolls towards the ropes and grabs at them, taking shelter as he favours his injured arm. Freya gives Daniels a half smile as he regards her from across the ring. With a roar, he races towards her, but Freya neatly sidesteps and Daniels crashes into the turnbuckle. She jumps up from behind and brings him down into a thunderous lungblower!

Tex: That's it! Freya may be about to become the first ever TCW Heavyweight Champion!

She covers...



Thre...NO! Daniels kicks out!

Cain: No! Unbelievable!

Freya can't believe it. She picks Daniels up and whips him across the ring, then brings him down with a drop toehold so he winds up hung up on the second rope!

Banter: Haha!

Tex: Daniels is exactly where he doesn't want to be!

The fans rise to their feet as Freya cups her hands to her mouth and lets out a wolf's howl. She charges towards the opposite ropes, bounces off, and then goes flying halfway across the ring as Darkness's superkick smashes right into her jaw!

Cain: Oh!

Tex: I think Darkness is paying Freya back for letting him suffer!

Banter: Guess he didn't appreciate her strategy then.

Darkness holds a hand to his shoulder as he glares at the downed Freya, then walks slowly towards Daniels. He grabs a handful of his hair and pulls him up to his feet, but then gets pulled down to the mat with a small package!



Thr...and Darkness shifts his weight so Daniels is the one in the pinning predicament...




Tex: I thought that was all then!

Daniels jumps up, but Darkness is up quicker and he kicks him in the gut then grabs him by the head and spins him around into the Darkness DDT! The impact shakes the ring as Darkness rolls Daniels over and hooks his leg...



Thre...no! Freya flies in from nowhere and breaks it up!

Banter: I can't keep up with this!

Cain: Back and forth, back and forth, this is still anybody's match from my perspective.

Daniels rolls away, out under the bottom rope and slumps down beside the apron, holding his head. In the ring, Darkness and Freya are furiously trading blows. She goes for an Irish whip but Darkness reverses and Freya is tossed over the ropes. She lands on the apron though and turns before springboarding off with a crossbody. She collides with Darkness and holds on for the cover...



...and Darkness rolls over, heaving Freya up and then grabbing her by the head before spinning her around and down to the mat!


He covers...



Thre...shoulder up!

Banter: No way!

Tex: She kicked out! Freya kicks out of the Darkness DDT! Not since Jason Dante have we seen this kind of resilience!

Darkness sits up, breathing hard. Freya buries her face in the mat and Darkness gets to his feet. Shoulders heaving he stands over her and, as she pushes herself up to her feet, he grabs her around the throat with his prosthetic hand. He lifts her up to her feet and places his good hand against her back.

Cain: Darkness looks for the Slayer Slam...

Daniels is watching from outside the ring, apparently content to simply observe, as Darkness lifts Freya up into the Slayer Slam, and she reverses it in midair, dropping down into a fujiwara armbar. Darkness roars loudly as Freya pulls back on his already injured arm. On the outside, Daniels is laughing again. Darkness claws against the canvas and manages to pitch himself forward, rolling Freya over onto her shoulders, but Freya holds on with the armbar. Darkness is on his feet now and, desperately, he throws himself against the mat, sending Freya diving into the turnbuckle. She crashes head-first into the ring post and as she stumbles backwards, Darkness spins her around and lifts her up into a second Darkness DDT!

Tex: Another Darkness DDT! That has to be all!

Banter: But where's Daniels going?

Daniels is already walking away as Darkness hooks Freya's leg...





Darkness slumps down to the mat, exhausted as the referee takes the new belt and brings it over to him.

Cain: It's over, and we have a new Champion!

Banter: I feel like you're rather stretching the definition of 'new' there.

Tex: No matter how you feel about this result, there's no denying that this was one hell of a match. Darkness once again proved that he is the best in the business – but at what cost?

Darkness is on his knees as he's handed the belt and he sinks down, pressing his forehead against it. Freya is still motionless on the other side of the ring. Daniels, moving stiffly, walks backwards up the ramp, laughing again.

Banter: What's he so happy about?

Tex: If you ask me, Daniels did exactly what he came here to do – he said himself he was never interested in the belt, except to trash it, and what he's achieved in this match is to tear apart Darkness and Freya. Did you see the look in his eyes when he superkicked her?

Darkness rolls over onto his back, the title draped across his middle, then reaches over and massages his injured arm again.

Cain: They've had matches before, but this is not going to end in a handshake and mutual respect. Both of them put everything on the line here, and I don't think the NHFC will ever be the same again.

With Darkness and Freya still down, Daniels stands at the top of the rope and then he throws up his arms in triumph.

Tex: It is Daniels who celebrates tonight – a new Champion is crowned, but in doing so, TCW's fate may have been sealed. Can the NHFC survive this? Can TCW?

Down, boy.

Sun Dec 06, 2009 6:12 pm
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